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Silke Jensen

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Xue Zhao-Bönisch
+49 228 502 088022
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About me

Born in Berlin, I started working as an actress 44 years ago. And as it is in long-term relationships, there are ups and downs, good times and bad. Everything is cyclical. In the first 20 years, I had a lot of success. After the birth of my first daughter in 1992, I worked increasingly as a dramaturg, director and coach. I also produced and distributed my own cabaret programs for a while, until I became a mother for the 2nd time at the age of 46. Since my husband is a musician, I have been a consultant in his projects for 15 years, also as a stage coach for singers. So I always have touches with my beloved acting, even if I put myself less in the limelight after a serious illness. Working with singer-songwriters on their programs and stage impact has been as deeply fulfilling to me as my roles as a constellator for phenomenological psychology and grief speaker. In the spring of 2022 I revised my web presence on the known databases and in the fall of 2022 I met an "old" colleague who told me about the advanced training at Für den Film for professional actors and actresses. And here I am: a "newcomer" with years of professional experience in theater and a great desire for the German film landscape. Films like: "Schweigend steht der Wald", "Ich & Kaminski", "Victoria", "Am Ende der Worte", "Kleo", "Queens Gambit", "Die Kaiserin"," Kranitz- Bei Trennung Geld zurück", "Mackie Messer" or "Kalte Füße" have inspired me a lot lately and which actress wouldn't like to be a part of these formats? Therefore, if you are interested in working with me, please feel free to call or email me. 


Acting age
52 - 65 years
Year of birth
1964 (58 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
chubby, stocky / chubby, full figured
Place of residence
Housing options
Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Munich
Berlin German(native dialect)
Opera singing
Special skills
Driver's licenses
C1 - Trucks up to 7.5t, C1E - C1 with trailers up to 12t


Primary professional training

1982 – 1985
Schauspielschule "Der Kreis" (Fritz Kirchhoff-Schule)

Other Education & Training

Jens Roth Coaching Berlin
Für den Film
Acting for the Camera
Augusto Fernandez




Der Morgen danach (Educational production)
Mutter (LR) Simon Griesmayr Producer: Hot & Cheezy Filmproduktion, Griesmayr & Grünewald GbR
Ein Tag am Meer - Hasenbrot (Other)
Bürokraft (LR) Klaus Lange Producer: En Tag am Meer Film Written by: Jonas Lieder
Ulli Maaßlos und sein Kampf mit dem Amt (Short film)
Elfi Kahlauer (LR) Simon Griesmayr Producer: Microcosmo Films, O.P.A. Gesellschaft zur Beratung und Herstellung von Medienprogrammen mbH Written by: Cosmo Berger, Simon Griesmayr
Die Sicherung (Short film)
Heike (LR) Yasmin Khalifa Producer: Farhad Payar/ KapFilme, Tavasoly & Khalifa GbR Written by: Yasmin Khalifa


Hallo Robbie (TV series)
Meike Burgdorf (SRE) Christoph Klünker Producer: Pfoenix film Karlheinz Brunnemann GmbH & Co.Produktions KG UFA Fiction Station: ZDF Written by: Christine Rohls, Ruth Rehmet, Milena Baisch
Dr. Sommerfeld-Zwischen allen Stühlen (TV movie (series))
Mutter von Maren (SRE) Bettina Woernle Producer: NFP Station: ARD Degeto Written by: Axel Hildebrand
Unser Charly (TV series)
Schuhverkäuferin (SRE) Franz Josef Gottlieb Producer: Phoebus-Film GmbH & Co Produktions KG Station: ZDF
Der letzte Zeuge (Pilot)
Schwester (SRE) Bernhard Stephan Producer: Novafilm Station: ZDF
Die einzige Chance (TV movie)
Krankenschwester (SR) Hartmut Griesmayr Producer: Studio Hamburg Filmproduktion
Kinderärztin Leah (TV series)
Schwester Beate (SRE) Hartmut Griemayr Producer: SWR Südwestrundfunk Station: SWR Written by: Martina Brand
Tote sterben niemals aus (TV movie)
Sekretärin (GR) Bertram von Boxberg, Jürgen Goslar Producer: UFA Fernsehproduktion GmbH , UFA Fiction Station: ZDF Written by: Bertram von Boxberg
Familienehre (TV movie)
Trude (SR) Eberhard Itzenplitz Producer: Videoscope Fernseh-Film GmbH Station: ZDF
Peter Strohm (TV series)
Nicole (SRE) Marianne Lüdcke Producer: NDR- Norddeutscher Rundfunk Station: ARD
Ein unvergessliches Wochenende...auf Capri (TV movie (series))
Julia (SRE) Eberhard Itzenplitz Producer: UFA Fernsehproduktion GmbH , UFA Fiction Station: ZDF Written by: Johannes Dräxler, Remy Eyssen, Joachim Masannek
Wer zweimal lügt (TV movie (series))
Babsi (SR) Bertram von Boxberg Producer: Aurora Film & TV GmbH & Co.KG Station: ARD Written by: Bertram von Boxberg
Air Albatros (TV series)
junge Journalistin (SRE) Eberhard Itzenplitz Producer: TV 2000 Film-und Fernsehproduktion Station: ARD
Der Deal (TV movie (series))
M. Ortloff (SR) Christian Görlitz Producer: Fritz Wagner Film Written by: Rainer Berg, Christian Görlitz, Mathias Wittch
Letzten Sommer in Kreuzberg (TV movie (series))
Mädchen (SR) Eberhard Itzenplitz Producer: Elan Film Gierke & Co Station: ZDF Written by: Nicolaus Richter
Maria Magdalena (TV movie (series))
Klara (LR) Jürgen Goslar Producer: NDR- Norddeutscher Rundfunk Station: ARD


