Mihaela Petrova

Mihaela Petrova


Acting age
17 - 26 years
Year of birth
1995 (26 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
London, Cambridge
English: fluent
Russian: basic
Spanish: fluent
Bulgarian: native-language
English: always (Native dialect)
Spanish: only when required
Bulgarian: only when required
Ballet, Cheerleading, Dancesport, Yoga
Salsa: basic
Can-can: medium
Bachata: basic
Ballet: medium
Musical theatre: professional
Sirtaki: basic
Flamenco: basic
Solo dance: basic
Burlesque: professional
Dancehall: basic
Majorette: basic
Jazz Dance: medium
Show dance: professional
Concert dance: professional
Performance: professional
Show ballet: professional
Choreography: professional
Modern Dance: professional
Bollywood dance: basic
Improvisation dance: professional
Courtly dances: basic
Video clip dancing: professional
Contact Improvisation: medium
Contemporary dance: medium
Actor, Cabaret artist, Child actor, Dancer, Drama student, Musical actor
Jazz: medium
Ballad: basic
Musical: professional
Bel canto: medium
A cappella: medium
Choir: medium
Backing vocals: medium

Vita entries

Professional background

Performing arts degree at Anglia Ruskin University - 2018-2021

Other Education & Training

Anglia Ruskin University

Performing arts program

Conservatory “Jose Espadero” - Spain

Contemporary dance program

Dance company “Vega”, Bulgaria

Undertake modern and classic dance classes, participated in various small and big roles in concerts, festivals and competitions. Attend all dance rehearsals as scheduled.

Southwest University “Neofit Rilski” - Bulgaria

Modern, commercial and classic ballet training. Undertake different dance style classes. Preparation for choreographer. Performed in various roles from ensemble to solos. Soloist in ensemble. Performed classical routines across productions and carried out dance sequences for several pieces.

Theatre Arts School

Drama and Puppetry Training

Kids folklore ensemble “Mizia”, Bulgaria

Undertake Bulgaria folklore dance training. Preparation for professional career. Perform routines across productions and competitions in different countries. Worked and danced in ensemble.


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Other)
Olive (LR) Andrew Pritchard Producer: Andrew Pritchard Theatre: Mumford Theatre Casting director: Ryan Murphy, Eva Aimami- René

Musical theatre production

Little Shop Of Horrors (Other)
Chrystal (LR) Andrew Pritchard Producer: Andrew Pritchard Theatre: Mumford Theatre Casting director: Andrew Pritchard, Ryan Murphy

Musical theatre production

Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Opera)
Choreographer, dancer (OR) Aïda Lahlou, Louisa Stuart Smith Producer: Aïda Lahlou Theatre: Trinity Chapel Casting director: Louisa Stuart Smith
Working: A Musical
Mike Dillard, Sharon Atkins (OR) Andrew Pritchard Producer: Andrew Pritchard Theatre: Mumford Theatre Casting director: Andre Pritchard, Ryan Murphy

Musical theatre production

Puppet Theatre
Actress Ivaylo Markov Theatre: Puppeteer theatre Targovishte, Bulgaria

Working full time as an actress in various productions and theatre recordings.


Radio Targovishte, Bulgaria (Narrator)
Comercial Radio advert (LR)


Karmen (Choreography)
Carmen (LR) Mihaela Petrova Producer: Mihaela Petrova

Modern Dance Adaptation of the opera “Karmen”

Fairytale story (Short film)
Presenter (OR) Guilherme de Almeida

Student short film

Arts program (Short film)
Voice over (OR) Ali Alkash

Student short film

The Swan Battle (Choreography)
White Swan (LR) Mihaela Petrova Producer: Max Elgar, Rústem Rustem Casting director: Mihaela Petrova

Short Dance student movie

Dance company “Brilliante”, Spain (Choreography)
Dancer (LR) Rachael Montoya

Comercial and entertainment dance company. Company repertoire

Primary school “Dimcho Debelyanov”, Bulgaria (Choreography)
Dance instructor

Kids year (1-4) Dance instructor

Professional Folklore Ensemble “Mizia”, Bulgaria (Choreography)
Professional dancer Luybcho Vasilev

Full Time Bulgarian Folklore Dancer, Company repertoire

“Vega” Ballet Company, Bulgaria (Choreography)
Dancer Marianna Savova

Part - Time Dancer in various shows and productions


Sky Broadband Ireland (Commercial)