Natalie MacMahon

Natalie MacMahon Vita as


Acting age
23 - 32 years
Year of birth
1987 (32 years)
Place of birth
Size (in cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Central European, Eastern European
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
Berlin, Köln, Leipzig, Hamburg, München, London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Prag
German: native-language
English: fluent
Spanish: fluent
Icelandic: basic
French: basic
Italian: basic
Berlin German
Irish accent
Guitar: basic
Aerobics, Aikido, Alpine skiing, Badminton, Bowling, Racer, Kickboxing, Swim, Table tennis, Volleyball
Ballet: basic
Belly dance: basic
Jazz Dance: medium
Modern Dance: basic
Argentine tango: basic
Contact Improvisation: basic
Actor, Speaker
Folk: basic
Rock/Pop: medium
Driver's license classes
Car class (B, BE)

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

"Die Tankstelle"- Schauspieltraining Berlin

Scene Analysis, Film Acting, Coaching

Spanish Lessons at Instituto Cervantes

Italian classes at Italian Institute Berlin

French Lessons at Institut Francais

Singing Lessons with Speech Level Singing Coach Celia Miller

Singing Lessons and Voice Training

Icelandic classes at Sprachatelier Berlin

Acting Training with Acting Coach Jens Roth

Course "Source Tuning"

Acting Coaching with Acting Coach Kristiane Kupfer

One on One Coaching

Mel Churcher´s "The Actors Toybox" Workshop

Casting Workshop with Nancy Bishop & Maureen Duff

Coaching Workshop with Heike Hanold Lynch

Acting Studio Berlin with Monika Schubert

Master Classes Film Acting, Script Analysis, Casting

Mel Churcher´s "Realising your power on screen" Workshop

Casting Workshop with Uwe Bünker

Showcase Center Coaching Workshop with Kay Hunsicker

Acting Workshop with Showcase

Spanish Correspondence Course (ILS Academy)

"Energizing the Actor" Workshop with Greta Amend

Film Acting Workshop with Peter Kelley (Boston, USA)

Film Acting Training

Filmschauspielschule Berlin

Full Time Acting Programme wuth Degree

Singing Lessons with Vocal Coach Danny Igel

Singing Lessons and Voice Training

Speech Training with Susanne Eggert, Ullrich Radoy


"Effort of a Speech between two People"

Lead (LR) N. MacMahon Distribution: Poetry Film Festival

The Redhead

Supporting role N. MacMahon Distribution: Film Festivals

"The Funeral Dancer"

Supporting role N. MacMahon Distribution: Film Festivals

"La Inocente"

Leading role Luis Cantos Producer: Luis Cantos Distribution: Film Festivals

It's getting darker every day

Leading role N. MacMahon Distribution: Film Festivals

"A Universal Love Story"

Supporting role N. MacMahon Distribution: Film Festivals

"MInus Degrees"

Leading role N. MacMahon Producer: Rabbit & Rogue Distribution: Film Festivals

Pot Plant

Leading role Will Fenning Producer: Fenning Films Distribution: Film Festivals

"The Secret of Berlin"

Lead (LR) Natalie MacMahon Distribution: Webseries


Supporting role Alma Sauerbrey- Producer: UDK Berlin Distribution: Film Festivals

Pregunta si quieres saberlo

Tanja (LR) Marco Casado Alvarado Producer: NoRushFilms

"The Man Who Couldn't Cry"

Lead (LR) N. MacMahon Distribution: Film Festival Film


Lead (LR) Simone Trotta Distribution: 99 Fire Film Awards

"Vintage Mon Amour"

Support (SR) Nadine Drexler Distribution: Internet Commercial


Lead (LR) Joshua Murphy Producer: Satisfactory Factory Distribution: Music Channels, Internet Band: "ME"

"Not Kings"

Lead (LR) Poppy Ilsely Producer: TIAMAT Films Distribution: Music Channels, Internet, The Guardian Competition Band: "Candy Says"

"Kiss for a rose"

Support (SR) Russana Danielian Producer: MET Film School Distribution: Internet competition winner


Lead (LR) Natalie MacMahon Distribution: Film Festivals

"Rat Race"

Lead (LR) Gail Kukula Producer: MET Film School Distribution: Film Festivals

"The Stag Night"

Lead (LR) Lara Celenza Producer: Kalifilms Distribution: Film Festivals

"Make love ask questions later"

Mysterious Girl (LR) Edward de Vere Producer: SJD Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Jane (LR) George Bartlett Producer: Cactus Thief Films Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Royal Whiteness

Mrs. Cheese (SR) Kate Erhardt Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Anna (SR) Caprice Teitge Producer: Dekra Film Akademie Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Summer Rain

Susanne (SR) Jonas Brandau Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Essayer d’aimer

Julie (LR) Eleonore Mourlet Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

No story is just black or white

Sarah (LR) Hannah Stockmann Producer: Mokoari Street Productions Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Draußen ist wo du nicht bist

Girl at Party (SR) Rike Hoppe Producer: Aug&Ohr Medien GbR, Rollbergfilm Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Kerry (LR) Anthony Straeger Producer: Quid in Shrapnel Productions Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

World of Leem

Secret Agent (SR) Maren Courage Producer: Traumläufer Filmproduktion Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Go with Le Flow

Arguing Woman (SR) Michael Glover Producer: Bright Blue Gorilla Productions Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Breathe through your lips

Girl from the 90´s (SR) Shirley Ebicilio Producer: 48 Hour Festival Berlin Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Best Friend (SR) Amélie Daguerre Distribution: Internet/ DVD

Going Down

Neighbour (LR) Richard Gibney Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Inchworm (LR) Dave Loyek Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD


Sales Clerk (SR) Paul Donovan Producer: Alexander Sextus Ltd. Distribution: Internet/ Festival/ DVD

Watch Out Parody

Girl next door (SR) Rob Falk Distribution: Internet/ DVD


"The Window"

Supporting role Jean de Oliveira Producer: JMoon


Leading role Lara Celenza Producer: Kalifilm


Leading role Joshua Murphy Producer: Satisfactory Factory

"De Ärzte- AUCH"

Roxana (Prostitute) (LR) Yehonatan Richter-Levin Producer: Filmmeisterei Film und Fernsehproduktion TV Channel: TV/Internet/DVD


Young Woman (LR) Jean De Oliveira Producer: Ralf Goldkind TV Channel: TV/Internet/DVD

Wir haben es kaputt gemacht

Girl in Violent Relationship (SR) Jörg Offer, Olli Waldhauer Producer: Nippes Yard Productions GmbH & Co. KG TV Channel: TV/Internet/DVD

Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten

Louisa Reiche (SR) Seyhan Derin Producer: Grundy UFA TV Channel: RTL


Like A Summer Sonata

Leading role N. MacMahon Producer: MacMahon Media

Cut& Talk

Felicitas (SR) S. Eggert Theatre: HAU Berlin


Nurse (SR) Raschke Producer: Rasche Entertainment Theatre: H-Theatre


Nawal (LR) Susanne Eggert Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

Krankheit Tod

She (LR) Ulla J. Zilges Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

The Human Voice

Young Woman (LR) Lena Lessing Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

As you like it

Phoebe (LR) Ulla J. Zilges Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

Boda de sangre

Wife (LR) Lena Lessing Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

Pains of Youth

Marie (LR) Rafael Goldstein Theatre: FSS Studio Theater

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Georgeanne (LR) Rafael Goldstein Theatre: FSS Studio Theater


Malsano Nomata Amo

Fiera (SR) N. MacMahon Producer: MacMahon Media Internet: Web Series- Online+ Festivals

"Silent Disco"