Der Bär und Der Heiratsantrag (Drama)
Leading role Stefan Neugebauer Theater: Stadbad Steglitz Berlin Written by: Anton Tschechow
Küchenlieder von Liebe, Mord und Totschlag (Drama)
Leading role Silke Jensen/ Vera Kreyer Theater: eigenes Kleinkunstprogramm auf Tour
It's WeihnachsTime-eine glitzerkleine Adventsrevue (Drama)
Leading role Silke Jensen/ Vera Kreyer Theater: eigenes Kleinkunstprogramm auf Tour
Wilhelm Busch - szenische Lesung (Drama)
Leading role Silke Jensen/ Vera Kreyer Theater: eigenes Kleinkunstprogramm auf Tour Written by: Wilhelm Busch
Maria tanzt (Drama)
Rosemarie (LR) Joseph Orr Theater: Gloria Theater Köln Written by: Andrea Badey
Body Trade (Drama)
Sheila (LR) Erika Gesell Theater: Grenzlandtheater Aachen Written by: Lavin
Was ihr wollt (Drama)
Lady Olivia (LR) Jan Zimmermann Theater: Hexenkessel Berlin Written by: William Shakespeare
Ende gut, alles gut (Drama)
Helena (LR) Hans Joachim Heyse Theater: Altes Schauspielhaus Stuttgart Written by: William Shakespeare
Andorra (Drama)
Barblin (LR) Hans Joachim Heyse Theater: Burgfestspiele Mayen Written by: Max Frisch
Ab heute heißt du Sara (Drama)
Sara (LR) Michael Ritz/ Jörg Gade Theater: Stadttheater Hildesheim Written by: Ludwig/Michel
Urfaust (Drama)
Gretchen (LR) Hans Joachim Heyse Theater: Burgfestspiele Mayen Written by: Johann Wolfagng von Goethe
Teures Glück (Drama)
Rosine (LR) Thomas Engel Theater: Tourneetheater Landgraf Written by: Jean Bouchaud
Totenfloß (Drama)
Bjuti (LR) Frank Guthke Theater: Ernst-Deutsch-Theater Hamburg Written by: Harald Müller
Die Morgengabe (Drama)
Gwen (LR) Herbert Bötticher Theater: Ernst-Deutsch-Theater Hamburg Written by: Aquilla Byrnes
Maria Magadalena (Theater recording)
Klara (LR) Jürgen Goslar Theater: Ernst-Deutsch-Theater Hamburg Written by: Friedrich Hebbel
Gerettet (Drama)
Pam (LR) Hans Neuenfels Theater: Freie Volksbühne Berlin Written by: Edward Bond
Elektra (Drama)
Chor (SR) Hans Neuenfels Theater: Freie Volksbühne Berlin Written by: Euripides


Der 7bte Zwerg (Other)
Fisch (GR) Boris Aljinovic & Harald Siepermann Producer: Otto Waalkes Distribution: Kino Written by: Harald Siepermann, Douglas Welbat, Daniel Welbat


Ich halte und schreibe Trauerreden (LR) Silke Jensen Producer: Silke Jensen
Phänomenologische Therapie, Aufstellungsarbeit, LIP
Kauffrau für audio-visuelle Medien (IHK-Abschluss)


Werbespot comdirekt für commerzbank (Commercial)