Gillian Apter

Gillian Apter

Main agency
Stephanie Fechenbach
+34 661 914 094
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Acting age
60 - 70 years
Year of birth
1955 (66 years)
Place of birth
United Kingdom
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Madrid, London, Edinburgh; Newcastle-Upon Tyne, Brussels
English: native-language
Spanish: fluent
French: medium
Italian: basic
Irish accent: only when required
London (English): only when required
Queens English: only when required
English: always
Scottish-English: always (Native dialect)
Southern-English: only when required
American: only when required
Irish: only when required
English: always
Spanish: only when required
French: only when required
American: only when required
Diving (bottle), Swim, Volleyball, Yoga
tap-dance: basic
Actor, Dubbing actor
Choir: medium
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

Zulema Katz Actors Studio (1986 - 1988). Renowned Argentinian acting teacher based in Madrid

Other Education & Training

The Clown Formula

Teacher: Fausto Ansaldi

"The Actor in Movement""

Teacher: Antonio Gil Martínez

International Theatre School of MAR NAVARRO y ANDRÉS FERNÁNDEZ

Physical Theatre "Jacques LeCoq" School

Actors' Studio (LA)

Teacher: Dominic de Fazzio visiting Madrid


Flora (Short film)
Mrs Hastings (SR) Javier Kühn Producer: EverFilms
No Place Like Home (Short film)
Mother (SR) David Velduque Producer: Neurads
Nevada (Short film)
Mrs. Taylor (LR) Javier Kühn Producer: EverFilms
Es Por tu Bien (Cinema film)
Emma: German Conservatory Director (in Spanish) (OR) Carlos Therón Producer: Quixoto Films, Telecinco Cinema
Inside (Feature film)
Sarah's Mom Miguel Ángel Vivas Producer: Nostromo Pictures

American English

El Paraguas de Colores (Short film)
Psychologist (OR) Eduardo Cardoso

Voice Over Narration

Fuga de cerebros 2 (Cinema film)
American aunt Carlos Therón Producer: Antena 3 Films

Spanish and English language

The Vampire in the Hole (Drama)
May's mother (SR) Sadrac González and Sonia Escolano Producer: Lukantum Producciones

In English

Radio Love (Drama)
Carolina (SR) Leonardo de Armas Producer: Today Films

In Spanish

Second Name (Feature film)
Day Nurse Paco Plaza Producer: Filmax

In English


Buscando el Norte (TV series)
Anke (SR) Oriol Ferrer, Antonio Sánchez, Javier Luna Producer: Producciones Aparte; Antena 3

In Spanish and German

Refugees (TV series)
Gloria (SR) David Pinilla Producer: Bambú Producciones, Atresmedia
Familia (TV series)
Miss Hompton Víctor García León Producer: Tele5, DLO Producciones

In Spanish

La Que se Avecina (TV series)
Mrs. Smith (SR) Laura Caballero Producer: Tele5, Alba Adriática

IN English and Spanish

Yo Soy Bea (TV series)
Mrs. McCain Rafael de la Cueva Producer: Tele5, Grundy Producciones

In Spanish with American accent

Manos a la Obra (TV series)
Lady Gilly José Antonio Escrivá Producer: Antena 3, Acanto Cine y Video

In Spanish with English accent

Celia (TV series)
Governess José Luis Borau Producer: TVE, Antenne-2

In Spanish and English


Cachito de Cielo (Drama)
Radio Announcer Magdalena Broto Producer: Instante Teatro

In Spanish

Los Amigos de Peter (Drama)
Vera (SR) Magdalena Broto Producer: Bambaluna Theatre Company

The play "Peter's Friends" in Spanish

I Hate Hamlet (Drama)
Lillian Troy (SR) Abigail Seymour Producer: The Madrid Players

In English

Equus (Drama)
Dora Strang (SR) Gary Willis Producer: English Theatre Workshop (Madrid)

In English

Chicago (Other)
Mama Morton (SR) Gary Willis Producer: English Theatre Workshop (Madrid)

In English

A Woman Alone (Drama)
The Woman (LR) Gillian Apter Producer: The White Light Theatre Company

In English

Separate Tables (Drama)
Mrs. Railton-Bell (SR) Lesley Freschet Producer: The White Light Theatre Company

In English

Romeo and Juliet (Drama)
The Nurse (SR) Janet Gordon Producer: The White Light Theatre Company

In English


Spacelords (Video game) (Dubbing)
Iune (OR)


El Paraguas de Colores (Short film)
Psychologist Eduardo Cardoso

Voice Over Narration

Tricicle (Other)
Nurse (LR) Mireia Pujol Producer: Wind Productions

Promotional film for 2010 Sitges International Film Festival


Ruavieja Navidad 2020 (Commercial)


Bertolli Olive Oil (Commercial)
Orange - Hola 5G (Commercial)

Telecommunications + Internet

Fantasmas (Commercial)

Pavofrío - Cold Meats

Henkel Bref Power Activ

Internet campaign

Emotions (Commercial)

Fleurops Flowers

Savage - Audi 3 (Commercial)