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Roberto Guerra

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About me

Dear casting directors, dear filmmakers, dear producers, 

my name is Roberto Guerra. 
I'm the son of a father and a mother original from Naples. 
I was born and I grew up in Switzerland. 
I trained at the renowned “Ernst Busch” Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. 
After successfully completing my acting studies, I became a member of the Basel theatre company under the artistic direction of Stefan Bachmann. 

During this period, I worked with many notable directors of German-speaking theatre. 
Theatre engagements in Bremen, Berlin, Hanover, Lucerne, Zurich, Klagenfurt and Rome followed.

I really love being in front of a camera and work for film and television productions. 
I already had the pleasure to work with such great directors as Sönke Wortmann, Bastian Pastewka, Markus Imboden and the Wachowski siblings - to name a few.
I speak fluently German, Italian and quite good English and French. 

Since 2004, I had developed and produced several songs, together with the musician and composer Henrik Kairies. Our name is eros vereint and you can find us on Spotify, I-Tunes and everywhere you can stream music. 

In 2016, Kristina Spitzley and I founded the production company „cabirio productions“. 
The center of our work is the music-theatre-film-project "IMMACULATE". 

The producer Kristina Spitzley and I have also a podcast, where we talk about the special relationship between an actor and a producer. The podcast is called ZWISCHEN DEFEKT UND EXZELLENZ and you can find it on Spotify, I-Tunes, Deezer and Amazon Podcast. 

I really hope my work inspires you. 
Best wishes from Berlin



Acting age
36 - 55 years
Year of birth
1972 (50 years)
Place of birth
St.Gallen (Schweiz)
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
green turquoise
Hair color
Heather gray
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Housing options
Rome, Berlin
Swiss, Italian
German(native-language) Italian(native-language)EnglishFrench
Bühnendeutsch(native dialect)Neapolitan (Italian)St.-Galler GermanSwiss-German
AikidoFencing (sports)Horse riding
Freestyle danceGogo DanceCharlestonMerengueSalsaTechnoTwistAfro DanceArgentine tango
ChansonPop songsSprechgesangPopRock
Special skills
Audio bookAudio dramaModelSinger-songwriterSlapstickStorytellerTravesty
Driver's licenses
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

1995 – 1999
Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Other Education & Training

Meisner Training bei Mike Bernardin
Waffen Kampfausbildung bei Paul Maurice
Akademie der Medien Berlin (Berliner Synchron)


Delirio (Music video)
Sänger (LR) Roberto Guerra Producer: cabirio productions
Talponi (Short film)
Giovanni Vanja Victor Tognola Distribution: ZHDK
Per una notte (Short film)
Andreas (LR) Silvia Cannarozzi Producer: Giulio Baraldi KESSFilm Distribution: Kino/short movie
Divine Comedy
Pimp (LR) Makan Talayeh Distribution: Kino/short movie
Supporting role Nuno-Miguel Wong Distribution: Kino
Supporting role Robert Bohrer Distribution: Kino
Leading role Distribution: cabirio productions
Das Geheimnis der Nudelsuppe
Leading role Marcel Gisler Producer: Cabirio Filmporduktion
Speed Racer
Supporting role L.& A.Wachowsky Producer: 6te Babelsberg Film Distribution: Universal
Schönen Tag, Marie
Leading role Markus Welsch Producer: Kurhaus Prod./Arte Distribution: Arte
Leading role Michael Finger Producer: LesJeunesToqués GmbH
Chicken Mexicane
Supporting role Armin Biehler Producer: Triluna Film AG Distribution: Insertfilm AG (ch)


