Mark Ivanir

Mark Ivanir

Spielkind GmbH
Mattias Frik
+49 30 259 3880


Acting age
46 - 59 years
Year of birth
Place of birth
Chernovitz / Ukraine
Size (in cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Place of residence
Los Angeles, USA / Tel Aviv, Israel
American, Israeli, Romanian
German: medium
English: fluent
Yiddish: fluent
Russian: native-language
Serbian: basic
Hebrew: native-language
Croatian: basic
French: fluent
Guitar: basic
Piano: basic
Basketball, Soccer, Acrobatics, Unicycle
Quilting: basic
Driver's license classes
Car class (B, BE)

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

Dana's Circus School (Tel Aviv)

Nissan Natic Acting School

Philippe Gaulier School (London)


Screen Actor Guild Awards: Bestes Ensemble in einer Serie für HOMELAND

Awards of the Israeli Film Academy: Nominierung 'Best Actor' für DIE REISE DES PERSONALMANAGERS

Haifa International Film Festival: Nominierung 'Best Actor' für DIE REISE DES PERSONALMANAGERS

Ophir Award (Israel): 'Best Lead Role' für DIE REISE DES PERSONALMANAGERS

Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Nominierung 'Best Performance by an Actor' für DIE REISE DES PERSONALMANAGERS

Berlinale: Silberner Bär 'Besondere künstlerische Leistung' (Ensemble) für THE GOOD SHEPHERD


Esau (Cinema film)

Pavel Lungin Producer: 2-Team Productions

The Coldest Play (Cinema film)

Lukasz Kosmicki Producer: Watchout Productions Distribution: Netflix

The Red Sea Diving Resort (Cinema film)

Gideon Raff Producer: Bron Studios Distribution: Fox Search Light

Entebbe (Cinema film)

José Padilha Producer: Universal/Working Title

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland (Cinema film)

Sam Gabarski Producer: Samsa Film Bertrange

Everbody Loves Whales

Dimitri Jack Amiel Producer: Universal Pictures

Everybody Wants to Kush

Joos Minh Collins Producer: 3N Films


Fernando Meirelles Producer: Revolution Films

In the Year of the Snake

Aslan Dennis Gansel Producer: UFA Cinema

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

Yusuf Steven Spielberg Producer: Amblin Entertainment/Paramount

Undisputed 3

Gaga Isaac Florentine Producer: Nu Image/New Line Home Video

Untitled Future Soldier Project

Ghost Leader François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy Producer: RSA Films

The Human Resources Manager

Leading role Eran Riklis Producer: Pyramide International

Johnny English Reborn

Karlenko Hamish McColl Producer: Working Title Films

Holy Rollers

Ziggy Gold Kevin Tyler Asch Producer: Asch Entertainment


Eddie Guy Moshe Producer: Picturesque Films

What just Happened?

Johnny Barry Levinson Producer: Miramax

Get Smart

Supporting role Peter Segal Producer: Warner Bros.

The Hunting Party

Boris Richard Shepard Producer: The Weinstein Company

Undisputed 2

Gaga Isaac Florentine Producer: Millennium Films

The Good Shepherd

Valentin Mironov Robert De Niro Producer: Universal Studios

When Do We Eat?

Rifi Salvador Litvak Producer: Think Film

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Patron - Dive Bar Doug Liman Producer: Regency Enterprises

Cries from Ramah

Joseph Loren E. Chadima

The Cutter

Doctor Joseph William Tannen Producer: Millennium Films

The Terminal

Goran Steven Spielberg Producer: DreamWorks Distribution


Avraham Rutenberg Eli Cohen Producer: NCJF

Schindler's Liste

Marcel Goldberg Steven Spielberg Producer: Universal Pictures


The New Pope (TV series)

Paolo Sorrentino Producer: Wildside

American Horror Story - "Fire and Reign" (TV series)

Jennifer Arnold Producer: 20th Century Fox Television, Ryan Murphy Productions TV Channel: FOX

Homeland (TV series)

durchgehende Rolle Lesli Linka Glatter, Michael Cuesta Producer: Teakwood Lane Productions TV Channel: HBO

Blindspot - "Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord" (TV series)

Adam Salky TV Channel: NBC

Jeff and some Aliens (TV series)

Producer: Comedy Central Creators: Sean Donnelly, Alessandro Minoli

Salvation (2 episodes) (TV series)

Maja Vrvilo, Nick Gomez TV Channel: CDS

Transparent (4 episodes) (TV series)

Jill Soloway Producer: Amazon Studios

Barry (4 episodes) (TV series)

Alec Berg TV Channel: HBO


Other roles Producer: Atlantique Productions, Europa Corp. TV Channel: Cinemax, M6, RTL Television

In Face of the Crime

Dominik Graf Producer: typhoon Films TV Channel: arte

Svetlana - Wish Flufillment

Leading role Iris Bahr

Dollhouse - "Gray Hour"

Cyril Rod Hardy Producer: 20th Century Fox Television

CSI: Miami

Gregor Kasparov Sam Hill

The Riches

Felix Minkow Seith Mann Producer: FX Network

The Cleaner

Other roles Leon Ichaso, Christine Moore Producer: CBS Paramount Network Television


Other roles Joss Whedon Producer: 20th Century Fox Television

My Own Worst Enemy

Other roles David Semel


Paul Holahan, Andrew Berenstein Producer: CBS

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Other roles Matt Earl Beesley Producer: 20th Century Fox Television

Law and Order

Nicolas Brenzin Constantine Makris Producer: NBC

Close to Home

Tawnia McKieran Producer: CBS

The Unit

Yuri David Mamet Producer: CBS


Ustin diverse Producer: My Network TV

The Shield

Ohelo Halo Gutierez Vondie Curtis-Hall Producer: Fox Television


Maxwell Neiman Scott Lautanen Producer: CBS


Ilya Putkin John Hyams Producer: ABC


Trask Jim Whitmore Producer: Fox Television


Oransky Jack Bender Producer: ABC

Monk - "Mr. Monk goes to circus"

Edgar Heinz Andy Breckman

Without a Trace

Yevgeny Putkin Paul Holahan Producer: CBS

The Agency

Ramil Polvon Michael Frost Beckner Producer: Radiant Productions