Philippe Schuler

Philippe Schuler


Acting age
39 - 49 years
Year of birth
1974 (48 years)
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
German(native-language)English FrenchItalianSpanish
Bern GermanSchwyz dialectSwiss-German(native dialect)Urner GermanZürich German
Electric guitar
BoulderingBoxingClimbHikingHockeyIce HockeyIce skatingMartial ArtsMountain hikingRoller-skatingStage combat
Argentine tango
Opera singing
Driver's licenses
Bus class, Motorcycle class, Car class


Primary professional training

École LASSAAD - International School of Theatre

Other Education & Training

CBI caracter based impro with Rob Marchand
acting class Barbara Fischer Zürich
Creating Character nach Susan Batson, Bettina Lohmeyer
Das Spiel mit der Kamera, Tom Gerber (Focal)
4x4 Yat Work Giles Foreman&Barbara Fischer, Focal Zürich
lee strasberg institute new york
Meisner Master Class Larry Silverberg,Bruxelles
école international de theatre lassaad


Atelierstipendium Berlin Kt. Schwyz
Atelierstipendium New York des Kanton Schwyz


Laissez-moi (Feature film)
Le Suisse (SR) Maxime Rappaz Producer: Golden Egg Production Casting director: Minna Prader
Article 33 (Short film)
Supporting role Jean-Guillaume Sonnier Producer: Casa Azul Production
Aller Tage Abend (Feature film)
Sünder (SR) Felix Tissi Producer: Peacocks Film Casting director: Felix Tissi
Mad Heidi (Feature film)
Supporting role Johannes Hartmann Producer: A Film Company
Invisible, je voudrais être (Short film)
Supporting role Céline Dondénaz Producer: Thera Production
Marion (Short film)
Leading role Mina Tomic Producer: ZHdK Distribution: ZHdK
SUDAN (Teaser (film concept))
Frank (LR) Michael Philip Producer: Luxs Bildsprachen
Olga (Feature film)
Chef Elitesport Schweiz (SR) Elie Grappe Producer: Point Prod Distribution: RTS Casting director: Nina Moser Revolve Casting
SMALA (Educational production)
Taxifahrer (SR) Elias Ben Khalifa Producer: ECAL, Lausanne
Von Fischen und Menschen (Feature film)
Polizist (OR) Stefanie Klemm Producer: Dschoint Ventschr
TUFFO (Short film)
Supporting role Jean-Guillaume Sonnier Producer: Casa Azul Distribution: RTS
Nebenkosten (Educational production)
Nebenrolle (LR) Ben Zäch Producer: Studio1
Extrawurst (Educational production)
Nebenrolle (SR) Fitore Sinani Producer: HKB Bern
Mona (Educational production)
Nebenrolle (SR) Julie Olympia Cahannes Producer: ZHdK
iCARUS (Feature film)
Supporting role Caro Wloka Producer: LYDDA/Cine Royal
Das Mädchen und die Spinne (Feature film)
Other roles Ramon Zürcher Producer: Beauvoir Films
Milch (Educational production)
Supporting role Florian Hinder Producer: ZHdK
Mutter (Educational production)
Supporting role Daniel Grabherr Producer: ZHdK
the people are the brand (Short film)
Hans Brand (LR) Adi Perez Producer: Axel Foley Production
la colonie (Short film)
Phil Branson (LR) Yann Dalle Producer: Noyau Mou
Tendresse (Short film)
Supporting role Maxime Rappaz Producer: GoldenEgg Distribution: RTS
Mercedes (Short film)
Leading role Julietta Korbel Producer: Ecal, Lausanne
hashtag Me (Short film)
Leading role Michael Philipp Producer: LuXs Bildsprachen Prod.
Im Focus (Feature film)
David (LR) Antonio Cudemo Producer: Totomo Prod.
Eine alltagstypische Leiche (Short film)
Supporting role Daniel Schär Producer: Videoatelier Schär
Menschenhandel (Short film)
Supporting role Michael Philip Producer: LuXs Bildsprachen
Eheguide (Short film)
Leading role Francesco Ria Producer: Fatmix Production
Satu Hari Nanti (Feature film)
Supporting role Salman Aristo Producer: Rumah Film, Jakarta
Flitzer (Feature film)
Lehrer (OR) Peter Luisi Producer: Spotlight Media
Tranquillo (Feature film)
Supporting role Jonathan Jäggi Producer: Letterbox Collective
Wechselstrom (Short film)
Leading role Urs Berlinger Producer: ZHDK
Lonely Hearts Club (Short film)
Supporting role David Figueroa Producer: Fidelio Films
Das Schweigen der Blumen (Short film)
Leading role Arnulfo Gonzalez Producer: Crearte Film
Abschied (Short film)
Supporting role Urs Kälin
Morse (Short film)
Leading role Yann Dalle Producer: Noyau Mou Prod.
Motorhome (Short film)
Leading role Thierry Uyttenhoven Producer: Noonz Prod. Distribution: RTBS


Les Indociles (Series)
Mr. Schafter (SR) Delphine Lehericey Producer: Box Production Station: RTS Casting director: Michaël Bier
Wilder 4 (Series)
Koni Lehmann (SR) Claudio Fäh Producer: C-Films Station: SRF Casting director: Nina Moser-Revolve Casting
Ali Al Houthi (SR) Romain Graf Producer: Rita Production Station: RTS Casting director: Florence Rivero
Private Banking
Supporting role Bettina Oberli Producer: Hugo Prod. Station: SRF/ARTE Casting director: Ruth Hirschfeld
Der Bestatter S03E02
Supporting role Chris Niemeyer Producer: Snakefilm Station: SRF/Netflix/WDR Casting director: Ruth Hirschfeld


Meinrad Inglin (Drama)
Meinrad Inglin (LR) Urs Kündig Producer: Kulturwerk Schwyz
Hûs (Drama)
Patric Gehrig Producer: Germann/Gehrig
Müllers (Drama)
Herr Müller (LR) Sophie Stierle Theater: Südpol Luzern
Leading role Annette Windlin Producer: Big Bang
"Gestrandet in...!"
Leading role Thomas Scheidegger Producer: Roli&Sepp
Leading role Jost Krauer Producer: Roli&Sepp
Leo, le camelot
Leading role Marion Le Gourrierec Producer: LupusinFabula
Un peu de sexe, un peu d'amour
Leading role Mireille Gerber Producer: La Clarencière
Aussenseiter Häuser
Leading role Florian Toberer Producer: Theater am Gleis