Adam Ild Rohweder

Adam Ild Rohweder

Das Imperium Talent Agency Berlin (D.I.T.A.)
Georg Georgi
+49 151 6195 7519


Year of birth
1987 (33 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
gray green
Hair color
Place of residence
Danish: native-language
English: native-language
English: only when required
American: only when required (Native dialect)
English: only when required
American: only when required
Scandinavian: only when required
Hiking, Rifle shooting, Weight training
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

Ophelia Acting School


On Violence (Short film)
Best Actor at YoungCuts Filmfestival.


Persona non grata (Feature film)
Jannik (SR) Lisa Jespersen Producer: Hyæne Film Distribution: Nordisk Film Family drama
Little Butterfly (Feature film)
John (SR) Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Producer: Snowglobe Film
A fling (Short film)
Ulrik (SR) Zinnini Elkington Producer: Lea Lykke Distribution: Super16 / DR Robert Winner: Best Long fiction. Ekko winner: best short.
Rise of the viking / Redbad (Feature film)
Kendryck (SR) Roel Reiné Producer: Farmhouse productions Dutch Viking epic
HOLIDAY (Feature film)
Musse (SR) Isabella Eklöf Producer: Apparatur Film International premiere at Sundance Filmfestival 18
A young man with high potential (Feature film)
Piet Carnell (LR) Linus De Paoli Producer: Anna De Paoli Distribution: Hahn Film Lead in bloody drama A young man with high potential. Schattenkante fil,.
Delphi (Short film)
Nikolaj (LR) Søren Peter Langkjær Producer: Super16 Distribution: Super16 Cannes short winner: Jury award.
Antboy 3 (Feature film)
Niller (SR) Ask Hasselbalch Producer: Nimbus Film Distribution: Nimbus Film Part 3 of the Antboy superhero saga.
The shamers daughter (Feature film)
Aun (SR) Kenneth Kainz Producer: Nepenthe Film Distribution: Nepenthe Film Part 1 of the Shamer saga.
Goldcoast (Feature film)
Herbst (SR) Daniel Dencik Producer: Michael Haslund Casting director: Anja Philip Historical slave drama
Department Q: The absent one (Feature film)
Bjarne Thøgersen (SR) Mikkel Nørgaard Producer: Zentropa Distribution: Zentropa Productions Casting director: Anja Philip Part 1 of the Department Q film series.


Daddy boys (TV series)
Sebastian (SR) Morten BH Producer: Blu TV Channel: Discovery+
Comet Christmas (TV series)
Tom (SR) Ask Hasselbalch Producer: Trin Hjortkær TV Channel: Nordisk Film / TV2 Casting director: Casteriet Anders Nygaard
Chemo Brain (TV series)
Oliver (LR) Kristian Håskjold Producer: SplayOne TV Channel: TV2Denmark Lead in tv series CHEMO BRAIN international premiere at Sundance Filmfestival.
Oda Reverse (TV series)
Allan (SR) Oliver Ussing Producer: Sam production TV Channel: Danish national radio Magical children’s tv series.
Yes No Maybe (TV series)
Julius (SR) Mads Grage Producer: Good Company Films TV Channel: Danish national radio Season 1 & 2
1864 (Mini series)
Viggo Monrad (SR) Ole Bornedal Producer: Miso Film TV Channel: Danish national radio Casting director: Karin Jagd Epic war min series for Danish national television


The history of Denmark (Other)
King Christian IV and others (LR) Louise Schouw Producer: Royal Danish Theatre Theatre: Royal Danish Theatre Sigurd Barretts musical drama the history of Denmark
The wave of shit (Drama)
1 (LR) Trine Godt Handen Theatre: CPH STAGE
The big picture (Drama)
Man (LR) Nicolai Nyholm Producer: CPH STAGE Theatre: Copenhagen music theatre
Danny and the deep blue sea (Drama)
Danny (LR) Morten Hembo Producer: Theatre Baest Theatre: The boat theatre / Theatre Baest
Erik XIV (Drama)
Göran (LR) Maria S Clausen Producer: Teater Engang Theatre: Krudttønden Strindbergs historical drama about the king and his advisor
Adam after death (Drama)
Adam (LR) Luke Cooper Producer: Wunderkammer Theatre: Wunderkammer
In the nude (Drama)
Head bellboy (SR) Nina Basset Producer: Theatre Kunst Theatre: Theatre Kunst International interactive play. Latvia, Denmark, Finland and Canada.


The Kings Fall (Audio drama)
Otte Iversen (SR) Thomas Bjerregaard Nielsen Producer: DR Audio: Danish national radio


Renegade music video (Music video)
The man (LR) Alexander Ohrt Producer: Asta Emelie Stuhr Music video for Jacob Bellens 'Renegade*