Frida Farrell

Frida Farrell

MA Content
Maria Vascsak
+46 73 910 59 02


Acting age
30 - 40 years
Year of birth
1979 (41 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
USA / Sweden
Housing options
Los Angeles, New York, London, Stockholm
Swedish, American
Danish: medium
German: medium
English: native-language
Norwegian: medium
Swedish: native-language
French: medium
Italian: basic
American: always
Piano: medium
Alpine skiing, Badminton, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Horse riding, Inline skating, Kickboxing, Pilates, Tennis, Triathlon, Windsurfing
Musical theatre: medium
Actor, Musical actor, Singer
Ballad: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


Selling Isobel (Cinema film)
Isobel (LR) Rudolf Buitendach Producer: Glynn Turner Distribution: Gravitas Ventures US / Eyewell Sweden Casting director: Lisa Essary
Dirty Dealing 3 D (Feature film)
Kora (LR) Chris Hood Producer: Chris Hood Distribution: Gen One Films Casting director: Julie Goldman
Another You (Short film)
Nurse (SR) Art Hsu Producer: Patrick G Ingram
Terms Of Employment (Short film)
Sofie (LR) Glynn Turner Producer: Glynn Turner Casting director: Azel James
Behind Your Eyes (Feature film)
Erika Johnson (LR) Clint Lien Producer: Chris Ottinger Distribution: Vesuvio Entertainment Casting director: Jan Glaser
The Appointment (Short film)
Mary (LR) Glynn Turner Producer: David M Rogers Casting director: Sam Smith
Penniless (Short film)
Teacher (LR) Glynn Turner Producer: David M Rogers Casting director: Sam Smith
Effective (Short film)
Ms Young (SR) Scoop Wasserstein Producer: Sam Johnson Casting director: Lizzie Sam
Contract Killler (Feature film)
Jane (LR) Justin Rhodes Producer: G Anthony Joseph Distribution: First Look Entertainment Casting director: Gerald Í Wolff
Stilletto (Feature film)
Model (SR) Nick Vallelonga Producer: Nick Vallelonga Distribution: First Look International Casting director: Donald Paul Pemrick
Killer Weekend (Fashion movie)
Tracy (LR) Rob Walker Producer: Tristain Nathaniel Distribution: Acort International
Messages (Feature film)
Nicole (SR) David Fairman Producer: Jon Morrey Distribution: Entertainment 7 Casting director: Paul McMinn
Venus Drowning (Feature film)
Milla (SR) Andrew Parkinson Producer: Andrew Parkinson Casting director: Andrew Parkinson
Tan Lines (Feature film)
Julia (LR) Johnny Williams Producer: Johnny Williams Distribution: Vanguard Cinema Casting director: Johnny Williams
Personal Justice (Short film)
Lara (LR) Paul Wiffen Producer: Paul Wiffen Casting director: Paul Wiffen
Afterman 2 (Feature film)
Britt (LR) Rob Van Eyck Producer: Rob Van Eyck Distribution: Zeno Pictures Casting director: Rob Van Eyck
Goodbye (Short film)
Nicole (SR) Simon Aitken Producer: Simon Aitken Casting director: Simon Aitken
Remote (Short film)
Her (SR) John Burns Producer: Sagar Shah Casting director: Toby Roberts


Bones / Mayhem on a Cross (TV series)
Dr. Solberg (OR) Ian Toynton Producer: Hart Hanson TV Channel: FOX Network Casting director: Rick Milikan
Kiddie Litter (TV series)
Director (OR) Frida Farrell Producer: Alissa Juvan Casting director: Alissa Juvan
Chrome Angels (TV movie)
Gretchen (SR) Leigh Scott Producer: Kenneth M Badish TV Channel: The Sci-Fi Channel Casting director: Leigh Scott
Cyclops (TV movie)
Barbara (LR) Declan O'Brian Producer: Roger Corman TV Channel: The Sci-Fi Channel Casting director: Laura Sotirova
Lost Colony: The Legend Of Roanoke (TV movie)
Eleanore Dare (LR) Matt Codd Producer: Matt L Lester TV Channel: The Sci-Fi Channel Casting director: Jan Glaser


Ministry Of Pleasure (Drama)
The Queen (SR) Craig Baxter Producer: Johnny Lyne Pirkis
The Seagull (Drama)
Nina (LR) David Allen Producer: David Allen
Three Sisters (Drama)
Irina (LR) Vladimir Stabu Producer: Vladimir Stabu
Macbeth (Drama)
Lady Macbeth (LR) Colin Fairfax Producer: Colin Fairfax
Sleeping Around (Drama)
All 6 roles (LR) Steven Harper Producer: Johnny Lyne Pirkis
Brimstone And Treacle (Drama)
Patricia (SR) Ed Simpson Producer: Ed Simpson
As You Like It (Drama)
Rosalind (SR) Michael Hart Producer: Michael Hart
Miss Julie (Drama)
Miss Julie (LR) Sladjana Vujovic Producer: Ava Peterson
X-mas Comes But Ones a Year (Drama)
Lina (SR) John Asquith Producer: John Asquith
Ward Nos 6 (Drama)
Ana (SR) Victor Schoback Producer: Victor Schoback
Blue Beard (Drama)
Barbara (SR) Victor Schoback Producer: Victor Schoback
It Had To Be You (French) (Drama)
Anna (LR) Jenna Turner Producer: Jenna Turner


A-ha Under The Makeup (Music video)
Younger woman (LR) Bode Brodmueller Producer: Bode Brodmueller Casting director: Bode Brodmueller