Role: James - the Slave

(Leading role / eCasting)

James - the Slave

Role: James - the Slave

(Leading role / eCasting)

Project: A Time of Vultures

Adolfo J. Kolmerer Berlin Lopta Film GmbH

Role description:

James is a privileged slave. He lives in a mansion with his master, who treats him well. James was separated from his family when he was still a child and does not know any other life than the one of a slave.
When his master is about to be executed for a long forgotten crime, James inherits his masters mansion along with all his belongings - but - as the masters final wish - only if James delivers a mysterious map to the masters' three lost sons. A dangerous journey begins as these three sons are everything but nice folks.

James is well educated for a slave as he was always allowed to read his masters books. But the world outside his masters property is unknown for him. When he sets out to obey his masters last order and find the three sons, he is lost in a violent world at first, but quickly learns to handle himself and to be smart about every move he makes. He trusts no one, which saves his life more than once. James' new freedom scares him but at the same time he doesn't feel really free until he delivers that map - so he does everything in his power to do what he is expected to do. But that turns out to be much harder than he thought.

Important casting rules

  • Apply only if you meet the requirements of the role.
  • Your casting video must only contain the scenes required in the casting description. Abstain from comments as "casting for... " or your contact information in the video.

Technical requirements

  • You need no professional equipment. A webcam or smartphone (iPhone) is sufficient.
  • Make sure to have enough light (go to the window).
  • Avoid wild noise.
  • Note the additional requirements under section 3.
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