Ryan Wichert

Ryan Wichert

Main agency
Andi Slawinski
+49 171 7575 790
open in Castupload


Acting age
27 - 37 years
Year of birth
1985 (37 years)
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Housing options
Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Frankfurt
German, British
German(native-language) English(native-language)
NordenCockney (English)English
BadmintonFencing (sports)
Actor, Dubbing actor, Speaker
Driver's licenses
Car class
Additional skills

Camera Acting
Physical Comedy
Voice Over (Werbesprecher)

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Drama Centre London

Other Education & Training

Schauspiel Coaching Stephan Szász (Berlin)
Schauspiel Coaching Stephan Szász (Berlin)
Eva Roth Casting Workshop (Berlin)
Ivana Chubbuck Acting Workshop
Tim Garde Schauspiel-Workshops [de]
Matthias Beier Coaching
Casting for Stage - Alison Solomon (London)
Nailing Your Audition - Charlotte Bevan, National Theatre London
Casting Comedy - Sarah Hughes Casting (London)
Building Your Voices Potential with Barbara Houseman (London)
Acting Workshop with director Che Walker
Voice Workshop with Nia Lynn
Acting Workshop Emotional Release with Niki Flacks
Movement Classes with Swedish Coach Liana Nyquist
Comedy Workshop with Matthew Warchus
DCL - Drama Centre London [uk]


BEST COMEDY - "Der Wasser-Sommelier" - Independant Film Awards Bristol, UK
BEST ACTOR - "Der Wasser-Sommelier" - Vienna International Film Awards
BEST ACTOR - "Der Wasser-Sommelier" - Brejning Filmfestival, Dänemark
FINALIST BEST ACTOR - "Triage" - Independent Film Weekend Festival
BESTER FILM - "Der Wasser-Sommelier" - Blende Eins Kurzfilmfestival
BEST COMEDY - "Exhibition" - Standup & Comedy Film Festival L.A.
BEST COMEDY - "Exhibition" - Oakland Short Film Festival
SHORT FILM MARKET PICK - "Exhibition" - Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival
BEST COMEDY - "Exhibition" - Independent Film Awards, Bristol, UK
BEST ACTOR - Mabig Film Festival 2019
BEST COMEDY SHORT for 'The Blow Job' - Shärt International Comedy Film Festival
Jugend Karlspreis der Europäischen Kommission
Europäischer Jugendkarlspreis Deutschland 2014


3 Frauen 1 Streik (3 Women 1 Strike) (Cinema film)
Herman (LR) Metin Yegin Producer: Kanata Production
Moon Thief (Short film)
Mondmann (LR) Robert Peichl Producer: Robert Peichl Produktion [de]
The Rise and Fall of Diesel Wilmington (Short film)
Diesel Wilmington (LR) Manuel Liebscher Producer: ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln GmbH
Triage (Short film)
Medic (LR) Dino Stahl Producer: Red Smile Pictures
Spencer (Cinema film)
Staff Sergeant Wood Pablo Larraín Producer: Shoebox Films [uk]
Papa Anruf (Short film)
Nachrichtsprecher (SR) Veronika Bolotina Producer: Veronika Bolotina Produktion [de]
Assassins Creed Valhalla. The Hunt (Short film)
High Ranked Knight (SR) Vi-Dan Tran Producer: T7 Production [de]
Bis die Bombe platzt (Short film)
Marcel Kamp (LR) Raphael Howein Producer: Raphael Howein Produktion [de]
Trautmann (Cinema film)
Gary - Manchester Football Fan Marcus H. Rosenmüller Producer: Lieblingsfilm GmbH [de]
Nazi Megastructures - Russia's War (Documentary series)
Franz Staudegger (LR) Sid Bennett Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions [uk] Station: National Geographic
I don't know (Short film)
Jerry (LR) Veronika Bolotina Producer: Hochschule Mainz (formerly FH Fachhochschule Mainz)
Nazi Megastructures - Hitler’s Propaganda Maschine (Documentary series)
Bruno Manz (LR) Sid Bennett Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions [uk] Station: National Geographic
Another Mother's Son (Cinema film)
Günther (SR) Christopher Menaul Producer: Bill Kenwright Films [uk]
The Almost Famous (Short film)
Aaron, Simon, Teddy, Max, Rob (LR) Ryan Wichert Producer: MadeByMake [uk]
A Night At Club Zenos (Short film)
Ben Parker (LR) Arnold J. Chon Producer: NYU Tisch Asia [sg]
Feinkost (Short film)
Tim (LR) Felix Wollner Producer: Felix Wollner Medienproduktion [de]
The Redeeming (Feature film)
John Simons (LR) Brian Barnes Producer: Osmium Films [uk]
The Blow Job (Wettbewerbsbeitrag for 9point88) (Short film)
Gary - The Intern (LR) Lewis Reynolds Producer: MadeByMake [uk]
Abschussfahrt - Vier ist einer zu voll (Cinema film)
Bret (SR) Tim Trachte Producer: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
Rise of the Foot Soldier II (Cinema film)
Simon Ricci Harnett Producer: Richwater Films [uk]
Own Worst Enemy (Feature film)
Marcus Dixon-Rhodes (SR) Philip Pugh Producer: Wythwanell Productions Ltd. [uk]
Demon (Feature film)
Billy (SR) Mark Duffield Producer: Demon House Pictures Limited [uk]
Hi Fonyód! (Feature film)
Elder Smith (SR) Adrian Goiginger Producer: 2010 Entertainment
Now It's Dark (Short film)
David (LR) Kyle Hilton Producer: framelife entertainment
To Leech (Short film)
Lukas (SR) Stephen Leslie Producer: Seb Loden Produktion
To Jane (Short film)
Jake (LR) Juste Simkute Producer: Frixin, Edita Ezerskyte [uk]


