Jennifer Lynn Tune

Jennifer Lynn Tune


Acting age
25 - 35 years
Year of birth
1988 (33 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Berlin, Hamburg, München, London, New York
German, British
German: native-language
English: native-language
Spanish: basic
Standard German: always (Native dialect)
Berlin German: only when required
American: always
Bühnendeutsch: only when required
American: always
Saxophone: medium
Flute: medium
Acrobatics, Ballet, Beach volleyball, Stage combat, Unicycle, Inline skating, Canoe/Kayak, Weight training, Pilates, Roller-skating, Swim, Table tennis, Backpacking, Hiking, Yoga
Swing: basic
Ballet: medium
Musical theatre: professional
Jazz Dance: medium
Choreography: professional
Belting: medium
Musical: professional
A cappella: medium
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

American Musical and Dramatic Academy - AMDA (Los Angeles/New York)

Other Education & Training

Psychologie Studium


Gesangsunterricht bei Anna Wöhrlin
Bedlam Theater Company, NYC

Shakespeare Scene Study & Ensemblearbeit

iSFF Berlin - Schauspiel Weiterbildung
Masterclass mit Fiona Shaw (NYC)
Pearl Theater Conservatory, NYC

Contemporary scene study


Money or Death (Short film)
Jane (LR) Simone Trotta Distribution: Lab21
The Void
Lynn (SR) C. Leigh Goldsmith Distribution: Kumquat Collective
The Russian Connection (Short film)
Kelly (LR) Alexander Riemann Distribution: diverse
Weird Girl Dance Fail (Short film)
Jen (LR) Niklas Coskan
Süßes Gift (Showreel production)
Linda (LR) Annalena Müller
Sternfinder (Short film)
Teresa (SR) Rafael Grigoletto Producer: Primal Source Cinema [de]
Split (Cinema film)
Alena (SR) Deborah Kampmeier Producer: Clear Eye Productions / Full Moon Films, NYC
Wedding in New York (Cinema film)
Stewardess Alber Ponte
Amira & Sam (Cinema film)
Party Girl Sean Mullin Producer: Five By Eight Productions / Hole in 1 Productions
Truth Be Told (Documentary movie)
Jehova's Witness Gregorio Smith
Not Fade Away (Cinema film)
1960's Tänzerin David Chase Producer: Chase Films NYC
The View From Here (Short film)
Brianna YeJin Joy Kim Distribution: diverse
Phase II (Experimental movie)
The Girl (LR) Elspeth V. Brown


OM City (Series)
Yoga Lehrerin Tom O'Brien
Nurse Jackie (Series)
Yoga Lehrerin Abe Sylvia Station: Showtime Networks, USA

finale Episode

Deadly Sins (Documentary series)
Belinda's Best Friend Station: Discovery Network, USA
Boardwalk Empire (Series)
Babette's Tänzerin Station: HBO, USA
Zombies! (Mini series)
Meredith (LR) Matthew Dennis Lewis Station: Dirt Road Pictures

Web Series, USA

Crime To Remember
Ehefrau Elise Greven Station: Investigation Discovery, USA
Brain Games (Series)
Interviewee Trey Nelson Station: National Geographic, USA

Episode: Use it or lose it

A Day In The Life
Lana Lang Alex Valderana Station: 2AM Already Productions

Web Series, USA


Global Belly
Jenny (American Surrogate) (LR) Sophia Stepf Theatre: Flinn Works / Sophiensaele
Performerin (SR) Christoph Wirth Theatre: Objective Spectacle / Ballhaus Ost
verschiedene Brian Bell Theatre: Pfefferberg Theater / Glaspalast
Faust Szenen (Opera)
Tanzensemble (SR) Jürgen Flimm Theatre: Staatsoper Berlin
Our Bar
Brie Mark Koenig Theatre: Project: Theater, NYC
Dog Gone Day
diverse Andrew J. Scoville Theatre: Brooklyn Arts Exchange, NYC
Titus Andronicus (Workshop)
Tamora (LR) Eric Tucker Theatre: Bedlam Theater Company, NYC
Die zweite Realität (Vorproben)
Spielerin Michael Krauss Theatre: Meinhardt Krauss Feigl, Stuttgart
The Lipstick
die Muse Meryl Murman Theatre: Kunsthaus Bethanien
Shane Erin Soler Theatre: Kraine Theater, NYC
Empire Travel Agency
diverse Paul Auster Theatre: Woodshed Collective, NYC
Mein Uncle
Eva/Erna Aliza Shane Theatre: Robert Moss Theater, NYC
Take Me Home
Red Coat Girl Lauren Rayner Theatre: 3LD/Incubator Arts Project, NYC
Verdi's Aida (Opera)
Ensemble Cheryl Warfield Theatre: MORE Opera
Fresh Ground Pepper: Biography
Rod Serling Andrew J. Scoville Theatre: Silent Barn, NYC
Carousel (Opera)
Ensemble Marisa Merliss Theatre: Village Light Opera Group, NYC
Bright Room Called Day
Agnes Ray Virta Theatre: Ansonia Theater, NYC
Antigone: Unburied
Antigone Jenn Tufaro Theatre: Looking Glass Theater, NYC


_nor Hörstück (Other)
Amerikanische Frau (LR) Harald Ansorge Distribution: Irrah


Fresh Air (Showreel production)
Brie (LR) Gabby Wales

SVA Thesis film, NYC

A Night of Weill & Brecht (Musical)
Soloist Stav Meishar

Abington Theater, NYC

Trouble at the Duplex (Conzert recording)
Soloist Jeff Caldwell

The Duplex, NYC


Secret Channel Youtube Sketch Kanal (Series)

Rolle: diverse, Regie: Nora Backhaus, Web Serie, Deutschland

Malonda - Mondin (Music video)

Luca Hain (Regie)

Ralf Peter Funke - Won't back down (Music video)

Elspeth Brown (Regie)

Moshe Hecht - Believers (Music video)

Regie: Farrell Goldsmith