Richard Sammel

Richard Sammel

Spielkind GmbH
Mattias Frik
+49 30 259 3880


Acting age
52 - 59 years
Year of birth
Place of birth
Size (in cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Central European
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
German: native-language
English: fluent
Spanish: medium
French: fluent
Italian: fluent
Hessian (Native dialect)
Fencing (sport), Rifle shooting, Sailing, Alpine skiing, Scuba diving, Climbing
Driver's license classes
Car class (B, BE), Motorcycle class (AM, A, A1, A2)

Vita entries


Angela Award

'Bester Schauspieler' für "Apartment in Athens" beim Syracuse International Film Festival , New York


Gate To Heaven (Cinema film)

Jivan Avetisyan

The Conductor (Cinema film)

Maria Peters Producer: Shooting Star Filmcompany

The Delegation (Cinema film)

Bujar Alimani Producer: FilmArt französisch-albanische Koproduktion

Le Confessione (Cinema film)

Roberto Ando Producer: Bibi Film, Barbary Film französisch-italienische Koproduktion

A Day Like A Week

Kader AYD Producer: UPL Films

Outside the Box (Cinema film)

Philip Koch Producer: Walker + Worm Film

Company of Heroes

Don Michael Paul Producer: UFO Films

Beauty and the Beast

Christophe Gans Producer: Eskwad

Three Days to Kill

The Man McG Producer: Europacorps

Der zweite Mann

Antoine de Crassie Christopher Lenke, Philip Nauck Producer: Kaminski.Stiehm Film


Mathieu Weschler Producer: Aeternalis Films

Apartment in Athens

Ernst Robert Kalter Ruggero Dipaola

Werner - Eiskalt

Hermann Seidel Gernot Roll Producer: Constantin Film

Inglorious Basterds

Supporting role Quentin Tarantino Producer: Lawrence Bender productions

Lila, Lila

Alain Gsponer Producer: Millbrook Pictures

This is Love

Matthias Glasner Producer: Badlands Films


Matthias Emke Producer: Film 1

Lady Blood

Supporting role Jean-Marc Vicent Producer: Alterego Productions

OSS 117

Supporting role Michel Hazanavicius Producer: Mandarin Film


Gordian Maugg Producer: Gordian Maugg Filmproduction

Le Piuts

Supporting role Gabriel le Bomin Producer: France 3

MA 2412 Die Staatsdiener

Harald Sicherlitz Producer: MR Filmproduction

Laisser passer

Supporting role Bertrand Travernier Producer: France 2 Cinéma


Supporting role Francois Emilio Siri Producer: Canal +

Il Cielo Cade

Fratelli Frazzi Producer: Instituto Luce

Life is Beautiful

Supporting role Roberto Begnini


Gerald Pieres, Luc Besson Producer: ARP Sélection

Anna Oz

Daniel Petitcuentot Producer: Alhena Films

La Chasse aux Doryphores

Supporting role Daniel Petitcuentot Producer: France 3

Caccia Alle Mosche

Angelo Longoni Producer: Polistudio

Il Piacere Delle Carni

Supporting role Barbara Barni

La Setta

Luigi del Fra Producer: ADF Films

In Nome del Popolo Sovrano

Luigi Magni Producer: Erre Produzioni


Über die Grenzen (TV movie)

Michael Rowitz Producer: Polyphon Pictures TV Channel: SWR / Degeto

Peacemaker (TV series)

Antti-Jussi Annila Producer: MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy

Maradona - Sueño Bendito (TV series)

Roger Gual Producer: Amazon Studios, BTF Media, Dhana Media, Raze TV Channel: Amazon Prime

The Name of the Rose (TV series)

durchgehende Rolle Giacomo Battiato Producer: 11 Marzo Film, Rai Fiction

Dengler - "Brennende Kälte" (TV series)

Rick Ostermann Producer: Bavaria Fiction, Cuckoo Clock Entertainment TV Channel: ZDF

Letzte Spur Berlin - "Übergang" (TV series)