Bumper in Berlin (aka Untitled Pitch Perfect Spinoff) (TV series)
The Doppelgänger (SR) Richie Keen Producer: Universal Television [us] Station: Peacock [us]
Blutige Anfänger (TV series)
Marvin Bäcker (SR) Franziska Jahn Producer: Studio.TV.Film GmbH Station: ZDF [de]
Notruf Hafenkante (TV series)
Robert Weining (LR) Stephanie Stoecker Producer: LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION GmbH Station: ZDF [de]
München - Im Angesicht des Krieges (TV movie)
British Service Employee Christian Schwochow Producer: Turbine Studios [uk] Station: Netflix
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (TV series)
Als Special Guest - MyDrugs Mitarbeiter Arne Feldhusen Producer: btf GmbH Station: Netflix
Das Damengambit (Mini series)
Supporting role Scott Frank Producer: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH Station: Netflix
How to Tatort (Mini series)
Supporting role Pia Hellenthal Producer: btf GmbH Station: ARD [de], One (ARD) [de]
Anomalie (Series)
Supporting role Christian Stadach Producer: Tag & Nacht Media
Bettys Diagnose (TV series)
David Hofmann (LR) Seyhan Derin Producer: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH Station: ZDF [de]
Heldt (TV series)
Aufnahmeleiter diverse Producer: Sony Pictures Film und Fernseh Produktions GmbH [de] Station: ZDF [de]
Die unwahrscheinlichen Ereignisse im Leben von ... (TV show)
Ensemble (LR) Philipp Käßbohrer Producer: btf GmbH Station: WDR [de]
Flirt English (Documentary series)
Hannes (LR) Colette Thompson Producer: Footstep Productions [uk] Station: WDR [de]
Points Of You (Webserie) (Series)
Ryan (LR) Félix Koch Producer: framelife entertainment
Points Of You (Webserie) (Series)
Ryan (LR) Raphael Bruggey Producer: framelife entertainment


Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding
Diverse Julian Mau Theater: Prime Time Theater Berlin
Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding
Diverse Ryan Wichert Theater: Prime Time Theater Berlin
Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding
Diverse Alexandra Marinescu-Lang Theater: Prime Time Theater Berlin
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Mr. Worthing Marianne De Pury Theater: Euro Theater Central
Wuthering Heights
Hindley Earnshaw, Hareton Earnshaw Jens Heuwinkel Theater: Euro Theater Central
The Cherry Orchard
Yasha Mehmet Ergen Theater: Arcola Theatre London
Jonas Anja Junski Theater: Grenzlandtheater
Cruel Britannia Sketch Comedy
Reporter, Jeremy Sharon Burrell Theater: The Lion and Unicorn Theatre London
Matt Zachary James Theater: The Old Red Lion Theatre London
Soggy Brass Comedy
Tube Passenger Sharon Burrell Theater: The Southwark Playhouse London
James, Soldat Mehmet Ergen Theater: Arcola Theatre London
Joshua Moon Mehmet Ergen Theater: Arcola Theatre London
König Lear
Narr Lewis Reynolds Theater: The Cockpit Theatre London
24 Stunden Theater
Curt Kerstin Reichelt Theater: Brotfabrik Berlin
The Significant Other Festival
Cam Bryony Jarvis-Taylor Theater: Park Theatre London
Boxed In
Philip Jane Moriarty Theater: Pleasance Theatre London
The Trial
Officer Felix Mortimer Theater: RETZ & Barbican Centre
Chris Tutku Barbaros Theater: Theatre Collection London
The Woyzeck
The Drunk Sebastian Rex Theater: UK Tour
Punch & Judy
Judy, Ghost, Constable, Joey The Clown, Doctor, Sc Katharine Armitage Theater: Arcola Theatre London
The Fantastical Adventures Of [NOT] Being With You
Character B Justen Bennett Theater: Blue Elephant Theatre London
Thomas Charlotte Ive Theater: Brockley Jack Theatre London
Chekhov's The Proposal
Lomov Charlotte Ive Theater: Studio 180 London
As You Like It
Oliver Marianna Vogt Theater: The White Bear Theatre London
Old Rabbis In The Sky
Greek Amy Gunn Theater: Tristan Bates Theatre London
Steerpike Vicky Weston Theater: Blackshaw Theatre London
Much Ado About Nothing
Don John, Dogberry Charlotte Ive, Rupert Holloway Theater: The Courtyard Theatre London
Stelios, Arcas Lewis Reynolds Theater: The Scoop Open Air Theatre London


