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Vita entries


RubbelDieKatz aka Woman in Love
Supporting role Detlev Buck Producer: Film 1 / Boje Buck Produktion Distribution: Universal Pictures
Blind Watching
Supporting role Andrzey Jakimowski Producer: Film & Music Entertainment
Supporting role Christoph Schaub Producer: T&C Film AG Distribution: X-Filme
Small World
Supporting role Bruno Chiche Producer: Blueprint Film
City of Life
Supporting role Ali F. Mostafa Producer: Afmfilms
Vertraute Fremde
Supporting role Producer: Twenty Twenty
Supporting role Christian Carion Producer: Nord-Ouest Productions Distribution: Pathé
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
Supporting role Uli Edel Producer: Constantin Film Distribution: Constantin
Hinter Kaifeck
Supporting role Esther Gronenborn Producer: 24 Frames FIlm Distribution: Kinowelt
Miracle at St. Anna
Supporting role Spike Lee Producer: 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
The Reader/ Der Vorleser
Supporting role Stephen Daldry Producer: The Weinstein Company, Neunte Babelsberg Film Distribution: Senator
I Really Hate My Job
Supporting role Oliver Parker Producer: 3DD Productions
Supporting role Anton Corbijn Producer: Teckert & Claraflora Distribution: Capelight Pictures
The City of Your Final Destination
Supporting role James Ivory Producer: Merchant Ivory Production
Supporting role Didi Danquart Producer: Noir Film Distribution: 3L Filmverleih
Youth Without Youth
Supporting role Francis Ford Coppola Producer: Zoetrope Distribution: Sony Pictures Releasing
Wo ist Fred?
Supporting role Anno Saul Producer: Hofmann & Voges Distribution: Senator
Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe
Supporting role Helmut Dietl Producer: Diana Film Distribution: Constantin
Der Fischer und seine Frau
Supporting role Doris Dörrie Producer: Constantin Film Distribution: Constantin
Supporting role Mark Schlichter Producer: Modern Media Distribution: 3L Filmverleih
Downfall/ Der Untergang
Supporting role Oliver Hirschbiegel Producer: Constantin Film Distribution: Constantin
Naked/ Nackt
Supporting role Doris Dörrie Producer: Fanes Film Distribution: Constantin
Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht
Supporting role Peter Thorwarth Producer: Indigo Film Distribution: Senator
Leo und Claire
Supporting role Joseph Vilsmaier Producer: Perathom Distribution: Odeon Film
Supporting role Hans-Christian Schmid Producer: Claussen + Wöbke Distribution: Constantin
Südsee, eigene Insel
Supporting role Thomas Bahmann Producer: Senator Film, Indigo Film Distribution: Senator
With Love Rita
Supporting role Ivan Svarcova


The Company
Supporting role Mikael Salomon Producer: Scott Free, Tandem Communication
Doctor Zhivago
Supporting role Giacomi Campiotti Producer: E-Vision
Liebe und Verrat
Supporting role Mark Schlichter Producer: Modern Media Filmproduktion
Supporting role Yves Simoneau Producer: Taurus Film
Der Tunnel
Supporting role Roland Suso Richter Producer: TeamWorx
Die Bubi-Scholz-Story
Supporting role Roland Suso Richter Producer: MTM-West TV & Film
Mensch Pia
Supporting role Karola Hattop