Role: Myra

(Supporting role / eCasting)


Role: Myra

(Supporting role / eCasting)

Project: A Time of Vultures

Adolfo J. Kolmerer Berlin Lopta Film GmbH

Role description:

Myra is a beautiful woman, a prostitute - but she waits for any chance to get out of this line of work and out of town. Any other place, any other job will do. But for now all she can do is save some money and wait.
When Myra hears of a treasure map that was split between three brothers, she sees an opportunity to use her charms to play a little these brothers... who knows maybe one of these men will fall for her or maybe all of them?

Myra is a tough and sexy woman, who knows to handle herself. And she knows that she can do something better with her life. And if you ask her she will tell you she deserves a treasure.

Important casting rules

  • Apply only if you meet the requirements of the role.
  • Your casting video must only contain the scenes required in the casting description. Abstain from comments as "casting for... " or your contact information in the video.

Technical requirements

  • You need no professional equipment. A webcam or smartphone (iPhone) is sufficient.
  • Make sure to have enough light (go to the window).
  • Avoid wild noise.
  • Note the additional requirements under section 3.
This casting is already over.