Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell

Main agency
Elaine Eaglestone
+44 7837 898793
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Acting age
25 - 35 years
Year of birth
1992 (29 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
United Kingdom
Housing options
London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff
English: native-language
English: always (Native dialect)
Irish: only when required
Indian: only when required
English: always
French: only when required
American: only when required
Fitness, Martial Arts, Mountain bike, Rugby, Stage combat, Stunts, Weight training
Freestyle dance: professional
Choreography: medium
Actor, Musical actor, Singer
Musical: professional
A cappella: medium
Backing vocals: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h, Motorcycle class

Vita entries

Professional background

I studied a joint degree in Film and Theatre Studies at London Metropolitan University


Soft Hands (Short film)

Winner of Best Actor at the Madras Independant Film Festival in India

Soft Hands (Short film)

Winner of an Honorable Mention for Best Actor at the Oniros Film Awards in New York

Soft Hands (nominated) (Short film)

Best Lead Actor in a Short Film - South Europe International Film Festival

Soft Hands (Short film)

Winner of Best Lead Actor in a Short Film - North Europe International Film Festival

Soft Hands (nominated) (Short film)

Nominated for the LGBTQ Award - West Europe International Film Festival


Metal (Short film)
C (Lead Role) (LR) Darren James King / Dan Hugo
Rise of the Footsoldier: Marbella (Feature film)
Clubber (OR) Andrew Loveday Distribution: Carnaby International
Soft Hands (Short film)
Kieran (LR) Darren James King Producer: Darren James King
Pass the Parcel (VR Film) (Short film)
Chris (SR) Harry Chadwick Distribution: Adrift Pictures
Invasion Earth (Feature film)
Simon (LR) James Twyman Distribution: Greenway Entertainment
Made Men (Short film)
Adam (SR) Alex Panton Distribution: Black Light Films
Hope of Deliverance (Short film)
Laurie (SR) Pedro Rilho Distribution: Hope of Deiverance Ltd.
Parallel/Killer (Feature film)
Lad (LR) Daniel Griffiths Distribution: River Dark Films
Powder Room (Feature film)
Mocked Lad (OR) MJ Delaney Distribution: DJ Films
Les Miserables (Feature film)
Soldier (Featured) (OR) Tom Hooper Distribution: Barricade Productions
The Dark Knight Rises (Feature film)
Bane Worker (Featured) (OR) Christopher Nolan Distribution: Cape Road Productions


Somewhere in London Series 2 (Documentary fiction)
Producer (OR) Marv Brown Station: MD Enterprises Casting director: Simon Marriott
Hometown Horror (TV series)
Everett (SR) Sebastian Smith/Elliot Goldner Station: October Films Casting director: Heather Basten
Howards End (TV series)
Mourner (Featured) (OR) Hettie MacDonald Station: Playground Television UK
Mr Selfridge Series 3 (TV series)
Veteran (Featured) (OR) Rob Evans Station: ITV Mr Selfridge
The Mad Bad Ad Show
Myself (OR) Lucy Forbes Station: Objective Productions


Just Joshing
Jack (SR) Denise Francis Theatre: Firehorse Productions
The Passion of the Playboy Riots
Stage Manager (SR) Neil Weatherall Theatre: The Playboy Rioters
Eat Me (Drama)
AV (Anorexia Voice) (LR) Sally McCormack Theatre: Matrix Theatre
60 Years On
Paddy (LR) John Dunne Theatre: Irish Theatre presents...
The Fever Trees (Drama)
Rudyard Kipling (LR) Christine Foster Theatre: The Cliffhanger Company
The Blind Bet (Drama)
Tommy (LR) Jordan Murphy Theatre: Hillcrest Artists
Antigone (Drama)
Chorus (SR) Matthew Chandler-Garcia Theatre: P2P
Vinegar Tom (Drama)
Packer/Sprenger (SR) Christopher Holt Theatre: London Metropolitan University
Lives Touched by the Old Firestation (Other)
Fireman Dave (SR) Sophie Wright Theatre: Holloway Arts Festival


The Irish Play (Other)
Stage Manager (OR) Neil Weatherall Distribution: Voodoo Cottage
Webcast (Other)
Web Chatter Voices (OR) Paul McGhie Distribution: Poor Arthur Pictures


Dominos 'The Mouth Boggles' (Commercial)