Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell

Eaglestone Management
Elaine Eaglestone
+44 7837 898793


Acting age
25 - 35 years
Year of birth
1992 (28 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
United Kingdom
Cities I could work in
London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff
English: native-language
English: always (Native dialect)
Irish: only when required
Indian: only when required
English: always
French: only when required
American: only when required
Fitness, Martial Arts, Mountain bike, Rugby, Stage combat, Stunts, Weight training
Freestyle dance: professional
Choreography: medium
Actor, Musical actor, Singer
Musical: professional
A cappella: medium
Backing vocals: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h, Motorcycle class

Vita entries

Professional background

I studied a joint degree in Film and Theatre Studies at London Metropolitan University


Soft Hands (nominated) (Short film)
Best Lead Actor in a Short Film - South Europe International Film Festival
Soft Hands (Short film)
Winner of Best Lead Actor in a Short Film - North Europe International Film Festival
Soft Hands (nominated) (Short film)
Nominated for the LGBTQ Award - West Europe International Film Festival


Metal (Short film)
C (Lead Role) (LR) Darren James King / Dan Hugo
Rise of the Footsoldier: Marbella (Feature film)
Clubber (OR) Andrew Loveday Distribution: Carnaby International
Soft Hands (Short film)
Kieran (LR) Darren James King Producer: Darren James King
Pass the Parcel (VR Film) (Short film)
Chris (SR) Harry Chadwick Distribution: Adrift Pictures
Invasion Earth (Feature film)
Simon (LR) James Twyman Distribution: Greenway Entertainment
Made Men (Short film)
Adam (SR) Alex Panton Distribution: Black Light Films
Hope of Deliverance (Short film)
Laurie (SR) Pedro Rilho Distribution: Hope of Deiverance Ltd.
Parallel/Killer (Feature film)
Lad (LR) Daniel Griffiths Distribution: River Dark Films
Powder Room (Feature film)
Mocked Lad (OR) MJ Delaney Distribution: DJ Films
Les Miserables (Feature film)
Soldier (Featured) (OR) Tom Hooper Distribution: Barricade Productions
The Dark Knight Rises (Feature film)
Bane Worker (Featured) (OR) Christopher Nolan Distribution: Cape Road Productions


Somewhere in London Series 2 (Documentary fiction)
Producer (OR) Marv Brown TV Channel: MD Enterprises Casting director: Simon Marriott
Hometown Horror (TV series)
Everett (SR) Sebastian Smith/Elliot Goldner TV Channel: October Films Casting director: Heather Basten
Howards End (TV series)
Mourner (Featured) (OR) Hettie MacDonald TV Channel: Playground Television UK
Mr Selfridge Series 3 (TV series)
Veteran (Featured) (OR) Rob Evans TV Channel: ITV Mr Selfridge
The Mad Bad Ad Show
Myself (OR) Lucy Forbes TV Channel: Objective Productions


Just Joshing
Jack (SR) Denise Francis Theatre: Firehorse Productions
The Passion of the Playboy Riots
Stage Manager (SR) Neil Weatherall Theatre: The Playboy Rioters
Eat Me (Drama)
AV (Anorexia Voice) (LR) Sally McCormack Theatre: Matrix Theatre
60 Years On
Paddy (LR) John Dunne Theatre: Irish Theatre presents...
The Fever Trees (Drama)
Rudyard Kipling (LR) Christine Foster Theatre: The Cliffhanger Company
The Blind Bet (Drama)
Tommy (LR) Jordan Murphy Theatre: Hillcrest Artists
Antigone (Drama)
Chorus (SR) Matthew Chandler-Garcia Theatre: P2P
Vinegar Tom (Drama)
Packer/Sprenger (SR) Christopher Holt Theatre: London Metropolitan University
Lives Touched by the Old Firestation (Other)
Fireman Dave (SR) Sophie Wright Theatre: Holloway Arts Festival


The Irish Play (Other)
Stage Manager (OR) Neil Weatherall Audio: Voodoo Cottage
Webcast (Other)
Web Chatter Voices (OR) Paul McGhie Audio: Poor Arthur Pictures


Dominos 'The Mouth Boggles' (Commercial)