Leonard Kocan

Leonard Kocan

About me

Leonard Kocan is a professionally trained Swiss French Actor and former Architect, working on a wide range of projects in Film and Theatre across Europe. He is a native speaker in French and German (both mother tongues) and fluent in English (Acting studies and Theatre engagements in New York).

He trained at the New York Film Academy Acting Conservatory program, graduating in 2010, where he was a recipient of the Jerry Sherlock first year Grant. Prior to that, he earned a Master's degree of Science in Architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and Lausanne in 2007, and completed his mandatory Military service in the Swiss Armed Forces in 2002.

He has appeared in plays at the Schauspielhaus Zurich, the Berliner Ensemble, the Center Stage New York, Wild Project Theatre and The Players Club Gramercy Park in Manhattan. His film credits include the Swiss crime TV series Wilder, Swiss TV Drama Neumatt (Netflix), the upcoming English Richard Wagner Biopic "The Zurich Affair - Wagner's One and Only Love" , and comedic ad campaigns for London based Scandinavian Styling Brand Dappad.


Acting age
28 - 44 years
Year of birth
1982 (40 years)
Place of birth
La Chaux-de-Fonds
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Housing options
Munich, Hamburg, Paris, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York
German(native-language)French(native-language) English
Zürich GermanBühnendeutsch(native dialect)
Driver's licenses
A - Motorcycle, B - Car

Vita entries

Primary professional training

New York Film Academy

Other Education & Training

ETH Zürich - Master of Science in Architecture
ETH Lausanne - Undergraduate in Architecture


The Zurich Affair - Wagner's One And Only Love
Johann Bernhard Spyri (SR) Jens Neubert Producer: Syquali Production Distribution: TBD Casting director: Nina Moser - Revolve Casting
Peter K. Alleine gegen den Staat (Drama)
Police Officer (SR) Laurent Wyss Producer: Pedro Haldemann - Insert Film Distribution: TBD Casting director: Laurent Wyss
Säugetiere (Short film)
Der Mann (LR) Nino Vincenzo Valpiani Distribution: NVV
Katrina's Dream (Drama)
Leo (SR) Dario & Mirko Bischofberger Producer: Clacson Productions Distribution: Realeyz
Lonely Hearts Club (Short film)
Lars (SR) David Figueroa García Producer: Fidelio Films Distribution: Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Etrange (Short film)
Laurent (LR) Sophia Schweizer
The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd (Feature film)
Frank Stark (SR) Uwe Schwarzwalder Producer: KUSmagic Productions Distribution: Juice Worldwide
The Wellington (Short film)
Der Dealer (SR) Franco Zilli Producer: Double Key Pictures | TinCan Media Distribution: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Casting director: Double Key Pictures
A Tangled Web (Feature film)
Bill (SR) Emmanuel Obi Jr. Producer: Faceless Production Distribution: Amazon Prime
Gooey (Short film)
Gooey (LR) Paulus Bruegmann Producer: Sandro Rados Distribution: Zurich FIlm Festival - 72' Short


Die Beschatter (TV series)
Till (SR) Michael Steiner Producer: SRF & Turnus Film Station: SRF / RTS Casting director: Glaus & Gut Casting
Neumatt (TV series)
Banquier Rochat (SR) Sabine Boss / Pierre Monnard Producer: SRF & Zodiac Pictures Station: SRF / RTS | NETFLIX Casting director: Glaus & Gut Casting
Seitentriebe (TV series)
Der Voyeur (OR) Güzin Kar & Markus Welter Producer: SRF & Langfilm Station: SRF / RTS Casting director: Langfilm
Wilder / Abgrund
BKP Kollege (SR) Pierre Monnard Producer: SRF, C-Films & Panimage Station: SRF / RTS Casting director: Panimage


Bühne frei für Mick Levcik! (Drama)
die alte Dame / Sprechchor (SR) René Pollesch Theater: Berliner Ensemble
Antigone (Drama)
Journalist / Sprechchor (SR) Stefan Pucher Theater: Schauspielhaus Zürich - Schiffbau
Bühne frei für Mick Levcik! (Drama)
die alte Dame / Sprechchor (SR) René Pollesch Theater: Schauspielhaus Zürich - Pfauen
Love / No Love (Drama)
Sprechchor (SR) René Pollesch Theater: Schauspielhaus Zürich - Box
Rencontres - Französisch (Drama)
Marc (LR) Constance Fichet Theater: Center Stage New York
Encounters - Englisch (Drama)
Charles (LR) Constance Fichet Theater: Wild Project Theater New York
Sorry wrong number - Englisch (Drama)
George (SR) Anna Maria Cianciulli Theater: The Players Club Gramercy Park New York
Saint Joan - Englisch (Drama)
Robert de Baudricourt (LR) Joe Osheroff Theater: Union Square Theatre New York


BikeXperts (Multi-part)


Die Mobiliar (Commercial)
Swisscom (Commercial)
Mobility Carsharing DE & FR (Commercial)
Coop - Little Fooby (Commercial)
SBB - Right there
Schweizer Post
UPC - My Sports (Commercial)
Basler Versicherung
Mercedes (Image movie)
Dappad London (Commercial)
Numbrs App