State of Survival x The Walking Dead - Fight Alongside Daryl (Dubbing)
Original Daryl (LR) Dan Appel Producer: Bacon & Sons Film Co. [us]
Producer: DECATHLON Deutschland SE & Co. KG
Deutsche Bank App (Speaker)
Producer: Deutsche Bank
E.ON Change Makers (Speaker)
Producer: E.ON Energy UK
Kalkhoff Bikes (Speaker)
Producer: Kalkhoff - Derby Cycle Werke GmbH
Mercedes-Benz Vans (Speaker)
Producer: Mercedes-Benz Vans
Montblanc Inspire Writing (Speaker)
Producer: Montblanc
Peek & Cloppenburg HERBST (Speaker)
Producer: Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf
Peek & Cloppenburg SOMMER (Speaker)
Producer: Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf
Producer: Bumble
Producer: Hyundai
Producer: Babbel
Producer: European Commission
Producer: Allianz
Producer: REWE
Europa Park - Rulantica (Speaker)
Producer: Europa Park
Hüftgold (Dubbing)
Christina (SR) Cathryn Michon Producer: Cameron Productions [us]
Rems-Murr-Kreis - Entdecke unser Zuhause (Dubbing)
Sprecher (LR) Maurice L. Kubitschek Producer: Langsommer Filmproduktion GmbH
ALDI - Active Energy Battery System (Speaker)
Producer: ALDI UK
Deutsche Bahn - Digitalisierung (Speaker)
Producer: Deutsche Bahn, Taylor Flynn Agentur Berlin
Executive Leadership Training (Speaker)
Producer: Offstimme
Mercedes-Benz Audio DNA (Speaker)
Producer: Mercedes-Benz
Mount Congreve Tour (Speaker)
Producer: InHandGuides Ireland
Omniumbier (Speaker)
Producer: Omniumbier, Liquidfilms
SIEMENS Simatic (Speaker)
Producer: Siemens
Seven Seas Healthcare (Speaker)
Producer: Seven Seas, Staub Audio
Tropical Islands Resort (Speaker)
Producer: Tropical Islands Resort
Two World 2 - Shattered Embrace (Speaker)
Producer: Reality Pump
VEGANZ Kampagne (Speaker)
Producer: VEGANZ Germany, feel collective Berlin
Volocopter (Speaker)
Producer: TaylorFlynn Agentur Berlin
Zalando - #StandByYourStyle | Spring-Summer 2019 (Speaker)
Producer: Zalando
Staramba Spaces - Timo Boll (VR Experience) (Dubbing)
Timo Boll (UK Stimme) (LR) Marian Woller Producer: Nexr Technologies SE
AMAZON Music (Speaker)
Producer: Amazon Germany
Alimentarium Food Video (Speaker)
Producer: Footstep Productions UK
Art4GlobalGoals Award Film (Speaker)
Producer: Soundhouse Köln
BAYER US "Never Stop Growing" (Speaker)
Producer: BAYER USA
BBC Active (Speaker)
Producer: BBC Active UK
BOSCH MT (Speaker)
Producer: Rocket Studios München, BOSCH MT
Cambridge University Press recordings (Speaker)
Producer: Cambridge University Press
Klüber Lubrication (Speaker)
Producer: Klüber Lubrication
The Mirai Fitness (Speaker)
Producer: Studio Funk Berlin, THE MIRAI
Ghost Rockers (Dubbing)
Alexander De Coninck (LR) Bettina Berger Producer: Studio 100 [be] Station: VRT [be]
LAPP ÖlFlex Connect (Speaker)
Producer: Blubb Media GmbH
Pearson German recordings (Speaker)
Producer: Pearson
Yello - BMW i3 eMobility Edition (Speaker)
Producer: Cinephiles Germany, YELLO
Ghost Rockers (Dubbing)
Alex De Conick (LR) diverse Producer: Studio 100 [be] Station: VRT [be]
Anthropoid (Speaker)
Producer: Sync Or Swim UK
Nazi Megastructures (Speaker)
Producer: DSP London, National Geographic
OUP German GCSE recordings (Speaker)
Producer: Footstep Productions UK
OUP German recordings (Speaker)
Producer: Footstep Productions UK
Pearson German recordings (Speaker)
Producer: Pearson
The Night Manager (Speaker)
Producer: Sync Or Swim UK
Ghost Rockers (Dubbing)
Alex De Conick (LR) diverse Producer: Studio 100 [be] Station: VRT [be]
Dark Shadows - In The Twinkling Of An Eye (Speaker)
Producer: Big Finish Productions UK
Eddie The Eagle (Speaker)
Producer: Sync Or Swim UK
Dark Shadows - The Devil Cat (Speaker)
Producer: Big Finish Productions UK
Dark Shadows - The Harvest of Souls (Speaker)
Producer: Big Finish Productions UK
Nelson Thornes - Haremi (Speaker)
Producer: Footstep Productions UK


