Barbara Duchow

Barbara Duchow


Acting age
39 - 53 years
Year of birth
1966 (54 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
Berlin, Hamburg, Athen, London, New York City, Paris, Toulouse
German: native-language
English: fluent
French: medium
English: only when required
Alpine skiing, Boxing, Horse riding, Inline skating, Sailing, Yoga
Hip hop: basic
Standard: basic
Jazz Dance: basic
Modern Dance: basic
Latin American dances: basic
Actor, Facilitator, Singer, Speaker
Rock/Pop: professional
Heavy metal: medium
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Stage School Hamburg

Other Education & Training

Official member of Yoga Alliance™ as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™).
ID: 321802
BeatCamp Real World Studios Artist Residency | Wiltshire, UK
Immersive masterclasses and professional session between musicians and singers co-working and recording tracks in the Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios
Bral School of Acting, by Grzegorz Bral, London, UK
Coordination Body Technique
Institut for Systemic / Program by Uta Karschnick | Hamburg, Germany
Systemische Therapie
Voice-training for Rock / Metal Music, Hamburg, GE
Catharina Boutari (Coach)
Synapsing by Nila Aalia, London, England
Teacher Training
Studio ASANA, Athens, GR
Power Yoga, professional training
Swaha Yoga Studio, Athens, Greece
Aerial Yoga Teacher, Training and Therapy
Masterclass mit Rolf Liccini, Coaching Company Berlin, Germany
Camera Acting
SYNAPSE C.C by Nila Aalia, London, UK
Acting, intensive study program with Nila Aalia (Coach), SYNAPSE (by Nila Aalia) C.C, London, England
Arts College E.D.D.C, Arnhem, NL
Performing Arts
Stage School Hamburg, Germany
Dance and Drama
Akademie JAK, Hamburg, GE
Dipl. Mode Design


Der Schlüsselhalter / The Key Rack (Short Film) (Drama)
Frau / Wife (LR) Hannah Fee Kreuzer Distribution: Independent
Space. Part: 2 (Short film)
Woman (LR) Rubén Muñoz Distribution: YouTube
Gnade (Cinema film)
Nachbarin (NR) (SR) Matthias Glasner Producer: Schwarzweiss Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
Clara (Short film)
Clara (Qualities of Light) (LR) Martin Sambauer Producer: Martin Sambauer Distribution: Independent
eF.Teh.aiR (Cinema film)
Feraal (SR) Velvet Bianca Jobst Producer: Strangepool-Berlin
Küss mich, Tiger! (Cinema film)
Frau mit Hund (OR) Jan Ruzicka Producer: ARD Distribution: ARD, Germany
Die Männer vom K3 (Series)
Police woman (OR) Jan Ruzicka Producer: NDR Distribution: NDR, Germany


Main dunkle Geheimnis. Season 3, Episode 61: Letzte Chance (TV series)
Ella (Mother) (LR) Christian Blome Producer: Schwarzkopf TV TV Channel: 3sat Germany
Main dunkle Geheimnis. Season 1, Episode 205: in schlechter Gesellschaft (Documentary fiction)
Isabelle (LR) Christian Blome Producer: Schwarzkopf TV TV Channel: 3sat Germany
Die Rettungsflieger (TV series)
Dr. Mertens (SR) Donald Kraemer Producer: Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion GmbH [de] TV Channel: ZDF [de]
Vera Brühne (TV series)
Nachbarin (NR) (SR) Hark Bohm Producer: Constantin Film [de] TV Channel: SAT.1 [de]
Küss mich, Tiger (TV movie)
Frau im Auto (SR) Jan Ruzicka Producer: Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion GmbH [de]


Prometheus (Drama)
the soul of Pometheus (OR) Hannah Kreuzer Theatre: TIK Theather, Berlin
Die Elfen (Drama)
Elfe (LR) Theatre: Die Elfenagentur, Hamburg
Performances by Butch Morris
Performer (OR) Theatre: Living Theater und Laundryspaces, NY, USA
Copilot (OR) Martin Sanbauer Theatre: Independent, Hamburg
Wiederaufnahme Phoenix Fabrik (Other)
Daniel A. Jones Theatre: Independent, NY and Mineapolis, USA
Futballprojekt (Drama)
Andre Heller Telat Yurtsever Theatre: Independent, Hamburg
Guten Abend, schöne unbekannte (Drama)
die unbekannte Kabarett E.Möbius Theaterschiff Theatre: E.Möbius Theaterschiff, Hamburg
Don Juans 2 (Drama)
die 3. Frau (OR) St.Pauli-Theatre Theatre: St.Pauli-Theatre, Hamburg
Enterprise, Theaterimprovisation (Other)
Other roles S3 AG Theatre: S3 AG, Hamburg
Yesterday (Other)
Other roles Star Theater Theatre: Star Theater, Musical, Hamburg
Greetings from Paradise (Drama)
Other roles Junge-Hunde-Tanztheater Theatre: Kampnagel, Hamburg
Dream Landscapes (Drama)
Other roles Alia Hawa Theatre: Kampnagel, Hamburg


Nacht - Lunattack (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Producer: SIJO and Niklas Lüders Audio: Independent
Dream in Black and White (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Audio: Beatcamp #003, Album, various artists, Real World Records, UK Original Song, Songwriter and Composer with Graham George
Escape by Elephant Memories feat. Lunattack (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Elephant Memories Audio: Studio Le Cerisier, Toulouse, France
Pont Neuf, LP, Lunattack (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Barbara Duchow Producer: Barbara Duchow Audio: Pussy Empire Recordings
Speaker: China Fashion Time, Hamburg (Speaker)
Other roles Producer: China Fashion Time
Academie JAK Year Mode Event (Speaker)
Producer: Academie JAK, Hamburg


Nacht - Lunattack (Music video)
Voice, Singer, Schauspielerin (LR) Arnaldo González Music production by SIJO and Niklas Lüders. Songwriter: Niklas Lüders
Mindfulness in Performance, Ibiza (Workshop production)
Coach (LR) Barbara Duchow Producer: Barbara Duchow Productions
Lunattack and Elephant Memories, Rock Band (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Vocals and Live Music Performance
L´Eternité (Music video)
Performer, Voice Océane Snow and Arnaldo González L`Eternité” - Water Mix - by Lunattack and Dan Easley (A poem of Arthur Rimbaud)
Lunattack, Music and Performing Arts (Other)
Voice, Singer (LR) Barbara Duchow Vocals and Live Music Performance
Sissirossi Temporary Store, Opening-Performance. (Other)
The Praying Mantis (LR) Martin Sambauer Distribution: Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin Swen Kählert (Art-Direction)
Star-Club – die Story (Musical)
Producer: Delphi-Theatre, Hamburg


Lockdown Coversong "One by U2" (2020) (Conzert recording)
Voice, Singer (LR) Helden - Cover Band of Toulouse Performing with "Helden" the cover band of Toulouse, France
Soundscout: Barbara Duchow talks about “Lunattack from Hamburg and Toulouse (Other)
Interview, Original in German language by Martin Risel. © Deutschlandradio


Breitling SA - ID-Club 2006 (Image movie)
Ms. Operater (SR) Martin Sambauer Producer: alleswirdgut - agency for Creative Direction [de]