Wilder- Season IV
Toni Station: SRF
Soko-Wismar- Lars sieht rot
Luca Daniele Sascha Thiel Station: ZDF
Dr. Hoffmann - Eine russische Spende
Max Zähle Station: ARD
Blackout (Mini series)
Franco Gambino (SR) Oliver Rihs Producer: Weidemann&Berg Station: Joyn
Tatort-Unter Wölfen
Stefano Mazza (LR) Tom Bohn Producer: SWR Station: SWR
Sankt Maik
Toni (SR) Hanno Olderdissen Producer: Ufa Fiction GmbH Station: RTL
Tatort- Zeit der Frösche
Supporting role Markus Imboden Station: ARD
Urlaub mit Mamma (Feature film)
Supporting role Florian Froschmayer Station: ARD
Pastewka (TV series)
Rico (SR) Erik Haffner Station: Amazon Prime
Der Bozen-Krimi-Das 5. Gebot
Leading role Thorsten Täter Station: ARD
Alles Klara
Leading role Thomas Freudner Station: ARD
Dante - L´inferno
Leading role Christiane Schwarz Station: ARTE
Huck (Multi-part)
Lead in episode Thomas Freundner Station: ARD
Morden Im Norden:Folge 44
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Producer: NdF Station: ZDF
Tatort -Ihr werdet gerichtet
Supporting role Florian Froschmayer Station: ARD
Supporting role André Erkau
Tatort-Der Eskimo
Supporting role Achim Von Borries Producer: HR Station: HR
Supporting role Erik Haffner Producer: Brainpool Station: Sat.1
Supporting role Urs Egger Producer: UFA Fernsehen Station: ZDF
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Kaspar Heidelbach Producer: Bavaria Fernsehen Station: ZDF
Lichtblau-Neues Leben Mexico
Leading role Uwe Janson Producer: Berengar Pfahl Film GmbH Station: Sat.1
Visus-Exposition Arche Noah
Supporting role Tobi Baumann Producer: All In Prod. GmbH Station: RTL
Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness
Supporting role Michael Rowitz Producer: Rat Pack GmbH Station: Sat.1
Supporting role Marcus Weiler Producer: Studio Hamburg Station: ARD/NDR
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Jan Markus Linhof Producer: Brainpool Station: Sat.1
Doctor’s Diary - Männer sind die beste Med...
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Franziska Meyer Price Producer: POLYPHON Film- Station: RTL
Liebe Macht Sexy
Supporting role Marcus Rowitz Producer: NFP Station: Sat.1
Verliebt in Berlin
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Diverse Producer: UFA Serial Station: Sat.1
Die Stein
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Franziska Meyer Price Producer: Novafilm Station: ARD
Familie Dr. Kleist
Episodenhauptrolle (Serie/Reihe) (LR) Erwin Keusch Producer: POLYPHON Film- Station: MDR
Meine bezaubernde Feindin
Supporting role Oliver Dommenget Producer: Endemol Deutschland Station: Sat.1
Freunde für immer -Das Leben ist rund
Leading role Sönke Wortmann Producer: Shark TV Station: Sat.1
Alles wird gut
Leading role Thomas Hess Producer: Kontraproduction Station: SRF


IMMACULATE akt I out of the box (Drama)
Eros (LR) Anne-Stine Peters Producer: cabirio productions Theater: Columbia Theater Berlin
Auf dünnem Eis
Didier (LR) Holger Berg Producer: Theatergastspiele Fürth
Leading role Producer: cabirio productions
Dreimal die Nabelschnur um den Hals
Leading role Producer: cabirio productions
Freiheit- Eine Kuratorenoper
Leading role Patrick Frank Theater: Gesnerallee Zürich
Leading role Benjamin Kiss Theater: Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin
Ich weiss nicht, zu wem ich gehöre
Leading role Thorsten Fischer Theater: Renaissance Theater Berlin
Der Vorname
Leading role Antoine Uitdehaag Theater: Renaissance Theater Berlin
Boss of it all
Leading role Tom Kühnel Theater: Staatsschauspiel Hannover
Leading role Stefan Bachmann Theater: Schauspielhaus Zürich
Die Walsche
Supporting role Thorsten Schilling Theater: Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen
Supporting role Josef Köpplinger Theater: Theater Klagenfurt
Absolut Zürich
Leading role Christina Rast Theater: Theater Neumarkt
Gespenst von Canterville
Supporting role Mathis Kramer-Länger Theater: Theater Luzern
The little Shop of Horrors
Supporting role Dominik Flaschka Theater: Hechtplatz Theater Zürich
Gilgamesch und Enkidu
Leading role Andreas Stadler Theater: Sophiensäle Berlin
Leading role lStefan Bachmann Theater: am Theater Base


Zwischen Defekt und Exzellenz (Speaker)
Podcast Producer: cabirio productions


Pastewka - bei Amazon