Mihai Stanescu

Mihai Stanescu

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Das Imperium Talent Agency Berlin (D.I.T.A.)
Georg Georgi
+49 151 6195 7519


Acting age
25 - 39 years
Year of birth
1983 (38 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
English: fluent
Romanian: native-language
French: medium
English: only when required
American: always (Native dialect)
English: only when required
Russian: only when required
French: only when required
American: always
Guitar: medium
Drums: medium
Loop station: medium
Archery, Athletics, Horse riding, Paintball, Stunts, Swordplay, Table tennis
Pop: professional
Musical theatre: professional
Musical: professional
Rock/Pop: professional
A cappella: professional
Hip Hop/Rap: professional
Improvisation: professional
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography

Other Education & Training

Sarajevo Talent Campus
Palace of Culture Ploiesti, Romania


Bologa, The Apostle (Experimental movie)
Best TV/Theatre Movie - National Union of Theatres Awards (UNITER)
The very last morning (Feature film)
Special Jury Prize - Sankt Petersburg White Nights IFF
The very last morning (Feature film)
Premio Istess per il Giubileo della Misericordia - Popoli e Religione IFF
ObsessiOn (Other)
Best Theatre Show - Iasi Fringe Festival


Caps (Feature film)
Gavrila (OR) Sorin Marin Casting director: Oana Bucur
DragonHeart : Battle for the heart fire (Feature film)
Tall Viking (OR) Patrik Syversen Distribution: UPHE
The very last morning (Feature film)
Young Man (SR) Ciprian Mega DOP: Liviu Marghidan
War Dogs (Feature film)
Packaging Guy (OR) Todd Phillips Producer: BZEntertainment Distribution: Warner Bros. Casting director: Standard Casting
Walking With The Enemy
Uli (OR) Mark Schmidt Distribution: 20th Century Fox
Wer (Feature film)
Lead Officer (OR) William Brent Bell Distribution: UPHE
Smoke (Short film)
Bogdan (LR) Sarra Tsorakidis Producer: UNATC
The Zero Theorem (Feature film)
Suitecase Dude (OR) Terry Gilliam Casting director: Central Casting
Lindenfeld, A Love Story (Cinema film)
Erich (OR) Radu Gabrea Casting director: Amalia Spalatelu
Waste (Short film)
Dan (LR) Anton Groves Producer: StudioSet
Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (Feature film)
Driver (OR) Louis Morneau Distribution: Universal Pictures
The Robbery (Short film)
Edy (LR) Dan Radu Mihai Casting director: Mirona Radu
1 Out Of 10 (Short film)
Newspaper Guy (SR) Anton Groves
All Good (Short film)
Him (LR) Ion Andrei Puican Producer: UNATC Bucharest
Maria Ioana (Short film)
Victor (LR) Gheorghita Victor Bogdan
Beyond America (Cinema film)
Mutu aka Manu Georghiu (LR) Marius Barna
Popa, The Guard (Short film)
Popa (LR) Andrei Ion Producer: MediaPro University
Catacombs (Feature film)
Jean Michele (SR) Tomm Coker, David Elliot Producer: Lionsgate&Twisted Pictures Casting director: Domnica Circiumaru
Mammoth (Feature film)
Dick (OR) Abram Cox Distribution: Omni Releasing
Happy - End (Feature film)
Geo Ionescu (SR) Radu Potcoava
Attack Force (Feature film)
Agent Jake (OR) Michael Keusch Distribution: SPHE
Incubus (Feature film)
Sleeper (LR) Anya Camillieri Distribution: Paramount HE Casting director: Floriela Grapini
Medicinal Plants (Short film)
Alex (LR) Razvan Theodor Ghiteanu
Catherine The Great (Documentary movie)
Poniatovski (OR) Paul Burgess, John-Paul Davidson Distribution: BBC
Colours of The Day (Experimental movie)
Saskia (LR) Monica Popa


Bologa, The Apostle (Experimental movie)
Apostol Bologa (LR) Dominic Dembinski TV Channel: TVR1
Sons of Liberty (TV series)
Lucas (OR) Kari Skogland TV Channel: History Channel
Sleepy Rebels - Unbelievable (Music video)
Skydiver (SR) Christian Loubek TV Channel: All Media
Les Elephants Bizarre - Hello! (Music video)
The Dude (SR) Ismail Jamaludin TV Channel: All Media
Life on Top (TV series)
Matt (OR) Kenny Golde TV Channel: HBO
Movie Romance (TV series)
Raul Ionita (SR) Iura Luncasu TV Channel: AcasaTV
Poisoned Dreams (TV movie)
Victor (LR) Ana Margineanu TV Channel: AcasaTV
Mariana's Decision (TV movie)
Puiu (LR) Ioan Carmazan TV Channel: AcasaTV
Only Love (TV series)
Mario (SR) Iura Luncasu TV Channel: AcasaTV


ObsessiOn (Other)
The Performer (LR) Mihai Stanescu, Iulian Glita Producer: BackStage Theatre
The Game Of Life And Death In The Ash Desert (Drama)
Abel (LR) Horatiu Malaele Producer: Lipscani Theatre
Don Juan Beyond Control (Drama)
Comandor (SR) Marcel Top Producer: Godot Cafe-Theatre
Hamlet (Drama)
Horatio (SR) Marcel Top Producer: Nottara Theatre
Merry Wives Of Windsor (Other)
Fenton (LR) Alex Tocilescu Producer: Metropolis Theatre
People's House (Drama)
Serafim (LR) Marcel Top Producer: Godot Cafe-Theatre
Girl Gone (Drama)
Bobby (LR) Doina Antohi Producer: LaScena Theatre
Ladybird (Drama)
Dima (LR) Irina Gadiuta Producer: Desant Theatre Bucharest
Manole (Other)
Craftsman (SR) Mihai Vasile Producer: Equinox Theatre Ploiesti


Chasing Poems (Internet series)
Casting (Internet series)
Flatmates (Internet series)


OTP Bank RO (Commercial)
ORB Wellness US, WW (Commercial)