VW Financial Services - Cash Boom Bang (Webserie) (Image series)
Rupert (LR) Martin Wenzel Producer: Filmkartell Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
Kid Pex - Voljela (Music video)
Freund (LR) Felix Wollner Producer: Screen Insurance GbR [de]
Scouting For Girls - Rains in L.A. (Music video)
Ben Liam Hooper Producer: Mark Stewart & Co. Produktion


Online Trainer Lizenz - Flexibel. Einfach. Klug (Commercial)
Astronaut (LR) Simon Meyer Producer: Panamono GmbH
Frau Gempp es ist soweit (Commercial)
Macho Martin (LR) Maurice L. Kubitschek Producer: Langsommer Filmproduktion GmbH
Future Fashion - Wie kleiden wir uns in der Zukunft? (Image movie)
Moderator (LR) Giovanni Basile Producer: Giovanni Basile Produktion [de]
Umweltministerium BaWü - Gehen 2 in den Keller. Heizbusters (Commercial)
Heizbuster (LR) Philipp Detterer Producer: 5ter Stock Medienproduktion GmbH
Umweltministerium BaWü - Gehen 2 in den Keller. Klimatatort Heizkeller (Commercial)
Officer (LR) Philipp Detterer Producer: 5ter Stock Medienproduktion GmbH
Bott - Per Anhalter durch bott (Commercial)
Christian (LR) Felix Wollner Producer: Sommer & Co. GmbH [de]
Umweltministerium BaWü - Gehen 2 in den Keller. Western (Commercial)
Cowboy (LR) Philipp Detterer Producer: 5ter Stock Medienproduktion GmbH
UN Climate Change - Adopt the right #Climattitude and become #ClimateNeutralNow! (Commercial)
Man (LR) Cyprian Hercka Producer: Fernsehzimmer Filmproduktion
Haribo Colorado - Bus Stop (Commercial)
Business Man (LR) Crinan Campbell Producer: Quiet Storm [uk]
Nordic Track - Sleep Tracker (Commercial)
Sleeping Man (LR) Greg Bray Producer: Playmedia GmbH [de]
Mercedes Benz - Hi Mercedes. The User Experience Revolution (Commercial)
Dude 1 (LR) Sylvia Borges Producer: 5ter Stock Medienproduktion GmbH
Bosch Healthcare - Vivalytic (Commercial)
Laborleiter, Security Guy, Alter Professor (LR) Philipp Detterer Producer: 5ter Stock Medienproduktion GmbH
Berentzen - Echtland (Commercial)
Echtland Gründer (LR) Greg Bray Producer: Crossing Berlin GmbH [de]
Reichelt Elektronik - Support Paul (Commercial)
Paul (LR) Amon Thein Producer: Schwarzseher GmbH
Food.de Online Supermarkt - Wunschtermin (Commercial)
Hero (LR) Nina Geiss Producer: Taylor Flynn GmbH [de]
Carloan 4 U - The Car Casualty (Commercial)
Apprentice Brian Barnes Producer: Catsnake Film [uk]