Role: Lena

(Supporting role / eCasting)


Role: Lena

(Supporting role / eCasting)

Project: Peggy - Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof

David Gruschka Berlin und Umgebung Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH

Role description:

Lena ist ein Boxermädchen

Drehzeitraum: 25.08. – 23.09.2015
Regie: David Gruschka
Drehort: Berlin
Drehtage: 1

Important casting rules

  • Apply only if you meet the requirements of the role.
  • Your casting video must only contain the scenes required in the casting description. Abstain from comments as "casting for... " or your contact information in the video.

Technical requirements

  • You need no professional equipment. A webcam or smartphone (iPhone) is sufficient.
  • Make sure to have enough light (go to the window).
  • Avoid wild noise.
  • Note the additional requirements under section 3.
This casting is already over.