Kat Leroy

Kat Leroy


Acting age
20 - 25 years
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue gray
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Housing options
Brno, Prague
English: fluent
Czech: native-language
English: only when required
Slavic: only when required
Czech: only when required
American: only when required
Badminton, Bowling, Boxing, Darts, Fitness, Pistol shooting, Stage combat, Table tennis, Weight training
Pop: basic
Disco: basic
Polka: basic
Freestyle dance: basic
Folk: basic
Oldies: basic
Rock/Pop: basic
folk song: basic

Vita entries


Seven Boxex (Feature film)
Joanne (Kidnapped Victim) Andrew Sean Eltham-Byers Producer: CineSavage Films
The Inside Talk (Documentary movie)
Herself Andrew J. Parker, Anthony S. Parker
Cadillac Respect (Short film)
Vesna Farkas Christopher Michale Dailey Producer: Bragi Cinema
The Bathtub Murders (Feature film)
Narrator Jenell Diegor Producer: Asian on a Mission Productions
Batman: Seeds of Fear (Feature film)
GCPD SWAT officer (voice) Lee Brown Producer: Dagger Studios
A Safe Place (Feature film)
Angelica John Henry Westhead Producer: Flipindistical Pictures
Tiger Crew: Kevin Is in Jail - Fan Made (Music video)
Dancing Girl Steven Morgan
Getting Rid of Pavel (Short film)
Anezka Ingrid Abrams Producer: Bystrc-Diego Productions
Aura Lessons (Short film)
Morewedge Sorceress Larry E. Johnson Producer: Aeon Century Company Incorporated
Spider-Man: Far from Home (Feature film)
Czech Traditional Dancer Jon Watts Producer: Columbia Pictures
Oscar November Echo (Series)
Journalist (voice) Producer: Nature’s TVs
Charlotte Greenwood in a Fairy Fantasy (Short film)
Stepmother Jane (voice) Taisiya Rose
Skin Deep (Short film)
Roxy / Jessica (voice) Madhava Madireddy
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (Short film)
Angelica John Henry Westhead Producer: Flipindistical Pictures
Hello Au Revoir (Feature film)
Kath Jason Croot Producer: Jcp
Fidaa (Feature film)
Graduation Student Pathikrit Basu Producer: Shree Venkatesh Films
Bloody Damn Love (Short film)
Clara Kat Leroy Producer: Cinematic Dreams
Roberto (Feature film)
Fiona Jason Croot Producer: Foreshore Films


Carnival Row (1 episode) (TV series)
Black Raven Fae Anna Foerster, Thor Freudenthal Producer: Amazon Studios
Aféry (2 episodes, CZ)
Míša / Ivana TV Channel: TV Barrandov
Soudce Alexandr (1 episode, CZ)
Patricie TV Channel: TV Barrandov
Soudní síň (1 episode, CZ)
Eliška TV Channel: TV Joj


Actors for Assange (Documentary)
Reader Tayo Aluko
A Moment of Your Time (1 episode) (Series)
Kat (voice) Jenny Curtis Producer: CurtCo Media
The Psychology of Filmmaker (Short documentary)
Filmmaker Andreea Culita
A Taste of Poison (Short film)
Santana / Rodriguez (voice) Taya Rose
Messages from Inside (Short documentary)
Herself (voice) Lara Mepham
What Dreams Are Made Of (Music video)
Fractured Self Michael Kern
Heavy Lockdown (Music video)
Kat Sandra Marija
The Series of Mana (5 episodes) (Series)
Villager Ross K. Foad Producer: Ross K. Foad Productions
Loud Voices, Silent Streets (1 episode) (Series)
The History of Spirituality (1 episode) (Series)
Spirit (voice) Ross K. Foad Producer: Ross K. Foad Productions
Cut Frame Presents: 7 Tips for the Aspiring Screenwriter (Short film)
Screenwriter Ross K. Foad
Answer the phone (Music video)
Phone Girl Crazy Grandma's Rocking Chair
No Place Like Holmes (3 episodes) (Series)
Patient / Ghost / Animal Rights Activist (voice) Ross K. Foad
The Faction of Farce (2 episodes) (Series)
Phone Girl / YouTuber Ross K. Foad
The Truth Lies Within (Short film)
Archaeologist (voice) Ross K. Foad Producer: Ross K. Foad Productions
Spider-Gwen: Worlds Apart (Short film)
Mary Jane Watson (voice) Mario Durán Araujo
Spider-Man: Come Back Home (Short film)
Mary Jane Watson (voice) Mario Durán Araujo
Marvel's Black Cat: Live to Lie (Short film)
Felicia Hardy / Black Cat Kat Leroy Producer: Cinematic Dreams
The Catterson Chronicles (1 episode) (Series)
Jyn Winters (voice) Liam Catterson
The Ghost Purchaser (Short film)
Ghost (voice) Ross K. Foad Producer: Ross K. Foad Productions
Spider-Man: Web of Love (Short film)
MJ Kat Leroy Producer: Cinematic Dreams
Avengers Civil War Stop Motion: End Game (Short film)
Mockingbird (voice) Mario Durán Araujo
Fragrant Nightmares (Short film)
Amelia Crumb Jakub Micuch Producer: Perun Cinematic