Episodenhauptrolle Peter Ladkani Producer: Nova Film TV Channel: ZDF

Un Village Francais

Leading role Patrice Martineau, Olivier Guignard, Philippe Triboit

The Strain

Guillermo del Toro, Charlotte Sieling, David Semel, Keith Gordon, Peter Weller, Miles Dale, Ken Girotto, Deran Serafian, T.J.Scott, Vincenzo Natali, Carlton Cuse

Der Mordanschlag

Miguel Alexandre Producer: Network Movie

Schuld "Volksfest"

Hannu Salonen Producer: Moovie the art of entertainment TV Channel: ZDF

Da Vincis Demons

Georges Sturridge Producer: Starz Entertainment TV Channel: BBC


Leading role diverse TV Channel: TF1

Chez Maupassant -"Boule de suif"

Gérard Jourd'hui Producer: JM & G Productions TV Channel: France2

Allein gegen die Zeit

Legard Andreas Morell Producer: Askania Media TV Channel: KiKa

Undercover Love

Supporting role Franziska Meyer-Price Producer: Polyphon TV Channel: RTL

Die Akte Golgtha

Cossiga Zoltan Spirelli Producer: UFA München TV Channel: RTL

Tatort - Am Ende des Tages

Leading role Titus Selge Producer: HR TV Channel: ARD

Chez Maupassant - "Deux amis"

Gérard Jourd'hui Producer: JM & G Productions TV Channel: France2

Der Kriminalist

Elmar Fischer Producer: Monaco Film TV Channel: ZDF

Dicke Liebe

Rainer Wilhelm Engelhardt Producer: Ziegler Film TV Channel: Pro Sieben

Il Commissario de Luca

Supporting role Antonio Frazzie Producer: Ager 3 TV Channel: Rai

Das 100 Millionen Dollar Date

Supporting role Josh Broecker Producer: sperl + schott film TV Channel: Sat.1

Chez Maupassant

Supporting role Gerald Jourdhui Producer: AT-Produktion

Un Ami Prafait

Supporting role Francis Giraud Producer: Ognon Pictures TV Channel: ZDF

Le 5 Giomate di Milano

Supporting role Carlo Lizzani Producer: Progetto Immagine

Feuer in der Nacht

Supporting role Kai Wessel Producer: UFA Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Ich gehöre Dir

Supporting role Holger Barthel

Jean Moulin

Supporting role Yves Boisset TV Channel: France 2 (FR2)

Julia, ein ungewöhnliche Frau

Holger Barthel Producer: Dor Film TV Channel: ORF

La Bicyclette Bleue

Supporting role Thierry Binisti Producer: Bavaria Film

Premier de cordée

Supporting role Edouard Niermans Producer: MDI Productions

Entfant des terres blondes

Supporting role Edouard Niemans Producer: Gaumont Télévision

Dans un grand vent de fleurs

Gérard Vergez Producer: France 2 (FR2)


Da kommt noch wer

Leading role Adnan G. Köse Theatre: Faye Dekota Theater

A la vie

Piere Loup Rajot Theatre: Théâtre Toursky Marseille / TMR Montreux

Qu'ils me haissent, pourvu qu'ils me craignent

Isira Makuloluwe Theatre: Cnd Grenoble / Annemasse / Théâtre Montréal

Die Möwe

Fracis Azemat Theatre: Théâtre du Pavé / Grenier Théâtre Toulouse


Grazielle Delerm Theatre: Cie de la Chose Paris / Théâtre Bertelot Montreuil

Un Faust - Histoire Naturelle

Jean Francois Peyret Theatre: Nationaltheater Rennes / MC Bobigny


Camilla Saraceni Theatre: Stadttheater Bourges / Lille / la Ferme du Buisson

Chambre Obscure

Anton Koutnetzov Theatre: Odéon Theater paris / Nationaltheater Dijon

Goldoni bittet zu Tisch

Graziella Galvani Theatre: Theater am Halleschen ufer Berlin / Theater baden-

L'esequie Della Luna

Roberto Andò Theatre: Stadttheater Palermo

Der Menschenfeind

Francis Azemat Theatre: Theater Pirat / Stadttheater Toulouse und Castres

Das Holz der Violinen

G.B. Corsetti Theatre: Hebbeltheater Berlin