Role: Nathan

(Leading role / External casting)


Role: Nathan

(Leading role / External casting)

Najan Ward London

Role description:

RATES: £100 per Day
Nathan has had a healthy childhood and has always been a sporting figure throughout school. He is quite a hit with the girls and is never short of female attention. He’s highly educated and was awarded a First Class Degree in Software Engineering from Bournemouth University. Nathan is a passionate character and will always stand up for what he believes in, even if it goes against the grain. He would put his life on the line for any of his family and friends. Nathan joined the EDL whilst he was studying at Bournemouth University. Nathan is not a racist and has many friends from ethnic minorities. His problem is with people trying to implement foreign laws in the UK which promote the suppression of woman, intolerance of homosexuality and disrespect towards the armed forces. Nathan’s sister has recently got into a relationship with an ethnic minority which has caused deep tensions within his groups. He is at a crossroads and is really struggling with the current situation.

Requirements for actor:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Project information:

  • Shooting location: London
  • Expected shooting period: 25/11/2014 - 31/05/2015
  • Format: TV film
  • Budget: Normal budget
  • Director: Najan Ward
  • Production company: Kingdom Motion Pictures
This casting is already over.

Check the role requirements

  • Gender: male
  • Acting age: 18 – 30
  • Languages: English: fluent
  • Ethnicity: Eastern European
  • Dialects: English

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