Sissy Doutsiou

Sissy Doutsiou

Main agency
Georg Georgi
+49 151 6195 7519
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Year of birth
1980 (42 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Paris, London, New York, Milan, Madrid, Berlin
Greek (New)(native-language)EnglishGreek (Old)Italian
American(native dialect)Brooklyn-EnglishEnglish
AerobicsDartsFitnessSuzukiSwimTable tennisYoga
ButohChoreographyConcert danceContact ImprovisationExperimental danceExpressionist danceGreek folk dancesImprovisation danceModern DanceMusical theatrePerformanceRock & rollTechnoVideo clip dancingCharlestonContemporary danceSirtaki
A cappellaBacking vocalsImprovisationPunk rockBallad
Driver's licenses
Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h
Other licenses
Amateur radio certificate class E

Vita entries

Professional background

DELOS Superior Drama School of Theater

Other Education & Training

Accent Coaching with Leah Vanessa Bachar
MasterClass Association
MasterClass Asssociation
MasterClass Association
MasterClass Association
MasterClass Association
University of Sussex
University of Stanford


Liminal Archive (Experimental movie)
Al Límite Collective Producer: 7th The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance Distribution: Al Límite Collective
Newton: The Force of God (Documentary movie)
Hannah Ayscough Newton (OR) Panos Anestis Distribution: Eugenides Foundation
Art Therapy (Cinema film)
Supporting role Nikos Perakis


Female Gender Art (Documentary)
Poet (OR) Nontas Sarlis Station: National Greek Television


Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (Drama)
Gregory Samsa (LR) Tasos Sagris Theater: the Institute for Experimental Arts
Al Límite Project Launch (Drama)
Other roles Theater: Al Limite Collective
Mythological Monsters (Conzert recording)
Poet (LR) Sissy Doutsiou and Nikos Touliatos Producer: International Video Poetry Festival Theater: Free Self Organized Theatre Empros
Liminal Archive New Ohio Theatre New York USA (Drama)
Other roles Leah Bachar, Monica Dudárov Hunken, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li Theater: Al Límite
Different Kiss (Choreography)
Anita Berber (LR) Wolfgang Sterneck Theater: City After Eight Festival
The Voyuer (Drama)
Leading role Tasos Sagris Producer: Municipality of Athens Theater: Open Nights Festival
Ecstasis #1 (Drama)
Leading role Sissy Doutsiou Producer: the Institute for Experimental Arts Theater: International Video Poetry Festival
City after Eight (Theater recording)
Anita Berber (LR) Wolfgang Sterneck Producer: 2019 STADT NACH ACHT Theater: Kit Kat Club
Yard Gal by Rebecca Prichard (Drama)
Leading role Tasos Sagris Theater: Institute for Experimental Arts
Sturdiness (Choreography)
Leading role Yorgos Kouvaras Theater: Michalis Kakogannis Foundation
4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane (Drama)
Protagonist Monologue (LR) Tasos Sagris Theater: The Institute for Experimental Arts
Dying as Country (Drama)
the Woman (LR) Tasos Sagris Producer: Antifascist Festival of Performance Arts Theater: Refugees Building Aleksandras
Αnatoli (Choreography)
Priestess (LR) Supriyo Samajdar Theater: Bibhaban The Experimental Theatre Company
Dying as Country by Dimitris Dimitriadis (Drama)
Leading role Tasos Sagris Theater: the Institute for Experimental Arts
The Maid by Jean Genet (Drama)
Solange (LR) Tasos Sagris Theater: the Institute for Experimental arts
The Maids by Jean Genet (Drama)
Solange (LR) Tasos Sagris Producer: the Institute for Experimental Arts Theater: Athens School of Fine Arts
Yze Alone (Choreography)
Supporting role Georgia Sagri Theater: National Theater of Greece


Leading role Distribution: the Institutute for Experimental Arts - Editions
Paid Rape (Dubbing)
Leading role Distribution: the Institute for Experimental Arts - Editions
Now or Never (Narrator)
Leading role Producer: Nick Miamis Distribution: Cosmic Leaf
Free Earth Festival (Other)
dj Sissy Stardust (SR)
Poetry & Revolt (Dubbing)
Spoken Word Poetry (LR) Tasos Sagris Producer: Void Network
Speak no Evil (Dubbing)
Leading role Distribution: Bensuan Han
Erotopia (Dubbing)
Leading role Distribution: Horizon Events


Insult of Public Modesty (Multi-part)
Prisoner - Prostitute (LR) Guido Naschert Producer: International Film Poetry Festival of Thuringia Weimar
Insult of Public Modesty (Multi-part)
Poet (LR) Producer: Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts Written by: Sissy Doutsiou
Coming Home (Event recording)
Leading role Pavlina Marvin Producer: Hellenic American Union
Disabled, the pioneers of Freedom (Documentary)
Supporting role Antonis Rellas
Versopolis (Event recording)
Leading role
Financial Consequences: International Multimedia Poetry Festival (Event documentary)
Spoken Word Poetry (LR) Tasos Sagrid Producer: London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Open Night Festival (Event recording)
Leading role Producer: Municipality of Larissa
Festival Global Day against fascism and racism (Event recording)
Slam Poetry (LR) Producer: Cultural Multispace WE
Refreshment Exarcheia (Event recording)
Slam Poetry (LR) Tasos Sagris Producer: Refreshment Exarcheia
Photography Exhibition Eyes Wide Nude (Event recording)
Model (LR) Kostas Sakelarriou Producer: Bitsakou Foundation
Μetropolis Fest (Event recording)
Spoken Word Poetry (LR) Producer: Void Network
Cyclop Video Poetry Festival (Event recording)
Spoken Word Poetry (LR) Tasos Sagris Producer: Culture Society Cyclop Ukraine
We will not live as Slaves (Multi-part)
Leading role Tasos Sagris Producer: Bibhaban The Experimental Theatre Company
We are an Image from the Future (Multi-part)
Leading role Tasos Sagris Producer: AK Press USA
Armed Words (Multi-part)
Leading role Producer: AK Press USA
UtopianTechnology (Event recording)
Sissy Stardust (LR) Producer: Void Nework
Legalize it! (Event recording)
Sissy Stardust (LR) Void Network
Total Freedom World Tour (Event recording)
Spoken Word Poetry (LR) Void Network
Gathering of the Tribes (Multi-part)
Sissy Stardust (LR) Void Network Producer: Milchsackgelande
1st Biennale Destroy Athens (Event recording)
Spoken Word Poetry (SR) Void Network Producer: Athens Biennial Non-Profit Organization
Photography Exhibition (Event recording)
Leading role Void Network Producer: Benaki Museum