A Time of Vultures


A Time of Vultures

A Time of Vultures


Casting by:
Lopta Film GmbH
Adolfo J. Kolmerer
Eric Sonnenburg, Meike Gfrörer, Adrian Topol, Erkan Acar
Production company:
Lopta Film GmbH & Moviestuff-Berlin
Lopta Film GmbH
Web series
Shooting location:

Project description

"A Time of Vultures" is a modern Sauerkraut-Western web series produced by Lopta Film & Movie Stuff Berlin.


On the day of his execution BENNET, the father of three sons, leaves his slave JAMES with hand drawn map and one last order. This map shows the way to a mysterious family treasure. James will inherit Bennet's mansion with all his belongings if he cuts the map in three parts and delivers every one of Bennet's three sons one piece of the map. This task turns out more difficult than James anticipated because the three brothers, GABE, CARSON and JASPER, not only turned their backs on their father but also on each other. A family of bad blood. Bennet's plan to use the split map in order to unite his sons again fails miserably. Their brothers' greed for the treasure, which can only be found with the whole map, inflames their hatred for each other. Their relentless battle for the map quickly attracts unwanted attention and so it isn't before long that the word of a treasure hunt spreads like virus among the lawless of the country.
“A Time of Vultures” tells the stories of the most different characters of the wild west - between a priest and a killer – they all have one thing in common – they all want the map. Everyone against everyone else. And that means anything can happen. Nothing is safe. Expect the unexpected. The one who is the hero today, digs his own grave tomorrow.

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Leading role

  • Carson - the outlaw (Son 3)

    Carson - the outlaw (Son 3)

    Leading role, 35 - 45 male (Casting over)

    Carson is one of the three sons of BENNET and he is the worst! He has more de...

  • Gabe - the priest (Son 1)

    Gabe - the priest (Son 1)

    Leading role, 35 - 50 male (Casting over)

    Gabe is one of the three sons of BENNET. He is a priest but that merely overs...

  • James - the Slave

    James - the Slave

    Leading role, 25 - 40 male (Casting over)

    James is a privileged slave. He lives in a mansion with his master, who treat...

  • Jasper - the banker (Son 2)

    Jasper - the banker (Son 2)

    Leading role, 30 - 45 male (Casting over)

    Jasper is a banker and one of the three sons of BENNET. He is inscrutable...

Supporting role

  • Clay - the sheriff

    Clay - the sheriff

    Supporting role, 35 - 55 male (Casting over)

    Clay has been doing this job for many years. He has seen and done it all. Not...

  • Gus - the silent killer

    Gus - the silent killer

    Supporting role, 35 - 50 male (Casting over)

    Gus is a white bounty hunter who always works with EZRAH, a black man, called...

  • Myra


    Supporting role, 27 - 37 female (Casting over)

    Myra is a beautiful woman, a prostitute - but she waits for any chance to get...

  • The guard

    The guard

    Supporting role, 30 - 50 male (Casting over)

    This is a part for an extra. It's a prison cell guard in a sheriffs office. T...

  • The hangman

    The hangman

    Supporting role, 45 - 70 male (Casting over)

    The hangman is small supporting role, who carries out the execution of BENNET...