Marina Stanger

Marina Stanger

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Acting age
24 - 38 years
Year of birth
1983 (37 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Central European
Place of residence
German: basic
Bosnian: fluent
English: fluent
Serbian: native-language
Spanish: basic
Croatian: native-language
Italian: fluent
Serbo-Croatian: native-language
English: only when required (Native dialect)
English: only when required
Slavic: only when required
Italian: only when required
American: only when required
Yugoslavian: only when required
Guitar: basic
Aerobics, Backpacking, Badminton, Beach volleyball, Billiards, Bowling, Dancesport, Fencing (stage), Fitness, Floor Exercise, Frisbee, Horse riding, Pilates, skiing, Standup paddleboarding, Swim, Table football, Table tennis, Tennis, Weight training, Yoga
Gogo Dance: basic
Disco: basic
Salsa: basic
Ballet: basic
Musical theatre: medium
Burlesque: basic
Freestyle dance: basic
Classic dance: medium
Mime: basic
Pole Dance: medium
Show dance: basic
Performance: medium
Choreography: professional
Modern Dance: medium
Expressionist dance: medium
Improvisation dance: medium
Formation dance: basic
Experimental dance: medium
Historical dance: basic
Video clip dancing: medium
Contact Improvisation: medium
Contemporary dance: medium
Reggaeton dance / Perreo: basic
Latin American dances: basic
Actor, Child actor, Dancer, Speaker
Musical: medium
Rock/Pop: medium
A cappella: medium
Backing vocals: medium
Improvisation: medium
Driver's license classes
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h

Vita entries

Primary professional training

University of Rijeka AcademyAppliedArts

Other Education & Training

Ivana Chubbuck Studio
Paul Weber's casting masterclass
Palunko Screenwriting School
Teachers: Cynthia Hansell Bakic, Mirela Brnetic
Studio Kubus
Voice Over Workshop
Kinoklub Zagreb Film School
Musical Theatre Acting
Nancy Bishop's casting masterclass
Method Acting, Zagreb Youth Theatre
Character Based Improvisation by Robert Marchand
Clown workshop by Lee Delong
Commedia dell'Arte
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management


Intensity (Short film)
Director (LR) Carlos Maroqquin Producer: Kino Budapest
Make up (Short film)
Elisa (LR) Béla Poppé, Producer: Kino Budapest
The Interview (Short film)
Leading role Raphaela Reindl, Marina Stanger, Sade Patti Producer: Kino Budapest
One Murder to Go (Cinema film)
Sanja (LR) Luka Duvancic Producer: Josip Viskovic
Distant Voices (Short film)
Woman (LR) Mario Merdžan Producer: Blank
Walking (Short film)
Neighbor (SR) Ana Horvat Producer: Blank
Dema (Short film)
Martha (LR) Priscila G. Alegre Producer: Kino Euphoria Helsinki
Must see (Short film)
Girlfriend (LR) Kateryna Zinovieva Producer: Kino Euphoria Helsinki
Impius (Short film)
The Bride (LR) Floris Schäfer Producer: XSWorks, Netherlands
Oktolog (Experimental movie)
Woman (SR) Karpo Acimovic Godina
Souc un Autre Jour (Drama)
Young girl (OR) Alain Tasma Producer: ARTE, Cipango, Eclypse Film, Fernsehproduktions GmbH Distribution: ARTE


Black and White world (Crno-bijeli svijet) (TV series)
Ana Sasso (SR) Goran Kulenovic Producer: Ivan Maloca, Maja Vukic TV Channel: HRT
Blago nama (TV series)
Pretty Mom (OR) Producer: RTL television TV Channel: RTL Television Casting director: Casting Koke
Crime scene (TV series)
Pretty secretary (OR) Tijana Milenkovic Producer: RTL Television TV Channel: RTL Television


Ghosts (Drama)
Mare (LR) Producer: Chakavian Ensemble Lovran
Dolce Epoque (Other)
Various characters (SR) Marlene Priskic
The Princess and the pea (Drama)
The Queen (LR) Iva Srnec Producer: Dubrava Children's Theatre Theatre: Dubrava Children's Theatre
Two od them (Drama)
Ophelia (LR) Producer: Medley Theatre Theatre: Medley Theatre
Clarity of Illusion (Other)
Woman (LR) Senka Baruska Producer: Dance Art Lab
It was, then it wasn't (Other)
Various characters (LR) Zdenka Djerdj Producer: Theatre "Za bregom" Zagreb
Without a timetable (Choreography)
Various characters (SR) Gordana Svetopetric Producer: The Association of persons with cerebral palsy and polio Rijeka
In the Library (Choreography)
Miss (LR) Senka Baruska Producer: Dance Art Lab
Tr si (Choreography)
Various characters (LR) Senka Baruska Producer: Dance Art Lab
Coffe time (Choreography)
Various characters (OR) Senka Baruska Producer: Dance Art Lab
Life between the covers: The Book story (Choreography)
Various characters (LR) Senka Baruska Producer: Dance Art Lab
The Maids (Drama)
Claire (LR) Stasa Zurovac, Rade Serbedzija Producer: Ulysses Theatre Theatre: Ulysses Theatre
Mother Courage and her children (Choreography)
Soldier (OR) Alberto Ferraro
Enchanted Forest (Drama)
Good Fairy (OR) Toma Zidic
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are...Hamlet is... (Drama)
Rosencrantz (LR) Rade Serbedzija
The Birds (Drama)
The bird, Goddess Irida (LR) Rade Serbedzija


Kawasaki official video (Commercial)
Lošinj Hotels & Villas (Image series)
Mercedes Benz (Image series)
HPB Bank (Commercial)