Casting by:
Nici Brückner
Nici Brückner
Nici Brückner
Production company:
Short film
Shooting location:

Project description

Short Film: 15 min
Genre: Drama
Camera: ARRI
Location: Berlin, Germany
Language: English
Shooting Day: 5
Preliminary Shooting Dates: June
Preliminary Date of Completion: to be confirmed
This film will be entered in film festivals in USA, US and Europe.

Notice: The Project has been postponed. New information will be available soon.


The film “Jay” explores the rights every human being should have to be who they were meant to be, without the restriction society puts up on them.
People judge other people in the first few seconds of meeting them and once judged and mentally filed away to who we think they are, the sometimes impossible task starts to undo that judgement. I explore the idea of presenting you with what appears to be an extremely normal (according to society), loving, successful human being who in the end reveals his true self. I want to take viewers to a level where all can feel and sympathize with the characters in the end, the Son as well as the mother’s point of view. We all strive for acceptance by society but more I believe we strive for acceptance by our own families. I am exploring the relationship a grown man has with his parents, especially his mother, who he wishes to keep from getting emotionally hurt.
Short Synopsis
Jay, a successful artist living in Berlin, has gone to great length to hide the truth and to keep the peace. An act that he is finding hard and harder to maintain and that robs him of his own self image only to realize that the truth will set him free.

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Leading role

  • Jay


    Leading role, 29 - 34 male (Casting over)

    Jay, a successful artist living in Berlin, has gone to great length to hide t...

  • Sylvia


    Leading role, 60 - 68 female (Casting over)

    Silvia is the 68 year old mother of Jay. A deeply religious woman, who adore...

Supporting role

  • James


    Supporting role, 60 - 70 male (Casting over)

    James is Jay's Dad who is a quiet and contend person. He seems relaxed and ha...

  • Karl


    Supporting role, 28 - 35 male (Casting over)

    Karl is a 30 year old German Hipster who has been a good friend of Jay's. He ...