Rasmus Hammerich

Rasmus Hammerich

Main agency
Susanne Jepsen
+45 31 44 32 04
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About me

Graduated, from the National Danish School of Theatre in 2006, after 4 years of training.

Have, since his graduation, worked in all parts of the industry. From plays, radio-drama, TV-series, voice acting, commercial speaks to feature films,

Was nominated for an Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards with the shortfilm "On My Mind".


Acting age
35 - 55 years
Year of birth
1975 (47 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
AmericanNorden(native dialect)
RecorderBass guitarDrums
BadmintonBasketballBeach volleyballBoxingCrossFitDivingDiving (bottle)HandballMotorsport (car)SoccerStuntsWeightlifting
Backing vocalsFolkSong
Driver's licenses
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h, Motorcycle class
Other licenses
PADI Rescue Diver

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Danish National School of Performing Arts

Other Education & Training

Ivana Chubuck-studio in L.A.


THE LAST SACRAMENT (nominated) (Short film)
On My Mind (nominated) (Short film)


Boundless (Feature film)
Birkedal (SR) Ole Christian Madsen Distribution: Nordisk Film
All For Four (Feature film)
Peter (SR) Rasmus Heide Distribution: Nordisk Film
A taste of hunger (Feature film)
Frank (SR) Christoffer Boe Producer: Zentropa Productions Distribution: Zentropa Productions Casting director: Rie Hedegaard
Miss Viborg (Feature film)
Københavneren (OR) Marianne Blicher Producer: Snowglobe
High Stakes and Hotdogs (Short film)
Jan (LR) Jonas Robstad and Magnus Axelsen Producer: Robstad Productions
Angel (Short film)
Roland (LR) Lisa Svelmøe Producer: Goodwill Film
Kabooz (Short film)
Teacher Jahfar Muataz Producer: Hyænefilm Distribution: Hyænefilm
Cancer and Salt (Short film)
Mark (LR) William Sehested Høeg Distribution: National Danish Filmschool
Ingen siger farvel, men alle forsvinder (Short film)
Lars Jonas Risvig Distribution: Jonas Risvig (TM)
Before The Frost (Feature film)
Holger (LR) Michael Noer Producer: Nordisk Film
A horrible woman (Feature film)
Troels (LR) Christian Tafdrup Producer: Nordisk Film
1-2-3-NOW (Feature film)
Coach Harve (LR) Barbara Rothenborg Producer: Grasten Film Casting director: Anders Nygaard
In Darkness (Short film)
Plejer Gustav Möller Distribution: National Danish Filmschool
The Good Life (Short film)
Oskar (LR) Gustav Möller Producer: Lina Flint Distribution: National Danish Filmschool
The Cartel (Feature film)
Thomas Andersen (SR) Charlotte Saks Bostrup Producer: Nordisk Film
Ækte Vare (Feature film)
Apollo (LR) Fenar Ahmad Producer: BeoFilm
Below the street - Above the water (Feature film)
Havnefogde Charlotte Sieling Producer: Nordisk Film
Froede og alle de andre rødder (Feature film)
Stinnes Far Bubber Producer: Nordisk Film
With your permission (Feature film)
Other roles Paprika Steen Producer: Nordisk Film


The House (TV series)
Johannes (SR) Frederik Hviid & Michael Noer Station: DR
Carsten (SRE) Jesper Rofeldt Producer: Drive Studios Station: TV2 Denmark
Elves (TV series)
Møller (LR) Roni Ezra Producer: MisoFilm Station: Netflix
Rasmus (LR) Kaspar Gaardsøe Station: TV2 Denmark Distribution: Uma-film
When the Dust Settles (TV series)
André Milad Alami Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
Equinox (TV series)
Mathias Søren Balle Producer: AppleTree Production Station: Netflix
Cry Wolf (TV series)
Brenning (SR) Penille Fischer / May el Toukhy Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Casting director: Djamilla Hansen
Oda Omvendt (TV series)
Peter Oliver Ussing Producer: SAM Production Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
Heino Fikser Julen (TV series)
Bentes Far Philip Thomas Pedersen Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
My 50/50 Life (TV series)
Chris Barbara Rothenborg Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Casting director: Anders Nygaard
The Rain (TV series)
Karl Kenneth Kainz Producer: MisoFilm Station: Netflix Casting director: Tanja Grundwald
The Bridge (TV series)
Colbert Various Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
The Killing (TV series)
Journalist Various Producer: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Station: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)


Amerika (Drama)
Mr.Green Nikolaj Cederholm Theater: Nørrebro Teater
839 Days (Drama)
Boytooth (LR) Rasmus Ask Theater: BaggaardTeatret
The curious incident about the dog in the nighttime (Drama)
Ed (LR) Kamilla Bach Mortensen Theater: Betty Nansen Teatret
Frankenstein Remade (Drama)
Postbudet (LR) Heinrich Christensen Theater: The Royal Theater
The Sparrow (Drama)
Théo Sarapo (LR) Pia Rosembaum Theater: Landsteatret
The power of the thought (Drama)
Data Danny (LR) Line Pauelsen Theater: CafeTeatret
Fakiren fra Bilbao (Drama)
Frank Flambert (LR) Kasper Wilton Theater: Folketeatret
Anna Karenina (Drama)
Ljovin (LR) Alexa Ther Theater: Betty Nansen Teatret
The tree musketeers (Drama)
Jucciac (LR) Elisabeth Linton Theater: The Royal Theater
Meat (Drama)
My self (LR) Kamilla Wargo Brekling Theater: Husets Teater
Emil fra Lønneberg (Drama)
Alfred (LR) Michael Moritzen Theater: Folketeatret
Skrump (Drama)
Erik Aal (LR) Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum Theater: Folketeatret
Når jeg forsvinder under mig (Drama)
André (LR) Frede Guldbrandsen Theater: Jako-Bole Teatret
Closer (Drama)
Mark (LR) Frede Guldbrandsen Theater: Nepo Teatret
Prinsesserne (Drama)
Jens Terkildsen (LR) Peter Schrøder Theater: Vendsyssel Teater
Ronja Røverdatter (Drama)
Thure (LR) Vibeke Wrede Theater: Folketeatret


Slumberland (Dubbing)
Flip (LR) Producer: Netflix Distribution: Netflix
The Sea Beasts (Dubbing)
Jacob Holland (LR) Producer: Netflix Distribution: Netflix