Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Tapia


Acting age
33 - 41 years
Year of birth
1978 (43 years)
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
full figured
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
Seoul, Manila, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China
English: native-language
Korean: basic

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

Voice Lessons
Dr. Gary Wright: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Voice Lessons
Ryan Goessl: Camarat Music Company
Home Soil Studios
Identify how movement affects mood, tone, and identity
Working Actor's Studio
Jack Amos: 12 Week Audition Training
Character Development
Geraldine Herrera: Private training on script analysis and finding what the character wants
Basics of Shamanic Acting
Acting/Casting Workshop
Ivy Isenberg: Workshop by Los Angeles Casting Director concentrated on audition training & proper use of risk
Improv America/SCI
Kaci Beeler & Kareem Badr: Improvisation Workshop
Classical & Uta Hagen
Amy Ginther & Lindsey Higgens: Breaking down Shakespeare & Hagen excercises from "Respect for Acting"
On-Camera Acting
Shannon Komai Mclain: Meisner Repetition Techniques
Amy Ginther: The physical development of approaching relationships
Boal Theater
Amy Ginther: Training in the interactive theater of Augusto Boal
Poetry Worshop
Laura Wachs: Basic forms of poetry writing and performance styles
On-Camera Comedy Acting
Shannon Komai Mclain: 4 week workshop on cold reading, stand-up comedy, and "finding your funny"
Speak the Speech: I Pray Thee
Amy Ginther: Demistify Shakespeare's text using movement, imagery, & sound
The Pilot Season Solution
Risa Bramon-Garcia & Steve Braun: Effective Strategies for Pilot Season
Camera Placement for Maximum Impact
Theron Patterson: Understanding camera placement to create a greater experience for the audience
Vocal Context
Amy Ginther: Private training to understand tactics in connecting the body to the breath
Ivana Chubbuck Workshop
Ivana Chubbuck: Training in the 12-step Chubbuck technique
Resonate Joyfully
Exploring the voice through resonant singing
Theater of Creative Mind
HaPa Entertainment Studios
Fest Film Lab
Acting Workshop with Nancy Bishop
Ivana Chubbuck/12 Step Chubbuck Technique
Tokyo, Japan


Best Actor
Damn Yankees: Western Harnett Theater, NC
Best Picture Nominee
Haebangchon: The Charlotte Black Film Festival
Best Actor Nominee
Haebangchon: The Charlotte Black Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor
The Avante Garde Goddess


Haebangchon (LR) James Wiliams III Producer: Aurelien Lane, Michael Elmore, and Park Kui Ock Distribution: Film Festival Circuits Best Actor & Best Picture Nominee @ The Charlotte Black Film Festival
Heartbreak Hotel
Radio Station Staff (SR) Kim Tai-Sik
Manipulated City
Touristy Husband (SR) Park Gwang Hyun
The Drunk Guy (SR) Raoul Dysell & Sonny Sonbuchner Producer: Raoul Dysell & Sonny Sonbuchner Distribution: Film Festival Circuits
Counterman (SR) Song Jeong Woo Producer: Song Jeong Woo Distribution: Puchon Fantastic Film Festival
The Flu
Sergeant Andrews (SR) Kim Seong-Su Distribution: CGV Korea
Midway Round
Evan (LR) Paul Robert Stafford
The Spy
C.I.A. Agent 2 (SR) Lee Seung Joon Distribution: CGV Korea
A Man's World
Bouncer (SR) Thomas Maitland Producer: Bang Bang Productions
Will (SR) Raoul Dysell Producer: Raoul Dysell Distribution: Roll The Dice Pictures
Married to the Mafia 5
Samuel Jake (SR) Jeong Yong-Ki Distribution: CGV Korea/Taewon Entertainment
Perfect Good Suit
One Good Suit Guy (SR) Edward Burgos Producer: Edward Burgos, Aurelien Lane, & Kevin Lambert Distribution: Enanoski Productions
Project ZT: Genesis
Hero (LR) Aurelien Lane Distribution: AJP Productions
The Cafe
Thomas (LR) Raoul Dysell Producer: Raoul Dysell Distribution: Roll The Dice Pictures
The Inside
Charlie (SR) Raoul Dysell Producer: Raoul Dysell Distribution: Roll The Dice Pictures
Good Diety (LR) John Weeke Distribution: Cat In The Box Productions
Man vs. Internet
Maurice Man (LR) Sonny Sonbuchner Producer: Sonny Sonbuchner Distribution: Sonny Side Films
Jonathan (SR) Ross Barnett Distribution: Disposable Films
Agent (LR) Sonny Sonbuchner Producer: Sonny Sonbuchner Distribution: Sonny Side Films
Super Monke Returns
American Representative (SR) Dong Yeop Sin Distribution: CGV Korea
Mysterious Man (SR) Ross Barnett Distribution: Disposable Films


The Boss (SR) TV Channel: Mnet CJ E&M
Special Affairs Team: TEN
Jason (SR) Seung Yong-Lee TV Channel: OCN
Mr. Lacks (SR) TV Channel: MBC


The Tempest
Caliban (SR) Lindsey Higgins Theatre: Seoul Shakespeare Company
Night at the Paradise
Tom (SR) Anne Fleischer Theatre: Spazio Lucia Theater
The Robber Bridegroom
Big Harp (SR) Dr. Gary Wright Theatre: Givens Performing Arts Center
HMS Pinafore
Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. (SR) Dr. Gary Wright Theatre: Moore Hall Theater
Damn Yankees
Joe Hardy (SR) Rebecca Finchum Theatre: Western Harnett Theater
Duplin Voices
Charlie Prince (SR) Theatre: Kenansville Amphitheatre
A Game of Cards With The Baron
George (LR) Kevin Lambert Theatre: Probationary Theater
I Find No Fault in Him
Gaius (SR) Aaron Brocc Chavis Theatre: United Theater
Autumn Frieze
Gay Dad (LR) Anna McFadden Theatre: Probationary Theater
Crisis Hotline
Dreedles (LR) James Island Theatre: Seoul Players Ten Minute Plays
Family Business
Guiseppe (LR) Siobhan Eileen Theatre: Seoul Players Ten Minute Plays
Henry Brown (LR) Liam Cunningham Theatre: Probationary Theater
Titus Andronicus
Aaron (SR) Ray Salcedo Theatre: Seoul Shakespeare Company