Role: Matthew

(Leading role / External casting)


Role: Matthew

(Leading role / External casting)

Najan Ward London

Role description:

RATES: £100 per Day
Matthew comes from a highly disciplined background where creativity was suppressed and never encouraged in his household. The discipline went as far as forcing him to be right-handed although he was naturally left handed. Matthew later developed a speech impediment, which worsens when he becomes nervous. He is highly intelligent and has an almost freaky photographic memory. He can be described as quirky or annoying depending on your standpoint due to his idiosyncratic tendencies. Matthews parents had hopes for him to become a doctor or a lawyer, however he went on to study Architecture at Bath University where he indulged in an illicit affair with a senior lecturer. He became quite a legend in the underground pick-up community at his university.

Requirements for actor:

Any Ethnicity / Any Accent

Project information:

  • Shooting location: London
  • Expected shooting period: 25/11/2014 - 31/05/2015
  • Format: TV film
  • Budget: Normal budget
  • Director: Najan Ward
  • Production company: Kingdom Motion Pictures
This casting is already over.

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  • Gender: male
  • Acting age: 18 – 30
  • Languages: English: fluent

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