Umer Farooq

Umer Farooq

Brown And Mills
Sam Brown
+44 20 3189 1441


Acting age
25 - 37 years
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Urdu: native-language
Hindi: fluent
Punjabi: fluent
Arabic: medium
English: native-language
Persian (Farsi/Dari): medium
Indian-English: only when required
English: always (Native dialect)
Australian English: only when required
American: only when required
Indian: only when required
Arabic: only when required
English: always
Turkish: only when required
Asian: only when required
Chinese: only when required
Italian: only when required
Archery, Backpacking, Badminton, Baseball, Body building, Bowling, Cricket, CrossFit, Racer, Fitness, Frisbee, Handball, Stage combat, Swim
Action / Martial arts actor, Actor, Comedian, Drama student, Dubbing actor, Facilitator
Driver's license classes
Car class, Motorcycle class

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

DNA Performance Resource Acting School, Manchester
Diploma In Acting
Accents For Actors
Training for RP accent


Kind Hearts & Cornettos
Mr. Patel (SR) Jade Jones Producer: Jade Jones Distribution: Jade Jone Films Short Film - Speaking Featured Role
Corporate Film for (SCAPA)
Giovanni ( (LR) Garth Haley Producer: Garth Haley Distribution: Hyper Fine Media Corporate Film for SCAPA
Witch of Wilmslow Road
Gregg (LR) Emily Steele Producer: Emily Steele Distribution: Emily Steele Pictures Short Film - Speaking Featured Role
Paul (LR) Yingu Li Producer: Yingu Li Distribution: Free Lance Short Film - Leading Role
Thomas (LR) Ged Purvis Producer: Ged Purvis Distribution: Motivated Pictures / Dead Rat Productions Short Film - Leading Role
Mark (SR) Benjamin Ryan Producer: Benjamin Ryan Distribution: Smooth Motion Pictures Ltd Short Film - Speaking Featured Role
Who's There
Will (LR) Torri Turner Producer: Torri Turnr Distribution: Free Lance Short Film - Leading Role
Morris (LR) Daniel Berens Producer: Daniel Berens Distribution: Skyline Films Short Film - Leading Role


Haqeeqat (Drama)
Waqar (LR) Syed Ali Producer: Fareed Ahamad -Channel 92 HD Plus TV Channel: Channel 92 HD Plus Casting director: Liaqat Shehzad
Mere Paas Tum Ho / HUM TV Drama Serial
Officer (SR) Nadeem Baig Producer: Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib TV Channel: HUM TV Pakistan / Six Sigma Production Speaking Featured Supporting Role in Episode 14 and 17
Broken England
Rafiq (SR) Daniel P Mcready Producer: Daniel P Mcready TV Channel: Gate 2 Productions / VHS Mini Series - Speaking Featured Role


Bhaago (Run) (Drama)
Changaiz (LR) Imran Iftikhar Producer: Fizza Hasan Theatre: Theatre Wallay Pakistan Casting director: Imran Iftikhar
Saira Aur Maira (Drama)
Played 2 Vital Supporting Roles(Samad Khan & Tariq) and one other supporting role of a Senator (SR) Shahid Nadeem Producer: Shahid Nadeem Theatre: Ajoka Theatre Pakistan Casting director: Shahid Nadeem
Politics @ 8 pm
Haji N.A 420 (LR) Safeer Khan Producer: Theatre Wallay Production Theatre: Theatre Wallay Pakistan
The School for Wives (By Moliere)
Monsieur Arnolphe - Alias - Monsieur De La Souche (LR) Fizza Hassan Producer: French Embassy & Total Parco Pakistan Theatre: French News TV5/Theatre Wallay Pakistan / Youling Magazine
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
Multiple (Mr.Goodwill, Hired Actor, Mr.Ignatius Dullfeet) (SR) Fizza Hassan Producer: Henrich Boll Stiftung Theatre: Theatre Wallay Pakistan / Youling Magazine
Jenny By Day (Making of a Woman)
Fredrick Coulthard (SR) David Graham Producer: S.L.A.P Foundation


Sydney Water Advert
Indian Neighbour (LR) Peter Schmidt Producer: Peter Schmidt Audio: Rubicon Films / Internet Voice Over in Indian accent
Nokia SOS Teaser Advert
Middle Eastern Paramedic (SR) Chris Producer: Chief TV Audio: Voice Over Gallery / Chief TV
On The Metere (Radio Drama)
Cabbie (LR) Nick Hargreaves Producer: Nick Hargreaves Audio: Media city / sound cloud


Testimonial Corporate Video for Adversant
Craig (LR) Megan Morris Producer: Adversant Testimonial Video in American accent for Adversant website
Corporate Video for NHS UK
Doctor (LR) Garth Haley Producer: Hyper Fine Media UK Corporate Training Video for NHS UK
Music Video (LIIMA) Roger Waters
Screamer (SR) Rob Jelly Producer: Pulse Films / Plastic Zoo Productions
Corporate Video for RIA Financial Services
Difficult Customer (SR) Lucy Proctor Producer: Bradley TV Featured Support Role in Corporate Video for RIA
Music Video - Machine By The Jar Family
Security Guard (SR) James Burtt Producer: Yellow Brick Music


Corporate Shoot (Novartis Pharmaceuticals)
Shoot By Alex Telfer for corporate client Novartis
Global Corp
Played Speaking Featured role of RAJ in TV pilot show Global Corp


Help Link Energy Supplier TV Commercial
Featured Supporting Role in Help Link Energy Supplier TV Commercial