Michelle Glick

Michelle Glick

Isabelle Münch
+49 30 484 95439


Acting age
30 - 40 years
Place of birth
Ft Benning, Georgia, USA
Height (cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
München, London, Los Angeles
German: medium
English: native-language
New York accent
Southern-English (Native dialect)
Mid-Atlantic accent

Vita entries

Primary professional training

American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles/New York)

Other Education & Training

Sandra Seacat Intensive Workshop
Actors Space Berlin GbR
Mike Bernardin
Actor's Studio - Character Development / Method Acting
Elizabeth Kemp
Eric Morris System of Acting - NYC/LA
Anthony Vincent Bova
Upright Citizen's Brigade


Nomination - Best Actress / Manhattan International Theater Festival


Happy Days (NOT RELEASED) (Short film)
Megan (LR) Adian Whytock Producer: Oh My! Productions, Raiomond Mirza [uk]
Polymer (Short film)
Deb (LR) Matthew Karges Producer: Maze-Bright Films, Matthew Karges [de]
Egress (Short film)
Sandra (SR) Michael Goodin Producer: iLand Boy Films [us]
Party Politics (Short film)
Jessica (LR) Philipp Christopher Producer: Goddess Productions [us]
My Brother Jack (Cinema film)
Nora Stephen Dest Producer: UpCrown Entertainment [us]
Exposed (Cinema film)
Ann (LR) Burke Heffner Producer: Media at Large [us]
Chance Of Rain (Short film)
Kadian (LR) Philipp Christopher Producer: FilmGym [de/us]
Life on the Internet (Short film)
The Woman (SR) Philipp Christopher Producer: FilmGym [de/us]
Midnight Sky (Short film)
Miriya (SR) Tana Sarntinoranont Producer: Creamery Productions, Tana Sarntinoranon [us]
The Child Within (Cinema film)
Trisha (SR) Luchia Dragosh Producer: Blue Flower Productions [us]
27 Dresses (Cinema film)
Boat Bride Anne Fletcher Producer: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us]
Calling It Quits (Cinema film)
Karen Anthony Tarsitano Producer: City Squirrel Films [us]
Headshots (Short film)
Charlene (LR) Philipp Christopher Producer: FilmGym [de/us]
Blackout (Short film)
Michelle (SR) Nathan Gulick Producer: Creamery Productions, Tana Sarntinoranon [us]
Underdogs (Cinema film)
Zoe Silvana Jakich Producer: Radius 5 Films [us]
Unknown Shores (Short film)
Calliope (LR) Kelvin Bias Producer: Jaywalker Films [us]
Blush (Short film)
Adult Sarah (LR) Jerome Austria Producer: Creamery Productions, Tana Sarntinoranon [us]
Falling For Grace (Cinema film)
ABBA Dancer Fay Ann Lee Producer: Off Hollywood Pictures [us]
S&Man (Short film)
Jasmine J.T. Petty Producer: HDNet Films [us]
The Forbidden Chair (Short film)
Faith (LR) Julissa Carmona Producer: Carmona Pictures [us]
Cotton Candy (Short film)
Samantha (SR) Carl Iku Wooley Producer: Namshub Films [us]
Burning Red (Short film)
Faith (LR) Julissa Carmona Producer: Carmona Pictures [us]


Terra Vision (Mini series)
Supporting role Robert Thalheim Producer: Kundschafter Filmproduktion GmbH [de] TV Channel: Netflix
Spides (TV series)
Minai Schmitz (SR) Rainer Matsutani Producer: Spides Production UG [de] TV Channel: SyFy [de]
Thin Ice (TV series)
Deborah Konrad (SR) diverse Producer: Yellow Bird Films [se] TV Channel: C More, TV4 [se]
Schuld - nach Ferdinand von Schirach (TV series)
Nils Willbrandt Producer: MOOVIE GmbH TV Channel: ZDF [de]


Philipp Christopher Theatre: Theater Haus Mitte
Radical Woman Kate Mueth Theatre: Art Von Frei
Asian Belle - One Woman Show
Multiple Characters Christine Renee Miller Theatre: The Electric Lodge, Los Angeles, CA
Asian Belle - One Woman Show
Multiple Characters Christine Renee Miller Theatre: The Abingdon Theater, NYC
Luv Ain't Purfect - One Woman Show
Multiple Characters Matt Hoverman Theatre: The Blackbird Theater, NYC
Army Town
Leslie Dustin Yellen Theatre: The Actor's Studio, NYC
The State of Being
Sarah Philipp Wolter Theatre: The Actor's Studio, NYC
Velma Sparrow Elizabeth Kemp Theatre: The Spoon Theater, NYC
Apartment 3A
Annie Jim Kramer Theatre: Asian American Play Festival, NYC
The Quest
Multiple Characters Jessie Jou Theatre: The Cherry Lane Theater, NYC
Ghost Stories
Margaret Keilson Baker Theatre: The Producer's Club
Various Improvisation Performances
Multiple Characters Seth McFarren Theatre: The Upright Citizen's Brigade, NYC
The Dirtiest Sketch in NYC
Edith Lewis Kramer Theatre: The Upright Citizen's Brigade, NYC
The Foreigner
Catherine Traci Trevett Theatre: Lester Martin Theater, NYC
Uncommon Women & Others
Rita Jean Powell Theatre: Mannie Greenfield Theater
The Art of Dining
Ellen Burke Pearson Theatre: Mary MacArthur Theater, NYC


The Downfall (Educational production)
Madalyn (LR) Reichart Rene Producer: FilmGym [de/us]