Ana Ularu

Ana Ularu

Contact Ana Ularu?
Conway van Gelder Grant
+44 20 7287 0077


Year of birth
1985 (35 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
English: fluent
Russian: basic
Spanish: fluent
Romanian: native-language
French: fluent
Italian: medium
English: always
American: only when required
English: only when required
Russian: only when required
French: only when required
American: only when required
Badminton, Ballet, CrossFit, Fitness, Pilates, Yoga
Pop: professional
Ballet: medium
Hip hop: professional
tap-dance: basic
Scenic: professional
Choreography: professional
Argentine tango: professional
Contact Improvisation: medium
Jazz: professional
Blues: professional
Chanson: professional
Country: professional
Musical: professional
A cappella: professional
Heavy metal: professional

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography


Constellations (nominated)
Best Leading Actress - National Union of Theatres Awards
An Intervention
Best Leading Actress - Undercloud Theatre Festival
An Intervention (Other)
Best Leading Actress National Union of Theatres Award
Outbound (Feature film)
Best Leading Actress -Gopo Awards Romania
Outbound (Feature film)
Best Leading Actress - Novi Sad Cinema City IFF
Outbound (Feature film)
Boccallino D'Oro Award - Locarno IFF
Outbound (Feature film)
Best Leading Actress - Thessaloniki IFF
Outbound (Feature film)
Special Jury Mention - Warsaw IFF
'Threepenny Opera' UNATC Production Awards
Best Leading Actress
Fool For Love - UNATC Production
Best Leading Actress
Chancellor of UNATC Award
Best Actress
UCIN - The Romanian Filmmakers Guild
Best Actress
Romanian Film Critics Association
Actress of The Year


I Love You, Too (Short film)
Amelia (LR) Balazs Juszt
These Days (Short film)
Alexandra (LR) Andrei Cretulescu
Supper (Short film)
Freja (SR) Jordan Loughran
Ivy (Short film)
Silvia (SR) Sarra Tsorakidis
Siberia (Feature film)
Katya (LR) Distribution: Amazon
Lift Share (Short film)
Marina (LR) Virginia Heath
IUBI (Short film)
Estera (OR) Andrei Cretulescu
Inferno (Feature film)
Vayentha (SR) Ron Howard Producer: Columbia Pictures Distribution: Columbia Pictures Casting director: Nina Gold
The Marker (Feature film)
Ana (LR) Justin Edgar Distribution: Uncork'd Entertainment Casting director: Lucy Rands
Muse (Feature film)
Rachel (LR) Jaume Balaguero Distribution: Filmax
Jan Peeters (Documentary fiction)
Narrator (OR) Miguel Lopez Beraza
Chosen (Feature film)
Judith (LR) Jazmin Dizdar Distribution: Grindstone Entertainment Group
Trial (Short film)
Dr. Jennifer (LR) The Brothers Lynch
White (Short film)
Red (SR) Montserrat Lombard Casting director: Shaheen Baig
Reise mit Vater (Feature film)
Dr. Sanda Berceanu (OR) Anca Miruna Lazarescu Distribution: Movienet
L1-L5 (Short film)
Mara (LR) Letitia Rosculet
Camera Trap (Feature film)
Maddy (LR) Alex Verner
Index Zero (Feature film)
Eve (LR) Lorenzo Sportiello
The Man Who Was Thursday (Feature film)
Saturday/ Esther (LR) Balazs Juszt Distribution: SP Distribution
Waste (Short film)
Lover/Narrator (LR) Anton Groves
I'm A Communist Old Hag (Feature film)
Alice (SR) Stere Gulea Distribution: Mediapro Distribution
A Very Unsettled Summer (Feature film)
Maria (LR) Anca Damian
Serena (Feature film)
Rachel (SR) Susanne Bier Distribution: Magnolia Pictures Casting director: Jina Jay
Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood (Feature film)
Gala (OR) Daniele Vicari Distribution: Universal Pictures
Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (Feature film)
Kazia (SR) Louis Morneau Distribution: Universal Pictures
Outbound (Feature film)
Matilda (LR) Bogdan George Apetri Distribution: MK2 International
Afterimage (Short film)
Narratir (OR) Catalin Leescu
Youth without youth (Feature film)
Librarian (OR) Francis Ford Coppola Distribution: Sony Pictures Classics
Crossing (Short film)
Her (LR) Catalin Leescu
Line (Short film)
Her (LR) Anton Groves
The Eighth Day (Short film)
Ana (LR) Ciprian Panaite
The Paper Will Be Blue (Feature film)
Angela (SR) Radu Muntean Distribution: Transilvania Film
Bucuresti-Berlin (Short film)
Ioana (LR) Anca Miruna Lazarescu
Turkey Girl - Lost and Found (Short film)
Tatiana (LR) Cristian Mungiu
Soft Power (Short film)
Her (LR) Alexandru Belc
Love Close-Up (Short film)
Anya (LR) Sebastian Voinea
Call me Ana - The Tryptich of a Foretold Death (Short film)
Ana (LR) Vlad Fenesan, Barna Nemethi, Gabriel Achim
Conclusion (Short film)
Maria (LR) Gabriel Sandru
A Pocketful of Broken Toys (Short film)
Irina (SR) Gheorghe Preda
Family Album (Feature film)
Dana Moraru (SR) Serban Marinescu Distribution: Romania Film
One Night Love (Short film)
Cristina (LR) Florin Kevorkian
The Italian Girls (Feature film)
Lenuta (LR) Napoleon Helmis
Damen Tango (Feature film)
Mihaela (SR) Dinu Tanase
Maria (Feature film)
Ioana (SR) Calin Peter Netzer


