J.David Hinze

J.David Hinze Vita as

Isabelle Münch
+49 30 484 95439


Acting age
40 - 60 years
Place of birth
Seattle USA
Size (in cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Central European, Eastern European, Scandinavian, Southern European
Place of residence
Berlin, Munich, London
Cities I could work in
Berlin, London, New York, LA, Köln, Barcelona, Aachen, Seattle, Madrid, Münster
German, American
German: native-language
English: native-language
Italian: medium
Irish accent
Low German
Boston English: only when required
New York accent
Queens English
Californian English: always
American (Native dialect)
Irish: only when required
Danish: only when required
English: always
Finnish: only when required
Russian: only when required
Slavic: only when required
Spanish: only when required
French: only when required
Italian: only when required
Czech: only when required
American: always
Swiss: only when required
Scandinavian: only when required
Dutch: only when required
Austrian: only when required
Guitar: basic
Electric guitar: basic
Bass guitar: basic
Alpine skiing, American football, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Bowling, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Racer, Soccer, Frisbee, Inline skating, Pistol shooting, Rifle shooting, Sailing, skiing, Squash, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water-skiing
Actor, Dubbing actor, Singer, Speaker
Folk: medium
Jazz: medium
Opera: professional
Blues: professional
Swing: professional
Gospel: medium
Country: professional
Musical: professional
Operetta: professional
Rock/Pop: professional
Bat: professional
Soul/RnB: professional
Classic: professional
Choir: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class (B, BE), Motorcycle class (AM, A, A1, A2)

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

Action Acting , Cinematic Hand-to-Hand Combat & Firearms, Hollywood, USA (Stuart Wilson/ Bruce Willis's personal Stunt Double & Production Stunt Coordinator)

Brian Reise Acting Studio, Hollywood (USA) L.A. Camera Acting, Cold Reading for American Film & Television, The Business of Acting in the U.S.A.

Playhouse West, North Hollywood (USA) Meisner

University of Washington - School of Drama

According to "The Hollywood Reporter" one of the 25 best acting schools in the world

The Evergreen State College - School of Performing Arts


Guns Akimbo

CNN Anchor (SR) Jason Lei Howden Producer: Tom Hern Distribution: Altitude Film Entertainment, Hyperion Entertainment, Occupant Entertainment / Ascot Elite Entertainment Group Starring: Daniel Radcliffe & Samara Weaving

Head Full of Honey

The Priest (SR) Til Schweiger Producer: Kimberly Hines & Til Schweiger Distribution: Barefoot Films & Warner Bros. Pictures Starring; Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer, Jacqueline Bisset, Eric Roberts, Claire Forlani & Til Schweiger

Douk [US]

The Man with the Blonde Hair (LR) Michelle Hernandez Producer: Courtney Brooks & Carolyn Silvernail Starring: Roseanne Supernault & Justin Rain - Filming Locations: Humboldt County, California, USA

Gezeichnet (EN: Scarred)

Dr. Wagner (SR) Carolin Jahn Producer: Carolin Jahn & Andrea Düben, Gezeichnet Filmproduktion Starring: Katja Woywood & Michael Epp

The Last Christians

Alan Eden (LR) David Lichtenauer Producer: Calypso Berlin

Death and Virtue

The Whisperer (LR) Simon Spieske Producer: Flaremedia, Spieske & Pilarski


Dieter (SR) Katharina Mihm Producer: Joshua Conens

Crossing Over

Hank Prettyman (LR) Mark Haldor Producer: Twisted Love Productions [UK] Distribution: Amazon Prime Starring: Louise Jameson


Detective Loomis (SR) Norbert Keil Producer: Felix von Poser Distribution: Sparkling Pictures, Eberhard Müller Filmproduktion, Gerhard Lidl Film, Ultra 8 Pictures/AMG Entertainment (2018) (Japan) (theatrical), Wild Bunch (2017) (Germany) (theatrical), SC Movies (2018) (Australia) (DVD) Starring: Barbara Crampton & Rebecca Forsythe

