Lennart B. Sandelin

Lennart B. Sandelin


Acting age
45 - 63 years
Year of birth
1962 (59 years)
Place of birth
Stockholm, Sweden
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö etc
German: basic
English: fluent
Swedish: native-language
American: only when required (Native dialect)
Darts, Diving (bottle)
Actor, Dubbing actor, Speaker
Driver's license classes
Car class
Other licenses
CMAS **, Sport boat driving licence within

Vita entries

Professional background

I am an auto didact actor, with many courses, Master Classes and workshops as my training.

Other Education & Training

Intimacy on Stage, Film and TV: KulturAkademin/TeaterAlliansen

Teacher: Intimacy Coordinator Malin B. Erikson

STdH - Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola

Michael Chekhov Acting Techniques - 5 wks workshop

Masterclass with Thorsten Flinck

10h Masterclass of acting

Calle Flygare Teaterskola

10 weeks Acting Class, part 3

Calle Flygare Teaterskola

10 weeks Acting Class, part 2

Kulturkraft Stockholm / B.1.1.01C Courage, Communication, Presentation (5 days)

Workshop for actors, artist and scene performers, who wants to practice in personal presentation and in their profession.

Calle Flygare Teaterskola

10 weeks Acting Class, part 1

Nacka Community Theater

Improv & Theatre Sports, 10 weeks, Advanced

Nacka Community Theater

Improv & Theatre Sports, 10 weeks, Basic


Theatre, 10 weeks, Advanced


Theatre, 10 weeks, Basic

G.E.D. Diploma / San Juan Capistrano Adult High School, USA
Goldie Lock / Vår Teater Skärholmen

Young Theater class; Rehearsed and Performed Papa Bear in Goldie Lock.


Hello Actor's Monologue Competition (Other)

Monologue from "Taken"


Just Like Me (Educational production)
Lars Kristersson (OR) Andreas Thelander

UCLA Film School, USA

Look Out for Zombies! (Feature film)
LEIF (SR) Emil Broo Casting director: Emil Broo
Bryt dina mönster (Short film)
Him (LR) Lennart B. Sandelin Producer: Lennart B. Sandelin Distribution: Youtube, Film festivals Casting director: Lennart B. Sandelin
He Who Creates Babies (Short film)
Delmore (LR) Rosso Pérez Bueno
Kimberly (Educational production)
Peter (LR) Jimmy Zwedberg Distribution: Youtube Casting director: Jimmy Swedberg
Uppsalakidnappningen (Cinema film)
Prosecutor (SR) Anders Skog Producer: Sonia Maggioni, Mikael Flodell Distribution: SF Film Casting director: Anders Skog

Anders Skog Film AB

Vessigebradio (Educational production)
Bruno Beckmann (LR) Nils Émile Cantallina Wiklund Distribution: Youtube

Katrinebergs Folkhögskola

Tre män i en firma (Short film)
Leading role Emil Broo Producer: Bridge Productions Distribution: Youtube etc Casting director: Emil Broo

script: Manusfamiljen

Operation Ragnarök (Feature film)
Security Officer Cadet (OR) Fredrik Hiller Distribution: SF Media Casting director: Fredrik Hiller
Banished (Feature film)
Protestor (OR) Producer: Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, India
Monica Z (Documentary drama)
Radio Reporter (voice) (OR) Per Fly Distribution: SF Media
Kärlek Deluxe (Feature film)
Party person (OR) Producer: Eyeworks Film / Drama TV AB
Cockpit (Feature film)
Customer/Father (OR) Måten Klinberg
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Drama)
Wennerström's Lawyer (OR) David Fincher Producer: GWDT Productions AB via Tiberna Productions Inc., USA


KILLIN' IT (TV series)
Anatoly (SR) Gustav Högmo
Min Historiske Pojkvän (TV series)
Akademisekretare (SR) Anna Granath Producer: Baluba AB Station: TV4 / TV4 Play


Jävla Klåpare (TV series)
Client/House Owner (SR) Daniel Ottosson Producer: Baluba AB Station: Kanal 5 Casting director: Greta Edlund


Kristian Malm (SR) Producer: Baluba AB Station: Kanal 5 Casting director: Lina Åström


Sån't är livet (TV series)
Politician (SR) Producer: Baluba Television AB Station: Kanal 5
Café Bärs (TV series)
HOLKEN (SR) Producer: Baluba Television AB Station: Kanal 5


Postkodlingo (TV show)
Myself / Contestant (OR) Producer: Jarowskij Station: TV4
Café Bärs (TV series)
Nils (SR) Producer: Baluba Television AB Station: Kanal 5

The Relationship Expert; ep. 6

Inga Lindström - Sommerlund för Immer (TV series)
Priest (OR) Producer: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH Station: ZDF

Film #53

Portkod 1321 (TV series)
Head Master (SR) Producer: Fladen Film AB / Eyeworks Film / TV Drama AB Station: SVT Play Casting director: Linnéa Roxeheim


Total Blackout (TV show)
Myself / Contestant (OR) Producer: Endemol Station: Kanal 5


Gustavson 3tr (TV series)
Neighbour #1 (Andersson) (OR) Kjell Sundvall Producer: Jarowskij

