Alexandra Freudenthal

Alexandra Freudenthal


Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Place of residence
Lisboa- Portugal
English: fluent
Portuguese: native-language
Brazilian Portuguese: only when required (Native dialect)
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

Lisbon Performing Arts Conservatory

Other Education & Training

Singing workshop with teacher and singer Pat Escobar
Perfect standard American accent lessons with voice teacher Bob Corff- Los Angeles
Bobby chance’s studio performing arts sessions at Los Angeles
Intensive course “ Bootcamp 1” at Acting corps, Los Angeles
Acting workshop with actor and director Rui Luís Braz
“The performer body work” with Italian professor Luca Aprea
Visual poetry workshop and voice lab with Portuguese voice professor Maria João Serrão
Poetry recital workshop with Brazilian actress Eliza Lucinda
Private Singing lessons with professor singer and actress Sara Belo
Workshop of acting direction at Escuela Internacional de cine y TV de Havana with Mexican director Ignacio Retes
University theatre Festival at Bussang - France
Drama course at Junta de freguesia de Benfica with actor António Feio
Drama Course at teatro da Malaposta with director José Peixoto and Marco António Del Carlo
Drama course at E.P.T.E.C.
Drama course at IFICT school with Ávila Costa


Bruno (Short film)
Marta (SR) Miguel Mota Pires Producer: U.B.I
Aurora (Short film)
Ana Luísa (OR) Salvador Palma & Dany Horiuchi Producer: Rtp and salvador Palma Distribution: Rtp Casting director: Salvador Palma
Humilhados & Ofendidos (Short film)
Luísa (OR) Salvador Palma & Dany Horiuchi Producer: Salvador Palma Casting director: Salvador Palma and Dany Horiuchi

Best international film award at Nordic youth Film Festival

D.Quixote (Short film)
Assassinated woman (OR) A.R.C.O
As maltratadas (Short film)
Laura (LR) Ana Campina Producer: Ana campina Casting director: Ana campina

Best short at Hollywood Brazilian film Festival 2010

Nós (Cinema film)
Angela (LR) Claudia tomaz Producer: Paulo Branco- Madragoa filmes Distribution: Rtp Casting director: Claudia tomaz e João Pereira

Boccalino Award at Locarno Film Festival 2004


Jardins proibidos (TV series)
Madalena (OR) Producer: Plural Station: TVI
Mulheres (TV series)
Police agent (OR) Producer: Plural Station: TVI
Destinos cruzados (TV series)
Prison guard (OR) Producer: Plural Station: TVI
Dancin’ Days (TV series)
Psychiatrist (OR) Producer: SP televisão Station: SIC
Morangos com açúcar (TV series)
Make up teacher (OR) Producer: Plural Station: TVI
Maternidade (TV series)
Raquel (SR) Producer: SP televisão Station: Rtp
Laços de sangue (TV series)
Doctor (OR) Producer: SP televisão Station: SIC
Conta-me como foi (TV series)
Director of “loja das meias” (OR) Producer: SP televisão Station: Rtp
Podia acabar o mundo (TV series)
Jornalist (OR) Producer: SP televisão Station: SIC
Feitiço de Amor (TV series)
Mafalda (OR) Producer: NBP Station: TVI
Deixa-me amar (TV series)
Bank clerk (OR) Producer: NBP Station: TVI
Detective Maravilhas (TV series)
Beatriz (OR) Producer: NBP Station: TVI
Tu & Eu (TV series)
Julieta (OR) Producer: NBP Station: TVI
Fala-me de Amor (TV series)
Jacinta (OR) Producer: NBP Station: TVI
D.Antónia- a Ferreirinha (TV series)
Prostitute (OR) José Paixão da Costa Producer: SP televisão Station: Rtp
Senhores doutores (TV series)
Receptionist (OR) Producer: SP televisão Station: Sic
Riscos (TV series)
Other roles Producer: Rtp Station: Rtp