Cc Deneira

Cc Deneira

Lucky Star International Talent Agency
Alain Van Goethem
+32 468 23 30 31


Acting age
40 - 55 years
Year of birth
1963 (58 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
dark brown
Hair color
Hair length
full figured
Place of residence
Housing options
Brussels, Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles, New York
Belgian, American
English: native-language
Spanish: native-language
Dutch: basic
Andalusian Spanish: only when required
Jamaican: only when required
Black American: only when required
Boston English: only when required
London (English): only when required
New York accent: only when required
Cockney (English): only when required
Brooklyn-English: only when required
Californian English: only when required
New Jersey accent: only when required
Southern-English: only when required
African-English: only when required
Mexican Spanish: only when required
American: always (Native dialect)
Argentine Spanisch: only when required
Mid-Atlantic accent: only when required
English: only when required
Spanish: only when required
American: always
Aerobics, Badminton, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Bowling, Fitness, Squash, Swim, Table tennis, Tennis
Pop: professional
Rap: professional
Funk: professional
Disco: professional
Robot: professional
Salsa: professional
Swing: professional
Twist: professional
Bolero: basic
Techno: professional
Bachata: professional
Ballet: medium
Hip hop: basic
Lambada: professional
Musical theatre: professional
tap-dance: medium
Voguing: medium
Merengue: professional
Freestyle dance: professional
Jazz Dance: professional
Classic dance: professional
Show dance: professional
Afro Dance: professional
Break dancing: basic
Charleston: professional
Performance: professional
Street Dance: medium
Choreography: professional
Modern Dance: professional
Expressionist dance: professional
Improvisation dance: professional
Rock & roll: professional
Video clip dancing: professional
Contact Improvisation: professional
Contemporary dance: professional
Reggaeton dance / Perreo: professional
Latin American dances: professional
Samba: professional
Actor, Dancer
Backing vocals: basic
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

Studied Dance & Drama in US(NY&Miami), & Belgium. The Conservatory of Fines Arts, Miami Way Theatre, British Ballet Academy, Iroko Afro Cuban Dance, Danzalteljee Ballroom, Mixed&United Improv Workshops,


SpaceBoy (Cinema film)
Madame Diaz (SR) Olivier Pairoux Producer: Annabella Nezri, Kathleen Goosens Casting director: Michael Bier
EPP The Congress Film 2021 (Educational production)
Mother (SR) Moritz Kreis Producer: European People's Party Production
Mavid-19 (Short film)
Mom (LR) Tristan Jennis Producer: Hakuna Academy
Jun-K13 (Short film)
Commander (LR) Tristan Jennis Producer: Sint-Lukas Productions
Boston Consulting group (Educational production)
News Anchor (LR) Louise Beaumond Producer: Cartoonbase Ad Agency Distribution: The BCG Global Mgt Consulting Casting director: Louise Beaumond
Marquet Place (Short film)
Catholic Nun (OR) Annick Christiaens Producer: Wim Coryn Casting director: Annick Christiaens
Bezoekerscentrum Vlaams Parlement (Educational production)
Parlement Staff (OR) Klaus Verscheure Producer: Dans La Pluie Productions


Thuis (TV series)
Mrs; Lodhi (OR) Lars Goeyarts Producer: VRT Productions TV Channel: VRT Belgium Casting director: Astrid Talesman
U.S. Veterans Show (TV show)
LeeAnn (LR) Robert Fleming TV Channel: Selkirk Communications Inc.
Sabado Gigante (TV show)
Featured Dancer (OR) Vicente Riesgo Producer: Don Francisco TV Channel: Univision


Mixed & United Improv Theatre (Other)
Creative Movement Coach / Actor (LR) Daniel Sossi Producer: Daniel Sossi
A Streetcar Named Desire (Drama)
Eunice (LR) Carrie Ellwanger Producer: The American Theatre Company Casting director: Carrie Ellwanger
Een Surpries In Mijn Valies (Choreography)
Choreoprapher (OR) Ruud De Ridder Producer: Echt Antwaarps Teater
Steel Magnolias (Drama)
Clairee (LR) Christopher Flores Producer: The American Theatre Company
The Front Page (Drama)
Mrs. Grant (LR) Michelle Fletcher Producer: The American Theatre Company
A Piece of My Heart (Drama)
LeeAnn (LR) Richard Marlow Producer: The Public Theatre
Harry Houdini I Love You (Drama)
Nokouchi (LR) James Weinstock Producer: White-Wilis Theatre Production


BRUZZ Radio 98.8 FM (Other)
Guest Star (LR) Robbe Pettijean Producer: BRUZZ Radio 98.8 FM Audio: BRUZZ Radio 98.8 FM
Guest Star (LR) Leoni Roa Matos Producer: Radio Centraal 106.7FM-103.9FM Audio: Radio Centraal 106.7FM-103.9FM
Arthur Barron's Entertainment & Beyond (Other)
Guest Star (LR) Arthur Barron Producer: WSBH 14.90 AM Radio Audio: WSBH 14.90 AM Radio


Forgotten (Music video)
Afro-Cuban Dancer (OR) Yaqine Hamzaoui Producer: Frederike Migom
Black Caesar Pirate (Experimental movie)
Gypsy (LR) Gregory Alexander Little Producer: Philip Michael Thomas
Pero Que Necisidad (Music video)
Dancer (OR) Juan Gabriel Producer: BMG Ariola Records
The Verdict (Music video)
Girl In Striped Dress (OR) Professor Griff-Public Enemy Producer: Luke Atlantic Records


Incontinentie CM (Image series)
We Are Europe-EU Parliament (Image series)
Payconiq (Commercial)
Materialise- Bounce Rocks (Image series)
Veronove Tegels (Commercial)
The Florida Lottery (Commercial)
Florida Lottery (Commercial)
MCI (Commercial)