Sina Seiler

Sina Seiler

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+49 30 547 10730


Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Cities I could work in
Cologna, Mannheim
German: native-language
English: fluent
Italian: fluent
Badisch: only when required
Electoral Palatinate: only when required (Native dialect)
Swim, Yoga
Improvisation dance: basic
A cappella: basic
Choir: medium
Improvisation: basic
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Professional background

I have been studying for a one year scholarship at DAMS, Drama Arts and Music Studies, Bologna, Italy where I attended classes with the directors Giuseppe and Bernardo Bertolucci. In 2015 to 2017 I have completed a two years of further training at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin (private Acting School) further more ting courses at Actors Space Berlin continously.

Other Education & Training

Meisner based training (weekly)
Ursula Renneke (Actors Space)
Actors Space Berlin
Meisner based training by Ulla Renneke, Silvia Schwarz and André Bolouri, Acting for the camera by Dominik Stegmann, Coaching by Peer Martiny and Oliver Dressnandt
Intense Workshop by Susanne Eggert
Linklater Method basic training
Filmschauspielschule Berlin
Acting for theatre, improvisation and acting for the camera
Weekly training course by Mona Glass
Method acting by Strasberg
Meisner based basic workshop by Ulla Renneke
Master in Media - Directing Documentary (1,7 - A)
University of Tuebingen, Germany
DAMS - Drama, Art and Music Studies, Bologna, Italien
University of Bologna, Italy
Bachelor of Arts in Media and Humanities (1,8 - A)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technologies (KIT) in cooperation with Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Germany


Vierfarbendruck (Poetryfilm) (nominated)
Nominated for Best Female Award
Esho Funi (Experimentalfilm, Essayfilm)
Audience Award - Shortfilmfestival Arsenal Tübingen


Vierfarbendruck (Drama)
Sina Seiler Producer: Filmwerkstatt Münster, Filminstitute DZIGA Nimjegen in cooproduktion with sinasan Distribution: Filmwerkstatt Münster German - Dutch coproduktion
Elephant (Experimental movie)
Sina Seiler Producer: sinasan Distribution: Haus für Poesie Berlin


Gala Global (Theatre recording)
Scientist for artifical intelligence (LR) Turbo Pascal Theatre: Deutsches Theater Berlin Casting director: Deutsches Theater Berlin Ensemble leading role
Die Affäre Rue de Lourcine (Eugène Labiche) (Theatre recording)
Movement choir (OR) Karin Henkel Theatre: Deutsches Theater Berlin Casting director: Deutsches Theater Berlin
Two Boxes (Daniel Michalos)
Sina Seiler Producer: Blackboxx Theater Berlin Theatre: Blackboxx Theater Berlin (Studiobühne)
Die Zoogeschichte (Edward Albee)
Sina Seiler Producer: Blackboxx Theater Berlin Theatre: Blackboxx Theater Berlin (Studiobühne)
„Na specie da cadavere lungissimo“ by Pier Paolo Pasolini (Theatre recording)
Supporting role Giuseppe Bertolucci and Bernardo Bertolucci Theatre: Cinemateca Bologna in cooperation with DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) Bologna, Italy
Kleinbürgerhochzeit (Theatre recording)
The woman (LR) Natalie Cellier Theatre: Kulturzentrum Karlsruhe e.V.
Noch ist Polen nicht verloren (Poland is not lost yet) inspired by the film Ernst Lubitsch (Theatre recording)
Supporting role Geza Bodolay Theatre: Staatstheater Karlsruhe
Karlos by Tankred Dorst (Theatre recording)
Kahle Anna (LR) Gabi Stumpf Theatre: Kulturzentrum Karlsruhe e.V.
Tango Obsessions (Theatre recording)
Diva (LR) Leonard Theatre: Kulturzentrum Karlsruhe e.V.


Mini Webseries (Mini series)
Comedy Dialect