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Ruut Ahonen

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About me

Ruut Ahonen is a 24-year old Berlin-based actor from Finland. She is fluent in English, and speaks Finnish as her native tongue. She will complete her Screen Acting Bachelor’s degree from Catalyst Institute For Creative Arts and Technology Berlin in October 2022.  Her most recent short films was Goodbye, Tomorrow, directed by Przemek Wegrzyn, where Ruut played the leading role. 
Ruut acted as all 3 characters in her solo short film, The Tale of Vasalisa, which she also wrote and directed. She won the Best Lead Performance at the Catalyst Film Awards 2022 for the same film.
She was a supporting actor for the music video Time in Berlin - Third Eye Blind, which is a part of the official Tribeca 2022 selection.
Before her studies at Catalyst, she trained in theatre from the age of 12. She got training in improv as well as doing classical plays such as Anton Chekov’s The Seagull and Minna Canth’s The Workman’s Wife.
Ruut trained in the basics of acrobatics, trapeze and silks from a young age in Circus Helsinki. She previously trained in show dance, jazz, and hip-hop.


Acting age
19 - 26 years
Year of birth
1998 (24 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
female, normal, slim
Place of residence
Housing options
Helsinki, Berlin
American(native dialect)
Modern DanceHip hopJazz Dance
Special skills
Trapeze artist
Driver's licenses
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Vita entries

Professional background

Bachelor's degree in Acting at Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts & Technology; anticipated completion October 2022

Other Education & Training

Theater acting course - The Finnish Adult Education Centre of City of Helsinki
Improv & theater acting - Narri (Helsinki)


Best Lead Performance (Short film)


Velvet Mistress (Short film)
Claudette (LR) Octavio Garavito
Goodbye, Tomorrow (Experimental movie)
Waters (LR) Przemek Węgrzyn
SDP x Clueso - Die schönsten Tage (Music video)
Supporting role Serge Mattukat
Third Eye Blind - Time in Berlin (Music video)
Supporting role Javier Blanco Chiocchio
The Tale of Vasalisa (Short film)
Vasalisa, Too-Good, Baba Yaga (all the roles) (LR) Ruut Ahonen Producer: Helena Marinho
Paralysis (Short film)
Ellie (LR) Helena Marinho
Terms of Service (Short film)
The Business Woman (SR) Elliot Blunck, Rory Bernickow Producer: Saif Zaki
Scroll (Short film)
Anna (SR) Zoe Valentini Producer: Helena Mariho Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Memoriam (Short film)
Doctor (SR) Jen Frisch-Wang Producer: Colette McIsaac Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Gray (Short film)
Benedict (SR) Jonah Garland Producer: Maxime Demartin Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Isn't it Just Grand (Short film)
Summer (LR) Diana Kadah Producer: Petter Söderberg Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Dirty Laundry (Short film)
Valentina (LR) Sara Russo Producer: Vaughan Richards Distribution: Catalyst Film School
A Good Story (Short film)
Girl (LR) Zac Foote Producer: Jen Frisch-Wang Distribution: Catalyst Film School
We Figured It Out (Short film)
Girl 1 (SR) Helena Marinho Producer: Diana Kadah Distribution: Catalyst Film School
We Figured It Out (Short film)
Girl 1 (SR) Helena Marinho Producer: Diana Kadah Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Wir Sind Heir (Short film)
Girl (LR) Colette McIsaac Producer: Petteri Nummi Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Godless (Short film)
Moses (SR) Vaughan Richards Producer: Samantha Decker Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Tide (Short film)
Therapist (LR) Rodrigo Puente Producer: Marcus Jorgensen Distribution: Catalyst Film School
A movie about Alena and Tom (Short film)
Alena (LR) Patrick Milani Producer: Sheona Mateos Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Nutshell (Short film)
The Woman (LR) Nils Christian Viken Producer: Patrick Milani Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Private (Short film)
Girl 1 (LR) Sheona Mateos Producer: Zac Foote Distribution: Catalyst Film School
You Can't Save them All (Short film)
Chara (LR) Carolina Cardoso Producer: Zoe Valentini
Lucid Sex Dreams (Short film)
Eva (LR) Jen Frisch-Wang Producer: Petteri Nummi Distribution: Catalyst Film School
The Weedfluencer (Short film)
The Weedfluencer (LR) Petter Soderberg Producer: Noa Dold Distribution: Catalyst Film School
Good News Bad News (Short film)
The Wife (LR) Zoe Valentini Producer: Clint Frift Distribution: Catalyst Film School


Uncle Jerry is Toxic (Mini series)
Olivia (SR) Helena Marinho


The Extravagant Flauntings of Marie Antoinette (Drama)
Queen Margaud (SR) Adam Donald Theater: Catalyst Film School


Reasons to Scream (Audio drama)
Mellony (SR) Juli Saragosa