Ekaterina Malikova

Ekaterina Malikova


Acting age
33 - 43 years
Year of birth
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
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Place of residence
Cities I could work in
English: fluent
Russian: native-language
French: basic
Italian: basic
Russian: only when required
Horse riding
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Vita entries

Professional background

2003 - 2007 - Moscow Art Theater School (MHAT), Film and Theater acting 2007 - 2012 - The Russian State Theater "Satyricon" A.I. Raikin. Actress 2016 - Theater Practice. Actress


The Theater Award "Golden Leaf 2007"
2007 - The Theater Award "Golden Leaf 2007". The nomination "Best Acting Ensemble" for the performance based on the play of A.P. Chekhov's "Play without a Name", directed by Dmitry Brusnikin.


«Vskrytiye pokazhet», feature film, Director Taras Dudar, role: Inga
«The last train car. Spring», feature film, Director Anton Kalinkin, role: Kostina
«Will get married urgently», feature film, Director Sergey Chekalov, role: Alla
«Men's holidays», feature film, Director Leonid Belozorovich, role: Anna
«Izbranniza», feature film, Director Oksana Bairak, role: Lyubava (lead role)
«Srochno vydu zamuxh», feature film, Director Sergey Chekalov, role: Alla (supporting role)
«Hello, I am your Dad», feature film, Director Vladimir Chubrikov, role: Lida
«Sex, coffee, cigarettes», feature film, Director Sergey Oldenburg, role: Katerina (lead role)
«22 minutes», feature film, Director Vasily Sericov, role: Olga Gurova
«Goodbye Katya / Elveda Katya» (Turkey), feature film, Director Ahmed Syonmez, role: Svetlana
«You and me» (USA/Russia), feature film, Director Roland Joffé, role: Marina
«Pistol of the Stradivari», feature film, Director Alexey Lukanev, role: Elena
«He left and did not return», feature film, Director Valery Pendrakovsky, role: Angelina
«Lyubov-Morkov-3», feature film, Director Sergey Ginsburg, role: Masha
«One more chance», feature film, Director Sergey Aleshechkin, role: Vera
«The one near», feature film, Director Anton Azarov, role: Elena (lead role)
«Italians» (Italy), feature film, Director Giovanni Veronesi, role: Master & Commander (supporting role)
«The enemy number one», feature film, Director Alexander Kirienko, role: Angelika
Tarif novogodny», feature film, Director Evgeny Bedarev, role: Masha (supporting role)
«A fight with the shadow 2. Revenge», feature film, Director Anton Megerdichev, role: Julia (supporting role)
«Icy passion», feature film, Director Vladimir Chubrikov, role: Ella
«Nenasitniye», feature film, Director Ruslan Balzer, role: Byanka (lead role)
«I stay», feature film, Director Karen Oganesyan, role: Lyalya
«From 180 and above», feature film, Director Alexander Strizhenov, role: Olya (lead role)
«The night watch», feature film, Director Timur Bekmambetov, role: stewardess


«Historian», TV serial, Director Anton Bormatov, role: Anna
«Contact», TV serial, Director Michail Borkan, role: Svetlana
«Time limit», TV serial, Director Vasily Pichul, role: Anna Pavlova
«Cuba», TV serial, Director Andrey Sherbinn, role: Tatyana
«The family ZD», TV serial, Director Ilya Aksenov, role: Nataly Demidova
«Tankisty svoih ne brosayut», TV serial, Director Alexander Grabar, role: Dasha
«Karpov 2:0», TV serial, Director Ivan Shegolev, role: Elena
«Mama Detective», TV serial, Director Michail Vainberg, role: Vera
«Thunder», TV serial, Director Yuri Kuzmenko, role: Lena
«Deadly beautiful», TV serial, Director Ekaterina Dvigubskaya, role: Katerina
«Goddesses of justice», TV serial, Director Yulia Pankosyanova, role: Zoya
«Amanda O», TV serial, Dir ector Ivan Shurhovetsky, role: False Amanda
«My other half», TV serial, Director Teimuraz Esadze, role: Marina
«Cupid», TV serial, Director Andrey Silkin, role: Arina Bakunina
«Porcelain wedding», TV serial, Director Vasily Pichul, role: Elena Nikolayeva
«Hindu», TV serial, Director Alexander Kasatkin, role: Lila
«The last minute», TV serial, Director Alexander Kirienko, role: Larisa
«Barviha», TV serial, Director Evgeny Lavrentyev, role: Ulyana
«Zhilin's outpost», TV serial, Director Vasily Pichul, role: Elzhbetta
«The Major Vetrov», TV serial, Director Alexander Franzkevich, role: Vika
«I am a detective», TV serial, Director Rauf Kubaev, role: Liza
«Krom», TV serial, Director Michail Vedyshev, role: The girl Death
«Commercial break», TV serial, Director Sergey Ginzburg, role: Masha
«Lovers», TV serial, Director Marina Migunova, role: Rimma
«The blind-2», TV serial, Director Alexader Laye, role: Rose


“Girls in Love”, Director Dmitry Brusnikin (lead role)
«Romeo and Juliet», W. Shakespeare, Director Konstantin Raikin, role: Lady of the Capulet (supporting role)
«The money», Director Konstantin Raikin, role: Larisa
«The blue Monster», Director Konstantin Raikin, role: The Queen Gulindi (lead role)
- «Adam and Eva», Director Alla Pokrovskaya, role: Eva
«Anfisa», Director Boris Dyachenko, role: Alexandra Pavlovna
«Play without a Name», A.P. Chehov, Director Dmitry Brusnikin, role: Anna Petrovna (lead role)
«Scenes from A Marriage»
Marianna (SR) Director Elena Butenko-Raikina
Galya (SR) Director Dmitry Brusnikin