Ep. 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8

Grotesco II (TV series)
Party Goer, Politician and Office Clerk (OR) Producer: Svensk Kvalitetsunderhållning AB Station: SVT

Ep. 1, 2 & 4

Drottningoffret (TV series)
Mattsson (SR) Katrin Windfeld Producer: SVT Station: SVT Drama

Ep. 2 & 3

Odjuret (TV series)
Prison Officer (OR) Daniel Alfredson Producer: SVT Drama
Anno 1790 (TV series)
Noble Man (OR) Producer: Pampas Produktion AB Station: SVT Drama

Ep. 4(10)

Hål i Väggen (Brain Walls) (TV show)
Myself / Contestant in Team Blue (OR) Producer: blu Station: TV6


Livet i Fagervik (TV series)

ep. 7

Blomstertid (TV series)
Bank employee (OR) Martin Persson Producer: STH-CPH Station: TV4

Ep. 2(5)

Hjälp! (TV series)
Patient (OR) Producer: Jarowskij Enterprises AB Station: TV4 / TV4 Play

Ep. 2/2008

Häxdansen (TV series)
Meeting participen (OR) Producer: Nordisk Film AB Station: SVT Drama

Ep. 4(6)

Fredag hela veckan (Live sketch w audience) (TV series)
Course Atendee (OR) Producer: Baluba Television AB Station: TV4 / TV4 Play
ZONEN (TV series)
Hotel Guest / Business Traveller (OR) Station: SVT (public service)



Julian Pollock (SR) Alexander Charlamov Producer: Ella Engström Theatre: Olympiateatern/Scen Demon Casting director: Alexander Charlamov
Compromises - One Body, Two Voices (Drama)
Kroppen (The Body) (SR) Gabriel Liljenström Producer: Gabriel Liljenström Theatre: Inside a car Casting director: Gabriel Liljenström

Audience: Three persons in the back seat of a Volvo station wagon

Haunted House - THE VISITORS (Drama)
SVEN, The Servant (SR) Stefan Wall Theatre: Bogesunds Slott (Castle)

20 performances during the Halloween weekends

Bing Bang You're Dead (Drama)
Josh (Monologue) (LR) Peter Bark

Nacka Community Theater; Original script: William Mastrosimone

STRANGERS: Contact Problems (Drama)
Sebastian (LR) Peter Bark Producer: Peter Bark Theatre: Lilla Scen, Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm

Nacka Community Theater

Theater Sports (Other)
Improv (SR) Peter Bark Producer: Improgruppen / Nacka Community Theater Theatre: Lilla Scen, Dieselverkstan, Stockholm
Romeo & Juliet (Drama)
Montague (SR) Producer: Gamla Stans Teatersällskap Theatre: Fjäderholmsteatern Casting director: Kenneth Nygård


Narrator (Narrator)
Narrator to news/magazine articles (LR) Ola Andersson Producer: Ola Andersson Distribution: Papereed

Discontinued due to the Covid epedemic.

Evolution X4 (Audio drama)
Misc. Characters (Husband, Soldier, Hobo etc) (LR) Gunnar Martin Aronsson Producer: Gunnar Martin Aronsson Distribution: Youtube, Soundcloud, Podbean, Apple Podcast Casting director: Gunnar Martin Aronsson
Life - Just One Big Hack! (Other)
Voice Over (LR) Clint Distribution: Star95.com Casting director: Clint

Radio station in UAE

Cooking Programme (Other)
Voice Over (radion jingles) (LR) Distribution: Pulse 95 Radio

Radio station in UAE

Boplats.se (Speaker)
Voice Over in explainer videos (LR) Distribution: Boplats.se
Queen Kristina (Other)
Narrator (LR) Distribution: izi.Travel

Audio Guide (Stockholm, Sweden)

SBAB! Relay (Live streamed event) (Narrator)
Narrator / Coach (LR) Producer: ACNE/Brandecho Distribution: Internet / SBAB!'s homepage

Live kommentator for 10 days, 4 hours per day.


There's A Rock (Brolle Jr & Frida Snell) (Music video)

Bullied guest at a restaurant


eeVee X1 Fatbike - Santa Claus (Commercial)

Web; Santa Claus (LR)

VOLVO CARS - The Ultimate Safety Test (Commercial)

Worldwide; Technician (OR)

GET Wifix (Norway) (Commercial)

Per (SR)

Comedy Central (Spec-Spot)

Angry Man (LR)

Mjuk Biltvätt (Commercial)

Webb Commercial (LR)

CARLSBERG Euro (Commercial)

Chief Scientist (LR)

Vagifem (Commercial)

Lasse (SR)

Sales Videos for Weimer OÜ (7ea) (POS-Video/Film)

Filmed in Estonia; BJÖRN (LR)

Kung Markatta - Ställ Krav! (Commercial)

Web spot (LR)

SuperSaverTravel.se (Commercial)

3ea TV spots, 1 ea radio spot (LR)

UL - Upplands Lokaltrafik (Commercial)

TV, Radio spots, Bus ad's (LR)

Nedskräpningsmannen (Other)

SF Media, commissioned by Kristianstads kommun

TRISS (Dragspelet) (Commercial)

Role: Christer (LR)

Telia (Bredband) (Commercial)


Viking Line (Zoo) (Commercial)

Produktion: Traktor (LR)