Role: Chris

(Leading role / eCasting)


Role: Chris

(Leading role / eCasting)

Project: Berlin - Tag & Nacht

diverse Berlin filmpool entertainment GmbH negotiable

Role description:

Chris ist ein attraktiver junger Mann, der eine unserer Hauptrollen für einen längeren Zeitraum begleiten wird.

Ein genaueres Rollenprofil lassen wir den Berwerben zukommen, die in die engere Auswahl kommen.

Important casting rules

  • Apply only if you meet the requirements of the role.
  • Your casting video must only contain the scenes required in the casting description. Abstain from comments as "casting for... " or your contact information in the video.

Technical requirements

  • You need no professional equipment. A webcam or smartphone (iPhone) is sufficient.
  • Make sure to have enough light (go to the window).
  • Avoid wild noise.
  • Note the additional requirements under section 3.
This casting is already over.