Ramona von Pusch

Ramona von Pusch

ten4you - Die Schauspieleragentur
Joachim Schweizzer
+49 30 284 82150


Acting age
35 - 42 years
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Berlin, Bremen, München, Sydney, Melbourne
German, Australian
German: fluent
English: native-language
Standard German: only when required
London (English): only when required
English: always
Californian English: only when required
Southern-English: only when required
Australian English: always (Native dialect)
American: always
English: always
Russian: only when required
American: always
Athletics, Boxing, Climb, Horse riding, Roller-skating, Yoga
Actor, Dubbing actor
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Professional background

2009 - 2011 Actors Centre Australia (ACA), Sydney. Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)

Other Education & Training

National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Sydney


BEST ACTRESS für "Marlene", One-Reeler Filmfestival in Los Angeles (Short film)


Cerebrum (Feature film)
Amelia Blackwell (LR) Sébastien Blanc Producer: Lakeside Pictures & Nebel Productions Casting director: Srishti Chhabria
Guardian (Medium length film)
Diane Colton (LR) Amir Reichart Producer: East End Film GmbH
Nightlens (Feature film)
Laura (SR) David Woods Producer: Mind Engagement Productions Distribution: Outward Films Network
EmPath (Short film)
Kathy Gilbert (SR) Aidan Knight Producer: EmPath Films
Marlene (Short film)
Woman (LR) Olan Collardy Producer: Cardy Films [UK] One-Reeler Short Film Competition (LA) - Won, Best Actress - Ramona Von Pusch
Under the Bridge (Feature film)
Alexandra Mitchell (LR) Martyn Park Producer: A Lonedog Production & Interlude Pictures
The Bizarre Experience of Robert Nance (Short film)
Karyn Nance (SR) Merit Rutirakul Producer: SFS Productions
Voiceless (Short film)
Sarah (SR) Lauren Fong Producer: UTS Productions
Cut the Crap (Short film)
Chick (LR) Carlo Cruz Producer: Shame on Jerry Productions & Richard Franklin
The Elephant in the Room (Short film)
Stella (LR) Carla McDonald Producer: Mindframe Productions & Richard Franklin
The Ten Dimensions (Short film)
Mrs Montain (SR) Nicholas Clifford Producer: Happy Days Productions/Truce Films
The Rusalka (Short film)
Rusalka (LR) Dale Bamford Producer: Nightshade FX Productions
When Darkness Falls (Short film)
Emily (SR) Mark Inducil Producer: Orange Trigger Productions


Der Spieler (TV movie)
Herzogin von Kent (Duchess of Kent) (SR) Hannu Salonen Producer: Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier, Alexis Wittgenstein TV Channel: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH & Violet Pictures Casting director: Marc Schötteldreier
Shakespeare's Henry VI Part III (Series)
Queen Margaret (LR) Robert Myles Producer: The Show Must Go Online TV Channel: YouTube Casting director: Sydney Aldridge
William Shakespeare's Star Wars (Series)
Wilhuff Tarkin (SR) Robert Myles Producer: The Show Must Go Online & Quirk Books TV Channel: YouTube Casting director: Sydney Aldridge
Immer Ärger mit den Nachbarn (TV series)
Vanessa Grolik (LR) Andy Klein Producer: Constantin Entertainment GmbH TV Channel: SAT.1
Blind vor Liebe (TV series)
Silya Vanderbeck (LR) Volker Schwab Producer: Constantin Entertainment GmbH TV Channel: SAT.1
Winners & Losers (TV series)
Fiona Howden- Murphy (SR) Peter Carstairs Producer: Seven Network TV Channel: Seven Network Casting director: Andrew Thompson TV-Serie Australien
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (TV series)
Flora Ford (SR) Catherine Millar Producer: Every Cloud Productions TV Channel: ABC Casting director: Alison Telford TV-Serie Australien
Last Man Standing (TV series)
Carla Cowgirl (SR) Daniel Nettheim Producer: Burberry Productions TV Channel: 7 Network Casting director: Wizzy Evans TV-Serie Australien
Scooter: Secret Agent (TV series)
Nanushka (SR) Grant Brown Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff TV Channel: Network Ten Casting director: Jo Rippon TV-Serie Australien
Evil Never Dies (TV movie)
Female Rookie Cop (OR) Uli Edel Producer: Brett Popplewell, Coote Hayes Productions & Wolper Organization TV Channel: Warner Bros. Television Casting director: Tom McSweeney TV-Film USA
Neighbours (TV series)
Liza Rowntree (SR) Verschiedene Producer: FremantleMedia TV Channel: Network Ten Casting director: Jan Russ TV-Serie Australien


Falling In Love Again (Drama)
Marlene Dietrich (LR) Tama Matheson Producer: Ron Elisha Theatre: King's Head Theatre, London Review: "Ramona really inhabits Marlene Dietrich. Her accent, a gentle blend of German and American, is there and every movement she makes is both purposeful and extremely sensual" - London Theatre
Funeral Meats (Drama)
Laura Cradeaux Alexander Producer: Luxe Theatre: King's Head Theatre, London
The Graduate with Jerry Hall (Drama)
Receptionist, Elaine Robinson Cover (SR) Jo Turner Producer: Kay and McLean Productions & Michael Coppel Theatre: Her Majesty’s Theatre
The Tortoise, the Fox, the Place where It begins (Drama)
The Fox (LR) Susanna Dowling Theatre: Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney
Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus (Drama)
Lucius Andronicus (LR) Caitlin Scarr Producer: F&C Theare Makers Theatre: Sydney Fringe Festival
Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap (Drama)
First Female Cover, Mollie Ralston (SR) Gary Young Producer: Louise Withers & Associates & Michael Coppel Theatre: Sold-out Australian & NZ Tour Casting director: Lynne Ruthven
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Drama)
Candy Starr (SR) David Myles Producer: Human Sacrifice Theatre Theatre: Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne
4.48 Psychosis (Drama)
Leading role Renato Fabretti Producer: NIDA Theatre: The Parade Theatre, Sydney
The Wild Blue (Opera)
The Good Catholic Girl (LR) Anthony Crowley Theatre: St. Martins Theatre
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Opera)
Goddess Isis & Ensemble (SR) Anna Marinelli Producer: Catchment Players of Darebin Theatre: Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre


Wild in the Heart - A Dorothy Hewett Anthology (Audio drama)
Dorothy Hewett & Narration (LR) Rodney Fisher OAM Producer: ABC Radio National Audio: ABC Radio National Australia