nahd bashir

nahd bashir


Acting age
35 - 45 years
Year of birth
1980 (41 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Arabic: native-language
Comedian, Actor
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

University of Haifa, Department of Theatre


at anti veha teva (Cinema film)
ahmad (LR) yoav shani Producer: yoav shani

A young couple camps in the countryside. The couple enjoys the nature around them but when night falls their dog goes missing, Tal sets out after her pet but gets lost in the woods. when the couple thinks a suspicious man took away their dog they set out to confront what lurks in the shadows.

pimk subaro (Cinema film)
adel (OR) kazuya ogawa Producer: compact revolution

The car, in small Arab-Israeli towns like Tayibe or Palestinian like Tulkarem, is fundamental. In this country to own a car becomes of vital importance, in order to reach biggest cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. To be able to afford one becomes the dream of a lifetime, the car itself considered as a human being, a sort of wife. In Palestine many people buy a Japanese car, in order to save money, and Subaru is one of the most common. The film brings the audience into a few days in the life of Elzober, 45, a shy, modest widower and father of two, who works in a sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv and who can finally fulfill his dream: to buy a brand new black Legacy. His overwhelming joy is not going to last, however. The very day after the purchase the car is stolen. In Tayibe, his hometown, a real fuss starts up, everybody helps out, sharing the panic of the little family. All of Elzober's friends arrive to organize the search for the car, just before discovering that the car had not been


azharat massa (TV series)
khaled (LR) uri barbaSH Producer: Chai Kahana Station: hot israel Casting director: ruti blum

Pia and two Israelis are kidnapped by IS terrorists in the Sinai desert, and threatened with death if twelve IS prisoners are not released.

rak lehayom (TV series)
jameel (OR) nir bergman Producer: david betzer Station: yes israel Casting director: merav nahum

When a half-way home for recently released prisoners faces permanent closure - the former prisoners face a dramatic junction -- will they be able to integrate back into society or will they be thrown back into their previous lives? The series centers around Anat, an idealist social worker and current manager of the group home, who deals with both the shutting down of her life's work and the reemergence of Niko, her former ward and flame.

bat el habetola (TV series)
d. volf (OR) ofer weitzman Producer: yoni paran Station: hot israel Casting director: moran marziano

BatEl Alfonta lives in Ashdod with her mother and grandmother, studying education and working at a local hotel. A routine visit to the obstetrician leads to a fatal mistake that will change BatEl's life

d. karage 1+2 (TV series)
d. samer (LR) ofer witzman Producer: uri zur & gal shwartz Station: kan 11 Casting director: lilace yididya

A bilingual, Arabic and Hebrew comedy about an Arab guy whose parents dream he dreams he will be a doctor, and he dreams of being a car mechanic

fauda 2 (TV series)
abu khader (OR) rotem shamir Producer: tender productions Station: netflix Casting director: hila yuval & rutie blum

The human stories on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

naksit ras (TV series)
em smaan (LR) nahd bashir Producer: noor azam Station: youtub
blue natalie (TV series)
mohamed (OR) oded lotan Producer: amit gitelson Station: yes israel Casting director: michal koren

The series follows the events that befall Gadi and Yoni as the world of women trafficking and prostitution runs parallel with the normative, bourgeois lives they lead with their families.

haei (TV series)
carter (OR) ofer weitzman Producer: elad koperman Casting director: esther kling

An Israeli tv show about 6 kids who discover one day, under an asteroid attack on earth that kills everything but them what their true destiny is- to save the world. Together they go through an amazing ride that includes supernatural powers, time travel, teleportation, joined enemies, hope and love. A highly popular tv show among the Israeli population.


The captain of the 'wood
capten w (LR) bob ziavy Producer: fanya Theatre: teatroneto israel
the hours story (Drama)
hours d. avu brecher Theatre: acer theater fistival


tornado (Commercial)
blu (Commercial)