Falling Higher


Falling Higher


Casting by:
Horris FILM Casting
Florian Anders, Dr. Barbara Landsteiner
Production company:
Horris FILM
tbc - submission to international festivals guaranteed
Cinema film
Shooting location:
Expected shooting period:
15/04/2014 - 15/05/2014

Project description

Horris FILM is an independent production company specialised in sensitive, controversial arthouse dramas with a highly original point of view and a strong sense of aesthetics. „Falling Higher“ is going to be their first international feature. The film will be submitted to festivals around the globe and the company are currently negotiating with national and international distributors to achieve a release in European cinemas.

Please note: The casting call video is not directly related to "Falling Higher" - this is the trailer for our latest short "White Buttons", which premiered at Hof International Film Festival 2013.


„Falling Higher“ is the third feature film written and produced by Berlin based company Horris FILM. Two detectives, Elli and Vladek, investigate the brutal murder of a family, which only the 15-year-old Tom survived. The fact that he is still alive makes him a prime suspect, until he begins to confess his involvement with a gang. The situation escalates, when policewoman Elli enters into a destructive love / hate relationship with the minor and risks her reputation as well as her life ...

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Leading role

  • Elli


    Leading role, 32 - 36 female (Casting over)

    Elli is a highly qualified homicide detective with limited social skills. Aft...

  • Tom


    Leading role, 15 - 15 male (Casting over)

    Tom is a precocious teenager from a stable, lower middle class background. Hi...

Supporting role

  • Anonymous


    Supporting role, 30 - 38 male (Casting over)

    Anonymous is a sexual predator prowling the darkrooms of the city. He craves ...

  • Charlene


    Supporting role, 14 - 15 female (Casting over)

    Charlene is a mouthy teenager going on twenty. Her overly sexy appearance kee...

  • Connor


    Supporting role, 22 - 28 male (Casting over)

    Connor is a small time criminal who considers himself to be a lot smarter tha...

  • Dave


    Supporting role, 38 - 45 male (Casting over)

    After his divorce Dave raised his teenage daughter Shaniqua by himself. He do...

  • Healey


    Supporting role, 40 - 50 male (Casting over)

    Healey is a typical car salesman who is a lot more worried about the reputati...

  • Lamar


    Supporting role, 25 - 30 male (Casting over)

    Lamar is a small time criminal and drug dealer, who turns rapist when his you...

  • Maggie


    Supporting role, 45 - 50 female (Casting over)

    Maggie has been living on benefits all her life. Without the financial suppor...

  • Maynard


    Supporting role, 40 - 50 male (Casting over)

    Maynard is a police psychologist and trained in dealing with trauma victims. ...

  • Rajid


    Supporting role, 38 - 50 male (Casting over)

    Rajid is a consummate professional. He takes his job very seriously and treat...

  • Raymond


    Supporting role, 60 - 65 male (Casting over)

    Raymond is an Irish Catholic and a friendly drunk. He is a lot more receptive...

  • Shaniqua


    Supporting role, 18 - 18 female (Casting over)

    Shaniqua is a typical „victim“. She lost her virginity when she was twelve an...

  • Trevor


    Supporting role, 40 - 45 male (Casting over)

    Trevor is a grumpy, uncommunicative man. He lives on the dole and does not tr...

  • William


    Supporting role, 30 - 38 male (Casting over)

    William is a police officer specialised in gang crimes, despite coming from a...