Jack Ryan (Series)
Zoya Ivanova (SR) TV Channel: Amazon
Alex Rider (TV series)
Eva Stellenbosch (SR) Andreas Prochaska TV Channel: Amazon Casting director: Gary Davy
Tribes of Europa (TV series)
Grieta (SR) Philip Koch / Florian Baxmeyer TV Channel: Netflix Casting director: Simone Bär
Emerald City (TV series)
West (LR) Tarsem Singh TV Channel: NBC Casting director: Suzanne Smith
The Borgias (TV series)
Charlotte D'Albret (SR) Kari Skogland TV Channel: Showtime Casting director: Jina Jay
One Step Forward (TV series)
Alexa (LR) Jesus Del Cerro TV Channel: ProTV
Une mere comme on n'en fait plus (Feature film)
daughter (OR) Jacques Renard
Passion Mortelle (Feature film)
Vic Sartey (SR) Claude-Michel Rome TV Channel: M6
Meurtres Par Procuration (Feature film)
Claudia Correy (SR) Claude-Michel Rome TV Channel: M6


The Good Woman of Sezuan (Drama)
Shen Te/Shui Ta (LR) Andrei Serban Producer: Bulandra Theatre Bucharest Performance Ongoing
Carousel (Drama)
Iulia Zeller (SR) Andrei Serban Producer: Bulandra Theatre Bucharest Performance Ongoing
An Intervention (Drama)
A (LR) Radu Iacoban Producer: ACT Theatre Bucharest Performance Ongoing
Constellations (Drama)
Marianne (LR) Radu Iacoban Producer: ACT Theatre Bucharest Performance Ongoing
Emancipare (Drama)
Cristina (LR) Radu Iacoban Producer: Comedy Theatre Bucharest
In Parc (Drama)
Veronica/Mita/Mihaela/Ea (LR) Radu Iacoban Producer: Godot Cafe Theatre
Procesul Caprei cu un iED (Drama)
Capra/The Nurse (SR) Radu Iacoban Producer: Metropolis Theatre
The Wall (Drama)
Sena (SR) Lia Bugnar Producer: Metropolis Theatre Bucharest Performance Ongoing
Measure for Measure (Drama)
Isabella (LR) Silviu Purcarete Producer: National Theatre Craiova
Epic of Ghilgamesh (Drama)
The Goddess Ishtar (SR) Dragos Galgotiu Producer: Odeon Theatre Bucharest
Trust Me if U Can (Drama)
Leading role Iris Spiridon Producer: Green Hours Monday Theatre
The Trilogy of the Atrides (Drama)
Cassandra (SR) Liviu Lucaci Producer: UNATC
The Madwoman of Chaillot (Drama)
Irma Lambert (SR) Alice Barb Producer: Metropolis Theatre Bucharest
Threepenny Opera (Drama)
Polly (LR) George Ivascu Producer: National Operetta Theatre of Bucharest
Tanga project - And The Oscar Goes To (Drama)
Maria (LR) Vera Ion Producer: UNATC
Lolita (Drama)
Lolita (LR) Catalina Buzoianu Producer: Teatrul Mic Bucharest


Dulux UK (Commercial)
Daniel Wolfe - Director