Role: Gemma

(Leading role / External casting)


Role: Gemma

(Leading role / External casting)

Najan Ward London

Role description:

RATES: £100 per Day
Gemma’s a real party girl but can be sensible when she needs to. She’s a straight talker and does not mince her words. She really can’t stand people who sit on the fence, you’re either in or you’re out. Her addiction to social media can be seen by some as unhealthy, she has a profile on every platform. Gemma loves people watching and has an uncanny skill for reading body language. Gemma had an older sister Louise who worked as a sports reporter. She lost her life on her honeymoon when she went swimming in the middle of the night. On the outside Gemma looks like she is handling the situation well but inside there is complete turmoil, a piece of her has died with her big sister. She’s studying performing arts and is embracing every moment of it. The creative outlet keeps her sane. Unlike some, she truly loves herself in a healthy way and wants to do her sister proud.

Requirements for actor:

Any Ethnicity

Project information:

  • Shooting location: London
  • Expected shooting period: 25/11/2014 - 31/05/2015
  • Format: TV film
  • Budget: Normal budget
  • Director: Najan Ward
  • Production company: Kingdom Motion Pictures
This casting is already over.

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  • Gender: female
  • Acting age: 18 – 30
  • Languages: English: fluent
  • Dialects: English

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