Baku Safe City

Police Director Frank Morgan (LR) Burak Ekin Producer: Burak Ekin Filmproduktion [tr] Distribution: Burak Ekin Filmproduktion [tr] post


Dr. Beauregarde Jansen-Stevens (LR) Peter Bosch Distribution: Downtime Pictures

Ein willkommener Feind (EN - A Welcome Enemy)

Wilhelm (LR) Philip Lehmenkühler Producer: ABK Maastricht [nl] Distribution: ABK Maastricht [nl]

The Hitchhiker

Mark Seymor (LR) Fivaz Buys Producer: FF Films Distribution: FF Films


The New Pope

Leopold Essence (SR) Paolo Sorrentino TV Channel: HBO (USA) / Sky (Europe) Starring: Jude Law, John Malkovich, Sharon Stone, Cécile de France, Ludivine Sagnier, Mark Ivanir & Marilyn Manson

Hitler's Final Offensive (Nazi Megastructures) (Documentary drama)

Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt (LR) Ashley Morris TV Channel: National Geographic Channel International [US]

D-DAY (Nazi Megastructures) (Documentary drama)

Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt (LR) Ashley Morris TV Channel: National Geographic Channel International [US]

Beetroot (Series Concept/Pilot)

Max (LR) Andrew McCarger Producer: Beatfilms, Rupert Mahner

Luis Trenker - Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit

Max - Manager (SR) Wolfgang Murnberger Producer: BR/ZDF/ORF TV Channel: BR/ORF/ARD - RoxyFilm 90-minute TV movie starring: Tobias Moretti

Der Pirat der Königin (EN - THE QUEEN'S PIRATE) TerraX

King Philipp II of Spain & Portugal (LR) Robert Schotter Producer: taglicht media TV Channel: ZDF Television / arte Television (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)


The Mikado

Nanki Poo (LR) Vince Liotta Theatre: Meany Hall Auditorium, Seattle

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Ford (SR) Jeff Caldwell Theatre: Meany Studio Theater, Seattle

The Crucible

John Proctor (LR) J. Dickerson Theatre: Bryant Hall Stage, Seattle

The Great Rage of Philip Hotz

Philip (LR) Steven Stein Theatre: Penthouse Theater

Die Zauberflöte

Papageno (LR) Vince Liotta Theatre: Bach Theater, Seattle Washington

Götterdämmerung (Wagner’s Ring der Nibelungen cycle)

Nibelungen Chor (OR) François Rochaix Theatre: Seattle Opera


Dr. Gregg (LR) Dr. William Winden Theatre: Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington

The Marriage of Figaro

Conte Almaviva (SR) Dr. William Winden Theatre: The Landscaped Forest, Evergreen State College Campus


Curley (LR) Vern Ek Theatre: Capitol Theater, Olympia Washington

The Consul

Mr. Koffner (SR) Dr. William Winden Theatre: Black Box, Olympia Washington

Carry Nation

Dr. Charles Gloyd (SR) Dr. William Winden Theatre: Black Box, Olympia Washington


Maximilian (LR) Dr. William Winden Theatre: Arts Symposium, Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington

West Side Story

Tony (LR) Bud Johansen Theatre: The Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington

Bye Bye Birdie

Conrad Birdie (LR) Matt Herinckx Theatre: Capital Auditorium, Olympia Washington

The Boy Friend

Percival Browne (SR) Michelle McDonnel Theatre: Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington

Little Mary Sunshine

Captain “Big Jim“ Warrington (LR) Matt Herinckx Theatre: Capital Auditorium, Olympia Washington


HARIBO (Inner Child)

Fernsehen/Kino (DACH)


Robert Ilgner (LR) Ingo Häckes Producer: BMW AG Film Commercial: Regiepapst