Carmen Gloria Pérez

Carmen Gloria Pérez

Diamanda Management
Leena Stenberg
+47 996 74 411


Acting age
33 - 45 years
Place of birth
Bronx, New York (USA)
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Hollywood... Anywhere in the world, really
English: native-language
Spanish: native-language
Norwegian: fluent
Swedish: basic
New York accent: only when required
Brooklyn-English: only when required
American: always (Native dialect)
Spanish: only when required
Salsa: professional
Bachata: medium
Merengue: professional
Jazz: professional
Musical: professional
Rock/Pop: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

Actress, writer, artist & U.S. Army Veteran / Winner - Best Supporting Actress in a Drama by Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement (ADA) Awards 2003 for play "Soldiers Don't Cry" (playwright Layon Gray)

Other Education & Training

U.S. Army
Military Veteran (6 years active duty) - Weapons expert
Los Angeles Community College
Music Technology & Voice Certificate - Herb Alpert Program
Second City
Improvisation - Up to Conservatory Level 2
Playhouse West
Meisner Technique
Beverly Hills Playhouse
Teacher - Gary Imhoff
George Mason University
Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Government & International Politics w/minor in Legal Studies


The Lurking Man (Feature film)
Best Ensemble Cast
Soldiers Don't Cry (Drama)
Private Veronica Morales (SR) Layon Gray Won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama by Valley Theatre League ADA Awards


Genes vs. Mind (Short film)
Julia & Lilly (LR) Carmen Gloria Pérez Producer: Carmen Gloria Pérez Distribution: House Of Experiments
Reflections (Short film)
Marcia (LR) Carmen Gloria Pérez Producer: Carmen Gloria Pérez Distribution: House Of Experiments
Kill Switch (Short film)
Carla (LR) Tamas Harangi Producer: Carmen Gloria Pérez Distribution: House Of Experiments
The Lurking Man (Feature film)
Linda (SR) Producer: Frank Krueger Distribution: RMR Productions Winner Best Ensemble Cast 2017
Any Elsewhere (Short film)
Agent Frost (SR) Brandon Karsh Producer: Aya Lehman
Farewell (Experimental movie)
Leading role Carmen Gloria Pérez (self) & Delaney Ashley Producer: Carmen Gloria Pérez Distribution: House Of Experiments
Cry Of The Butterfly (Feature film)
Chola (SR) Mihailo Stanich Distribution: Dreamscape Pictures With actors John Savage & Emilio Rivera
Locker 13 (Segment Story #4) (Feature film)
Marsha (LR) Jason Marsden Distribution: Arc Entertainment With actors Ricky Schroder & Tatyana Ali - Multiple segments within one film
Dead Season (Feature film)
Sophia (SR) Adam Deyoe Distribution: Image Entertainment
Cornered (Feature film)
Supporting role Taylor Chien, Hunter G. Williams Distribution: Busted Knuckle Productions
The Rig (Feature film)
Rodriguez (SR) Peter Atencio Distribution: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (Feature film)
Reporter (SR) Michael Feifer Producer: Barry Barnholtz Distribution: Barnholtz Entertainment Casting director: Caia Coley With actor Antonio Sabato Jr. as Henry
Not Forgotten (Feature film)
Carolina (SR) Dror Soref Distribution: Anchor Bay & Skyline Pics. Casting director: Heidi Levitt With actors Simon Baker, Chloe Moretz & Paz Vega
Irene In Time (Feature film)
Gloria (SR) Henry Jaglom Producer: Rosemary Marks Distribution: Rainbow Pictures
He's Just Not That Into You (Feature film)
Supporting role Ken Kwapis Producer: Drew Barrymore Distribution: New Line Cinema & Flower Films Casting director: Justine Baddeley & Kim Davis
Illegal Tender (Feature film)
Killer (SR) Franc. Reyes Producer: John Singleton Distribution: Universal Pictures Casting director: Sig De Miguel
A Man Apart (Feature film)
Lucero G (SR) F. Gary Gray Producer: Vin Diesel Distribution: New Line Cinema


Mobile 1.0 (Made in Finland) (Drama)
Jackie Leone (SR) Maarit Lalli Producer: Tiina Pesonen TV Channel: Rabbit Films / C More
Pørni (Season 2) (TV series)
Carmen (SR) Charlotte Blom Producer: Monster Media (Norway) TV Channel: Viaplay/NENT/Monster Media
Young Royals (TV series)
Linda (Series Regular) (SR) Erika Calmeyer & Rojda Sekersöz Producer: Nexiko TV Channel: Netflix/Nexiko Sweden
Det Kunne Vært Verre (It Could Have Been Worse) (TV series)
Sofia (SR) TV Channel: TV2 / Seefood TV (Norway) Casting director: Cecilie Enersen Recurring Role
Magnus (TV series)
US Soldier at Gate (SR) Geir Henning Hopland Producer: Anders Tangen TV Channel: ViaFilm (Norway) In 4 episodes
Lucha Underground (TV series)
Captain Vasquez - Recurring Role (OR) Skip Chaisson Producer: Robert Rodriguez / Mark Burnett TV Channel: MGM / El Rey Network Casting director: Marty Fortney
Let's Fall Out (TV movie)
Gloria (SR) Natasha Kermani Producer: Gayle Dickie TV Channel: AerNow / Esports Global Media With actor Quinton Aaron
Hot Sluts (TV series)
Lele (SR) A.D. Miles Producer: Joe Lo Truglio TV Channel: Atom TV / Comedy Central Casting director: Blyth Nailling With actress Alison Brie
Secretos (TV show)
Marisela (LR) TV Channel: Liberman Broadcasting Inc. Casting director: Mary E. Fry / Bruna Rubio Spanish series
The Shield (TV series)
Lupe Griego (SR) Gwyneth Horder-Payton Producer: Shawn Ryan TV Channel: FX Network Show won 2 Golden Globe Awards & more...
Hackett (TV movie)
Mandy (SR) Barry Sonnenfeld TV Channel: Fox Network Casting director: G. Charles Wright With actor Donal Logue
Rx (TV movie)
Rita (SR) Frank Pinnock Producer: Torrance Hill / Paul Mays TV Channel: Strike TV
Everybody Hates Chris (TV series)
Supporting role Debbie Allen Producer: Chris Rock TV Channel: CBS / Chris Rock Entertainment
General Hospital (TV show)
Supporting role TV Channel: ABC Casting director: Gwen Hillier & Mark Teschner Longest running soap opera in US
Barbershop (TV series)
Tia (SR) Linda Mendoza Producer: Ice Cube, John Ridley, etc. TV Channel: Showtime
Nip/Tuck (TV series)
Avanti (SR) Ryan Murphy Producer: Ryan Murphy TV Channel: FX Network Casting director: Eric Dawson Golden Globe winning TV series