Michael Lipman

Michael Lipman

Eaglestone Management
Elaine Eaglestone
+44 7837 898793


Acting age
50 - 65 years
Year of birth
1962 (58 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
London, Harlow, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Edinburgh, southampton, Dublin, Belfast, Swansea
English: native-language
Italian: basic
English: always (Native dialect)
Irish: only when required
Indian: only when required
English: always
Polish: only when required
Russian: only when required
French: only when required
Italian: only when required
American: only when required
Dutch: only when required
Austrian: only when required
Piano: basic
Saxophone: basic
Triangle: medium
Recorder: medium
Percussion: basic
Keyboard/Synthesizer: basic
Badminton, Beach volleyball, BMX, Canoe/Kayak, Ice skating, Motorsport (car), Mountain bike, Table football, Tennis, Volleyball, Water polo
Funk: basic
Standard: basic
Freestyle dance: basic
Actor, Comedian, Dubbing actor, Speaker
Folk: basic
Song: medium
Rock/Pop: medium
Backing vocals: basic
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

Hoopla Improv
Comedy and Musical Improv plus Stand Up
City Academy


The Liar (Short film)
Award of Excellence


Swastik Sanket (Feature film)
Joachim Von Ribbentrop (SR) Sayantan Ghoshal Casting director: Rupsa Banerjee
What happened to Mrs Rogers? (Feature film)
Jack (SR) Edward Browne
Sed Libera Nos A Malo! (Short film)
Priest (LR) Jack Salvadori Distribution: Film Festivals/Internet
It wasn’t like this during the war (Moodfilm)
Sid (LR) Michael Lipman Producer: Suki Singh Part of the Monologue Lockdown Festival
The Kid (Mini series)
The Kid (LR) Michael Lipman Producer: Michael Lipman
Cambridge International Arts Festival (Eventfilm)
Businessman (OR) James Davidson Distribution: Social media
Caravan Blues (Short film)
George (LR) Joshua Wisdom
On the other side of the line (Short film)
Nigel (LR) Keeaun Jones
Mobile (Mini series)
6 part series written,produced and performed by Michael Lipman
A man and his work (Short film)
Pete the clown (LR) Raf Williams
Break free (Short film)
Mr Andrews (LR) Vitor Cestare
Ode to the order of things (Short film)
The Therapist (SR) Blanka Douglas
Fruit (Short film)
The man (LR) Matt Healey
A monsters shadow (Short film)
Michael (LR) George Turner
The Starry Night (Short film)
Josh (SR) Cyrus Nezami
Bert (Short film)
Tom (SR) Jacob Newton
La Petite Mort (Feature film)
Seth (LR) Jack Salvadori
Marime (Short film)
Michael Dodds (SR) Milo Blake
A man is late (Short film)
Bill (LR) Jamie Garwood
Jago Mohan Pyaare (Feature film)
Man in the Bar (SR) Priyadarshan Jadhav
Mayday (Short film)
Gary Sinclair (LR) Sam Lloyd
On the other side of the line (Short film)
Nigel (LR) Keeaun Jones
Persistence of the past (Short film)
Keith (SR) Joseph Cassidy
Faulty Lighter (Short film)
Roy (SR) David Kynigos Winner of Best Film at the Accolade Film Festival
The Hat (Short film)
Store Clerk (LR) Moe Gabang
Butterfly (Short film)
Charlie (LR) Gary Dudman
The Liar (Feature film)
Roy (LR) Jack Salvadori Winner of Best Film at the Royal Holloway Film Festival 2018
The Valliant (Short film)
Rosies dad (SR)
Technicolour (Short film)
Robins Dad (SR) Kriestele Joyeux
Peccator (Short film)
Jerome (LR) Maya Wills
The day I became a Man was a sunny Day (Short film)
John (LR) Edoardo Forato
Ben (Short film)
Ben (LR) Rachel Toye
Meeting (Feature film)
Victor (LR) Emre Sen
Motswakwa (Feature film)
Louie (LR) Moe Gabang Nominated for best film at the African Movie Academy Awards
About time (Short film)
Dad (LR) Marah Stafford
Many moons strife (Feature film)
Alex (SR) Raf Williams
Scenes from the life of a priest (Short documentary)
John (SR) Tom Young
The Vegetable Crushers (Short film)
Nick (LR) Paul Herbert
The Choice (Short film)
Donald (LR) Lucas Mulberry
The Taste (Short film)
Dan (SR) Mounir Lagraa
The secret life of Mr Mckie (Short film)
Jonathan (LR) Wendy Chaumont
Spitfire (Short film)
Andrew (LR) Daniella Wilson
Little dots (Short film)
Office Manager (LR) Ash Fara
Post Scriptium (Short film)
Mr White (SR) Nadjana Panto
Hell is around the corner (Short film)
Fred (LR) E.T Ng
Stargazing (Short film)
Casey Mills (LR) Rob Margetts
Process (Short film)
Mr Steward (SR) Patrick Gather
Paul (Short film)
Paul (SR) Thomas Line
Still David (Short film)
David (LR) Giorgia Whitehouse
The urban light chronicles ep2 (Short film)
City Boss (SR) J Bunting Johnson


Dispatches Channel 4 (Documentary)
John (SR) Sharron Ward Producer: Sharron Ward TV Channel: Channel 4
Peodophile Hunters (Documentary)
Peter (SR) Phoenix Hamilton
The Body Heat Chef (Mini series)
Cockney Greengrocer (SR) Producer: Mother Knows Best TV Channel: Channel 4


The trial of Mr SB (Drama)
The Constable (SR)


Temple Cycles
Bill (LR) Sam Kinney Photoshoot for Temple Cycles
Into you by Maverick Sabre (Music video)
Club patron (SR) O J Deady Producer: Kate Gunn
Birdsong (Music video)
Miner (SR) Johan B Todorovic
Murda (Music video)
Mitch (SR)
Model shoot (Fashion movie)
Model (LR) M J Lloyd
Solaris (Music video)
Disheveled Man (SR) Reece Lipman
Watching the English (Documentary)
Myself (LR) Voiceover
Out of the Shadows (Music video)
Dad (SR)


Little me (Internet series)
Memrise Language app (Internet series)
Top top player (Sports recording)


Goodfellas Pizza (Commercial)
Dormeo Pillows (Commercial)
Paktech (Commercial)
Jigsaw clothing (Commercial)
Transport for London (Commercial)
Axa Insurance (Commercial)
Marks and Spencers
In house training video
Jacobs Engineering (Commercial)
Barclays Bank
Corporate training film
Tesco Customer Service
Paul Heatons/The Housemartins/The Beautiful South Greatest Hits (Commercial)
NSPCC (Commercial)
Winner of the Kodak Awards
Barclaycard/Oystercard (Commercial)