Role: Michael

(Leading role / eCasting)


Role: Michael

(Leading role / eCasting)

Project: Sodom

Mark Wilshin Berlin Mark Wilshin negotiable

Role description:

AGE RANGE: 30-35
ACCENT: European (non-native English).
BUILD: In shape.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Michael is a single gay man, living in Berlin. He's out and proud, and come to terms with his sexuality, more or less. After the death of his partner, he's still living in the same apartment they shared, but has emptied it almost entirely, unable to bear the memories. Not looking for anything more than casual, he picks up straight tourists, knowing he'll never have to see them again.

Important casting rules

  • Apply only if you meet the requirements of the role.
  • Your casting video must only contain the scenes required in the casting description. Abstain from comments as "casting for... " or your contact information in the video.

Technical requirements

  • You need no professional equipment. A webcam or smartphone (iPhone) is sufficient.
  • Make sure to have enough light (go to the window).
  • Avoid wild noise.
  • Note the additional requirements under section 3.
This casting is already over.